Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Polar Bear Plunge 2012 - Practice Run

Jaxon was practicing for the Polar Bear Plunge this past weekend

Tuesday Tid Bits

SO many little things going on.  Jakes B-day dinner was lovely, except that I embarassed him.  I don't know how, maybe just being Mom.  ha!  That's ok cause my dad embarrassed ME at the birthday dinner.

Jakes invited a GIRL to his birthday dinner!  She's cute and so nice!  They both deny being boyfriend and girlfriend and with them being 13, I imagine its more embarrassing to be boyfriend/girlfriend.  Such an awkward age!

January is a month with an "R" in it and you know what that means!  OYSTERS!  I love 'em fried but not raw.  On my way home from the IEP meeting, I got me some for dinner tomorrow!

AZ is packing up in Arizona and will be heading back this way by the end of February or early March.  YAY!  Much easier to be friends without a country in between!  Especially when the time difference is 3 hours part of the year and only 2 the other part.  Talk about confusing......

I've certainly been enjoying the lovely spring-like weather this winter.  I didn't even mind the little snow storm we had a couple weeks back.  I ended up with Jakes staying with me and sent him out to dig everyone out. Win-Win!

I got to see Jakes today at school.  I went there for a meeting with the child study team to establish his IEP. It took them this long to get their version in place because they had to do their own evaluations and such.  Because Jakes is now 13, they include him in the meetings for transitioning to high school and beyond.  Father of the Year didn't show up as usual.

I'm sure I have more tid bits to share but I'm going for a walk in the lovely weather this afternoon!

Friday, January 27, 2012

This Little One.......

Just Hours Old

This little one didn't know the joy he'd bring to his Momma, Dad, and Grandparents.

Sweet Smiling Face

But Joy he brought, each and every day

Angel Face

Growing through the years.

Reminding us how to love.

Handsome Young Man

Happy 13th Birthday, My Son!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finding the Balance

This weeks theme over at Theme Thursday is Balance.  It got me to thinking about how I "balance" my friendships.  I have wonderful friends, lots of them!  But there are times when I wonder if there are some friends that I use when life is hard and others that are only for the good times.

My definition of friendship is being there through thick and thin, good times and bad.  I will admit that I have good friends and then I also have true friends.  The difference you ask....  (IMO) A good friend will be there for you to call for bail money.  A true friend will be there in the jail cell saying, "lets do that again!"  I can happily say that I think I would have trouble finding someone to call for the bail money cause everyone would be in the cell with me!

I know that dealing with Jakes and making the decision about where he would live was a very bad time for me and I love that my friends rallied around and supported me through all.  I know that I was a very Negative Nelly and couldn't have been much fun to listen to.

Now that Jakes is happier and life is looking better, I WILL remember to share my happy days as well as be there for my friends through their good and bad times. I want to find that balance between needy negative nelly and a true friend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


At the end of the count, the Monkey defeated Jaxon

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Momma

For the past couple of days, I've been pondering ways to honor my Momma.  See, she died 13 years ago today.  Last year, I wrote her a letter telling her about my year, the year before that I shared the story of her death and Jakes birth.  I though about typing in the eulogy that was given at the funeral.  But that just seems sad.  I read through it today and cried.  That's enough sadness.

I think its time to just share the good things about Momma.  Its time to stop being sad over her passing and rejoice in her life.  She knows how much I still miss her every day, she knows how much I love her and cherish the memories that I have of her.  So let me share some with you..........

Momma wasn't a morning person.  But she got up with us each and every school day.  She made sure we had breakfast, made our lunches and then sat at the dining room table to watch us get on the bus.  I think most mornings, she went back to bed once we were gone, but she was there went it mattered.

Christmas mornings found Brother and I in the hallway, blocked by a baby gate, waiting for a decent hour to wake the parents up.  At 6:00 am, we'd start yelling and jumping up and down to get them up.  Eventually, Mom and Dad would come downstairs to let us tear open the presents.  After the mess was cleaned up, Mom would head to the kitchen to start making the cinnamon buns and coffee for the relatives who would be stopping by later.  Brother and I would be playing with our new toys.  I loved the smell of coffee percolating.

I remember Brother and I fighting or causing trouble and Mom yelling "JAMIE!"  Brother and I would stop and wait for Mom to decide which of us was in trouble......  Brother = Jimmy, me = Amy   Jimmy+Amy= JAMIE when Mom was angry.  It was usually ME in trouble for something or other.

