Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My 1st Post

Well, technically, my second. But we won't get technical. I don't know exactly where this blog will take me yet. Its a work in progress. I have plans of sharing my life, the ups and downs, and the challenges of being a single mom, who is contemplating getting back in the dating game. eeek!
Today was my first day back at work from a nice long vacation. Son and I went to Disney and had a wonderful time. Of course, we both came back sick. Me with a head cold, Son with a head cold AND impetigo.
I will admit that he went to Disney with the impetigo, he came home from his FATHER's with it. And instead of me insisting that he go to the clinic BEFORE we leave, we just leave. I was going to treat the sores with antibiotic ointment in Disney but that never happened. Now Son has sore on his FACE, poor guy!
What a way to start 5th grade!
Anyway, with today being my first day at work in about 11, I have bunches of emails to sort through, probably have some voicemails but I will check them tomorrow. I did get good news, I will be moving to the Salem office starting tomorrow! YAY! I will be 2 minutes from home and right up the street from my best friend, Neicy. OH! And within lunch time with my other best friend Denise!
At least being in town made getting Son to the Doctors easier. I only had to take a 2 hour lunch to get him from school, to the Doctors, to Wal-mart to try and get the prescriptions and then dump him off to my Dad.
We couldn't get the prescriptions because the Doctor wrote it for liquid instead of pills. Son won't take liquids but does take pills without a fight! YAY. After calling the pharmacy and the Doctors office all afternoon, they finally got the correct information necessary to give Son pills. We go to dinner and THEN back to the pharmacy thinking that they would have had plenty of time to process the script. WRONGO! The Pharmacist was HOLDING the script to VERIFY with ME that he could take PILLS. WHAT??!!?!!? Why do you think I ASKED for pills? DUH. Ok. They need another 10 minutes. FINE. What choice do I have.
Ok. Enough of a complaint session. I don't want this blog to be all complaints. I hope to have happiness and humor also.
So, we have the presciptions, Son took the meds and we put the cream on and covered in bandaids. He has 8 bandaids on! OMG! What kind of a mother am I that I didn't take him BEFORE vacation. Oh well. I took my cold meds and am going to go to bed and rest.
Tomorrow is a long day at work of snail mail, packing and at home soccer practice and washing all the bedding Son has been in contact with recently.

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  1. Welcome to your new bloggy home! And YAY...the Salem office makes me VERY HAPPY. We will get to have plenty of lunches together.
    Dont feel too bad about leaving before taking him to the clinic, chances are they wouldnt have known what it was that early on anyway.
    Now go to bed and get some need it!!


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