Mom was a wonderful seamstress.  She made so many of my clothes.  If we were in a shop and I saw something I liked., Mom would whip out her sketch pad.  A week or so later, I'd have the same garment!  Every 6 months or so (especially before Christmas), Mom would make us kids stand in her sewing room and get our measurements taken.  Without them, she couldn't make new stuff for us.

Halloween 1985
All made by Momma
OH! And from November 1st through Christmas, you'd better NOT be in her sewing room without her permission!  You never know what she's got on the table for you or someone else.

Mom loved Broadway musicals, she's the one that got me hooked.  One day I came home from school to find her listening to her CD player.  She handed me the headset and said "You HAVE to listen!"  The CD started out low, with someone talking - no singing yet.  I'm listening intently when all of a sudden, the music starts up LOUD!  I tossed the headset off while Mom sat there laughing at me.  She knew it was going to get loud.

She hangs in my hallway
Momma cross-stitched her
I remember taking the train to NYC with Mom and my Aunt.  Once in the City, we grabbed a cab to take us to Broadway.  I remember hanging on for Dear Life and praying for all I was worth on that short cab ride!  Once we arrived at the theatre, Mom, Aunt and I piled out of the cab as quickly as humanly possible.  We hugged each other, laughing to make sure we really did survive.  I think we had a greater appreciation for the show we went to see because of that cab ride.  I also remember walking back to the train station.......

The Patch Family
Momma made so many to share
I still have Momma's two favorite
Mom had a predictable menu throughout the week.  Wednesday was Spaghetti night. She would spend all day making sauce, usually with tomatoes canned from her garden.  It was Dad's favorite meal.  There were usually homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for us after school.

I remember so many summer afternoons standing in the kitchen, slicing tomatoes to cold pack them or working the food mill for tomato sauce.  Then in the fall, we'd make applesauce.  There was also the time spent blanching the green veggies for freezing.  And soaking the broccoli to make sure there was no worms!

One evening in the garden, she was pulling weeds or something and it was my turn to get the potato bugs off the potatoes and tomatoes.  She had an old peanut butter jar for scrapping them off the leaves.  All the dead bugs just stayed in there, with no air, in the sunshine, cooking away.  gross.

The Family
Momma made everything we are wearing, even Dad's tie
(except Brothers outfit)
Another year, we borrowed the neighbors field to plant extra corn.  It was a particularly dry year and we spent lots of time running soaker hoses out to the field, between the rows of corn stalks.  Mom would be running down one row, I'd be in the next one, dragging the hose behind us.  By the time we got to the other end, I was itching and broke out in hives wherever the corn stalks had touched me.  That was the first time I'd broken out over the corn but there was no panic in Mom.  Just sent me to the house for a benadryl.

As I became a teen, I'd spend tons of time with my BFF, Kimber.  My parents knew her parents and communicated frequently to make sure we were behaving when we were together.

Mom and I butted heads on plenty of occasions.  I thought I was more grown than I actually was.  Typical teen.  But once I moved out and truly "grew up", Momma was my best friend.  We talked daily, shared almost everything.  I had a wonderful childhood (not that I always thought so then) and Mom did a wonderful job of raising Brother and I.  I always thought Mom loved Brother best and he thought the same of me.

Momma and Me
I do know that no matter how annoying, mouthy, obnoxious or bad I was, Momma always loved me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Monday

Its a rainy Monday and I'm a happy camper!  The rain will wash away the snow and ice and the temperatures will be warmer than they were over the weekend.  I really do not like this kind of a winter!

After Venting about my start with Jakes, things got better between us.  I had yelled at him and threatened to take him back to his fathers if he didn't change how he was treating the people at the Compound.  When I got out of the shower, he was a different kid.  He apologized to me and he worked really hard to change his attitude toward me.  On Sunday, when it was time for him to get ready to leave, he said he didn't want to go back to his Dad's.  He said it was because he didn't want to go to school on Tuesday but I think there is more going on over there then he's telling me.  The complete story will come out eventually, in dribs and drabs.

I am looking forward to singing tomorrow; I really missed singing last semester.  We have some really NEAT songs to learn; the spring concert is going to be such FUN!  doom-a-loom-a, doom-a-loom-a, doom-a-loom-a, doom-a-loom-a, doom-a-loom-a.

Jakes is turning 13 on Friday.  Everyone gets to choose where we go to dinner for their birthday, even if they want to eat at home.  Jakes let me know where he wants to go and who to invite.  Last night when he got home, he asked if he could invite a GIRL to dinner with us!  Um.... sure.... my baby is growing up!  A GIRL!  sigh..... I don't think I'm ready for this......

**I know the girl and her grandmother lives at The Compound**

The Blogging Mama Andrea put me onto a new book, Every Day a Friday, by Joel Osteen.  I read the first chapter and it really hit home for me.  I can't wait for it to be available at my local library (there's a waiting list) so I can finish reading it!  I don't know how I'm going to feel about the religious part of the book but I'm sure there are loads of ways I can apply what he's saying to my life, with or without the religious aspect.  Maybe I can even get Neicy to read it........

Dad and Renie bought a camper, henceforth named The Thing!  Its SO Nice too.  They are planning lots of weekend trips for all of us.  Should be interesting and fun!

Time to get this Monday, Monday rolling.  Have a good one!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Because I missed my visit with Jakes last weekend, he called to ask if he could come this weekend.  I think his father was sick of him and wanted a break.  Doesn't matter.  I'll take Jakes.  Or so I thought.......

I picked him up Friday evening and we met the gparents for dinner.  At dinner, Jakes was bouncing in his chair, so excited to be home with us and LOUD.  When any of us would ask him to turn down the volume, he'd argue that he wasn't being loud.  Sigh.......  We finished dinner, came home, snuggled up to watch TV, then went to bed.

Saturday morning, Jakes wakes me up at 7 AM.  DUDE!  Its the WEEKEND!  There's no reason to get up so early.  Be QUIET!  He's in the living room making meowing noises at one of the kitties.  Then he announces that he's going to go outside to start digging the compound out from the snow that fell last night.  DUDE!  Its too early and you'll wake everyone up.  Wait a while.  He argued with me that he wants to get it done quickly.  STOP arguing with me, please.  We'll go out later when people are awake at least.

Later comes and we get bundled up to go out and shovel.  Its more rain than snow or ice at this time.  We clean off the sidewalks, cars and steps.  By then, I'm soaked to the skin, cold and hungry.  I told Jakes I was going inside and he needed to come in as well.  He argued with me.  "I'm not wet or cold"

I flipped out on him and stood in the driveway, yelling at him for his attitude and mouth.  He argued that he doesn't have a mouth.  I yelled some more and went inside.  He followed.  I was still spewing words at him.

I walked away and got in the shower.  When I got out, I was pleasant to him, like it didn't happen.  He apologized for being mean and arguing with me.  That was nice.  I am hopeful that he'll remember how to talk to me and stop arguing for the rest of the weekend.  If not, buh-bye!  You can go home to your dad.

Example of an argument with Jakes:

We're cleaning off a car, I ask him to stop banging on the car.  I can HEAR him banging.

Me: Stop banging on the car please.
J: I'm not doing anything.
M: You're not banging on the car?
J: I'm cleaning off the car.
M: You're banging on the car and going to leave marks with the scrapper.
J: I'm not doing anything.
M: STOP arguing with me.
J: I'm not arguing with you.

Imagine that we're both getting attitude and voices escalating with each round.  I finally walked away.  Every conversation with Jakes is like that.  He's just so frustrating to talk to!  Deep breathe and walk away........

Thursday, January 19, 2012


My visitation schedule with Jakes is varied.  He visits me almost every weekend but there is one weekend per month that I don't have him.  I guess I have to share weekends with his dad once in a while.  On the weekend that I don't have Jakes, I am allowed time on Friday to have dinner with him.

Jakes lives about 45 minutes from me, in another state, over a bridge with a toll.  On these Fridays, there isn't time to get him, bring him back to my house, and take him back to his house.  Plus, the gas and tolls would totally kill the budget.  So while I would love to see him on these Friday's, there have been several where I've opted not to go and see him.  And this doesn't make Jakes very happy at all.

With paying child support, my budget is SO tight.  There have been weeks when I just don't have gas in the car or money to take him out to dinner.  When I say my budget is tight, I mean its like I'm slowly being strangled by a python snake.  I am slowly getting a handle on it but there is still more going out than coming in.  Hence, the second job!  More info on that in February.

In the winter its just too cold and its dark by the time I get to his house.  When it gets warmer, I have plans of taking food with me and taking Jakes to a park that is nearby. 

I've thought about going to the mall that's fairly close, but Jakes isn't into wandering and window shopping. There would be the inevitable begging for something (LEGO's), me having to say NO, and him having a hissy fit (EMBARASSMENT).  I've thought about going to the movies but that's SO expensive these days too.  Even even with matinee pricing, which my visit hours are after.

So, I'm turning to you, my wonderful followers to give me some suggestions for things to do with my son, that includes cheap food and a little entertainment in the winter evenings.  Keep in mind, I don't have a home-like place to take him, we'd have to be able to do things in the car or at restaurant.  HELP ME!!! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saylors - WW

Saylors (my only girl) loves small spaces to sleep in.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Its a Fabulous Friday before a 3 day weekend!  I get Jakes for Friday through Sunday and I've asked his dad if I can keep him until Monday evening since he's off school.  I'll probably regret it, considering Jakes was being bratty to me via text last night.

JF lives to annoy me.  On TUESDAY, I sent an email asking if I can keep Jakes on the following Monday.  JF read the email on Tuesday afternoon, yet he still hasn't bothered to let me know if I can keep Jakes on Monday.  Jakes said JF has talked to him about the schedule but of course, Jakes isn't supposed to get in the middle of things.  Why is it so hard to email me back to let me know what the schedule is?  I mean, you're right there reading the email, how hard is it to click "reply" and let me know what's going on?  JF does this all the time.  I think its because he doesn't want to email, he wants to text to me.  I want emails because if I have to go to court, I can use the emails as proof.  I can't easily get the text messages printed.

Or its just another way JF has to try and control me.  A$$hole.

Well, the cold that took my voice last weekend is still here in full force.  Only now its in my head.  I cannot breathe but I have snot dripping.  That is so gross.  And all the people I've talked to who have this cold say it hangs on and hangs on and hangs on.  HELP!  I need spring!

I was chatting with AZ yesterday and he said it was lovely weather out there.  He had his patio door open and was enjoying the warm.  I'm so jealous!  We had a cold front move through yesterday and this morning we had a temp of 17.  Freaking COLD. 

He's moving slowly on wrapping things up out there to move back here.  He wants to try and wait out the cold weather here before he comes back.  I don't blame him!  I'm thinking the snow-birds have the right idea; head south for the winter.  Someday......

Dad and ESM are looking for a motor home.  Dad is retired, ESM is almost ready to retire, she only has a few more years to ensure health benefits.  So they are looking for a motor home so they can tool around the country when they are both retired.  Good for them!  Of course, that would leave me in charge of Kathy.  hmmmmm.........  Maybe its time to get a life of my own............  I have a couple of years to do that!

I've cut back on my depression meds and don't seem to be experiencing too much in the way of side effects.  Life is still good.  I'm still happy.  I have been wishing I could spend more time in bed, avoiding life but I've also had this miserable cold.  When I'm sick, all I want is to curl up in bed and sleep.

This weekend with Jakes will be a good trial to see if I can be around him without depression meds.  One of my co-workers suggested that I might need something to take just when he's with me; something with quick relief and short acting.  I hope not but its definitely something I will consider if necessary.  Jakes has been my biggest stressor and depressor.  I'm hoping that we can continue to be in a good place together that I won't need the meds at all.  Fingers crossed!

My computer at work is slowly falling failing.  I've been having trouble with the 'f' and 'u' keys.  IT thinks my hard drive is going bad.  They want to swap out my laptop for a different one. sigh.  That means I have to take all my personalization stuff off this laptop and then put it back on the other laptop.  Fun stuff!  But it means I will have a laptop that will actually work and not sit and spin, doing nothing.  It is an old laptop, over 6 years old and its got a lot of hours on it.

OOOOO!  Choir practice starts on Tuesday! I can't wait!  Of course with the cold, I don't know how much singing I'll be able to do but I'll be there to start learning the songs!  Such FUN!

In February I will be starting a new part-time job.  Its going to be exciting and fun!  More info to come........

Have a wonderful weekend and stay WARM!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Caretakers Cottage - Theme Thursday

Everytime I drive past this cottage, I wonder what its history is, wishing it could talk to me

It was a cottage that had seen better days. The roof was patched yet still open to the weather in places. The windows were missing, leaving open, empty eyes offering a view into the cottage. The inside of the cottage was dusty and dirty, bare of any evidence of human existence.

Jesse walked up to the door, which wasn’t latched, and pushed it open. The sun shone in, reflecting off the dust motes in the air. There was a wooden table with two chairs around it. Under the window was a bed, no blankets or a pillow, just the frame with a dirty mattress on top.

Jesse glanced to her left, where the kitchen would have been. There were cabinets, a sink and a big cook-in fireplace. In the box next to the fireplace was wood, stacked and ready to get a fire started. One cabinet door was hanging from its hinges and in the cabinet, Jesse could see a rusted can of something.

Jesse wandered over to the window to see what the view offered. She was looking over a field of headstones in the cemetery. Many of the stones were covered in flowers, some with flags that marked the veterans, lots were so old their names had been rubbed off over the years, and then there were the new ones, the ones that were memorials to the recently deceased.

As Jesse looked past the cemetery, she saw the highway flowing by. That certainly wasn’t there when the caretakers cottage was inhabited, Jesse thought. She could imagine the changes that had happened over the years to the caretakers cottage.

In her mind, Jesse saw the caretaker standing outside his new cottage, admiring the roof and the solid door. The inside of was clean and new, the windows covered with cheerful curtains and flowers in a vase on the table. Another scene she imagined was the caretaker and his wife planting a tree together in front of the cottage. Jesse imagined the caretaker and his wife comforting a devastated husband as he made arrangements for his wife to be interred for eternity.

The caretaker and his wife worked together to maintain the graveyard, trimming the grass around the headstones, removing old flowers, and fixing any headstones over the years. On All Hallows Eve, the caretaker would chase the mischievous neighborhood kids out before they could cause trouble.

Eventually, it was time for the caretaker’s wife to be interred in the cemetery. He was the devastated husband who needed comforting. He would start each day wishing her a good morning, as her grave was close to the cottage where they’d shared many happy years.

It was harder for the caretaker to take care of the cemetery and his cottage. It wasn’t long before he joined his beloved wife in the cemetery. They were able to keep an eye on their cottage together.

There was no new caretaker for the cottage, the care of the cemetery was contracted out to a lawn company. The cottage was left empty, just a memory of times past.

Jesse took one final glance around and headed out of the cottage.  She closed the door and viewed the outside once more.  There had to be so many memories in the walls of the caretakers cottage, memories that couldn't be shared anymore.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tunnel - WW

ESM took this somewhere in Western PA
pretty cool

Newspaper Headlines in a Small Town

Newspaper Headline:
Annual Miskrat Dinner Planned by Fire Co.

Yes, that says MUSKRAT.  Get you're tickets NOW.

This is a Muskrat

The menu includes fried muskrat, pepper cabbage, potato salad, string beans, homemade cake, rolls and butter and coffee.  The muskrats will be fresh caught in the local meadows by the same families that have trapped the meadows for generations.  They are planning three seatings and it will be a sold out event.

Small town living at its best.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Results of The Meeting

I went to the first Child Study Team meeting at Jakes new school.  It went well, even though I was a little apprehensive for going to the first meeting with JF.  BUT he didn't SHOW!  Father of the Year Award for him!

After the introductions were made, we got down to business.  There were good things said about Jakes and some not so good things, of course. But overall, they are pleased with his behaviors, academically and socially.

I was able to share with them the school setting Jakes was coming from and how pleased I am that he transitioned so well into the bigger school. You could see the astonishment on their faces when I told them there were about 11 kids in the class, a teacher and a one on one aid for Jakes.  I know they were thinking how heavenly that would be!  lol

They are pleased with his work and his attitude (usually). He is still having some (the same) behavioral issues in the classroom but they are working with him. As they learn Jakes and what may set him off, they are able to head things off.

His Language Arts teacher shared that Jakes usually speaks in a monotone voice and doesn't have much expression either. When they were reading the Christmas Carol out loud in class, Jakes really got into the story and did different voices for the different parts that he was reading. Mrs LA said she was so pleased she wanted to jump up and down, clapping her hands. I of course, teared up hearing this too. WAY TO GO JAKES!

My concerns about the calculator were unfounded. The Math teacher said Jakes doesn't use (or need) his calculator even when they are allowed to in class! Again, WAY TO GO JAKES!

They are concerned about his writing. Not his ability, he can construct/deconstruct the sentences and stories as necessary. When he is asked to write about a topic he is very short and to the point. They are going to work on devising writing prompts for him that will help him to become more descriptive in his writing.

Apparently, he failed a math test not because of the calculations but because of having to show his work.  There were two parts to the test, one where they filled in the bubbles and the other where they had to figure everything and explain where the answer came from.  He passed the bubble-filling part, but did so poorly on the "essay" part, that he failed the assessment overall.  Boo.

His social skills teacher shared that overall Jakes is doing very well in her group.  While he is not always able to make adjustments in the group, he is able to articulate to her after the group other ways he could have handled the situations.  We are hoping that with reinforcement and practice, Jakes will eventually be able to apply those skills in the real world.  Its hard for a teenager to apply the skills, let alone a teen with Aspergers.  But there is hope!  He knows what to do, just has to stop and think about doing it.

We will meet in a month to see the progress and to discuss changing from the IEP to a 504 Plan. While I am scared to loose the IEP and the safety it provides us, I can look at going to a 504 as progress. A 504 plan can be an attestation to the fact that Jakes is improving and is becoming more independent.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fragmented Friday

I think I've had too much time off work, if that's possible.  I totally forgot that it was Friday!  Its Happy dance time!  Also, earlier this week, I was positive that the IEP meeting was on Wednesday when it really was on Thursday.  DUH.

The IEP meeting went very well.  The team was pleased that I chose to come and they loved that I had so much to share.  They didn't come right out and say it but I got the impression that they didn't get much from JF at the first meeting.  OH!  JF didn't even show up!  Father of the Year Again!   I will share more details on the meeting later.  BUT, I am even more convinced that I've done the right thing where Jakes is concerned.  I've given him the best chance at succeeding for now.

ESM shared her cold with EVERYONE in the compound, including myself.  I spent yesterday other than the meeting under blankets sniffling and snotting.  I'm feeling better today, just a little snotty and a little dizzy.

Jakes starts up with riding lessons again tomorrow.  Its going to be SO cold!  He's excited.  Me - not so much!

I don't think I'll be swimming in the ocean this year.  I just don't have the money for the sponsorship nor for the gas to travel to the beach where it's held.  BUT thanks to my daddy, I almost have my budget balanced!  I should be back on track with my budget by March.  Fingers crossed!

My plans for the weekend are for Riding lessons and after Jakes leaves, I have a cookbook to work on.  My housework is done, so there won't be that.  hmmmmm.....  Maybe a little creative writing on the side.....  if its warm enough, I'll turn Jaxon loose on the beach at low tide again.  He loves to chase the geese!  One day, he'll get one, if only he'd take the plunge in the friged water.

What are your plans?

Change - A Theme Thursday Post

On the ride home from the airport this past December, I was noticing things that had changed in my little corner of the world.  That set me to wondering if I would have taken the time to notice them had I been around the entire time.

The first thing I noticed was how frail my Daddy looked when he got out of the truck.  He was so skinny and even bent over a little bit.  He didn't even try to help me put my suitcase in the trunk, which is unusual for this gentleman who still opens car doors for ESM. But on the other hand, I was happy that he wasn't trying to do anything that would stress his already over-stressed heart.  I'm very proud that he's finding his limits and is trying to stick to them.

On the ride home, the highway part didn't look to be changed too much.  There were new areas of construction and such.

When we got off the highway and into my hometown area, there were so many things that stood out to me.  There had been a fire that destroyed a building.  It stood empty, blackened, and haunted.

The farmers had been busy with harvesting the soy beans and corn crops.  Once the fields were clear, they harrowed and tilled them.  The fields had turned from dead and deserted to a rich brown waiting to start the growing process again.  You could smell the clean, tilled dirt.  That is a smell that I will always associate with spring.

The biggest change I noticed was in Jakes when I picked him up the following weekend.  I think he grew 5 inches!  He is looking so mature and tall.

We rode through town on the way home and there weren't many changes there.  People were starting to put up their Christmas decorations and such.  Even though there weren't many changes, my eyes had been opened to the possibility of more changes.  Time away from your home does open your eyes and mind to see home as a new place.  Its good to get away for vacation but its also very good to come home.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Tomorrow is the IEP meeting at Jakes new school.  They have done their evaluations and sent me the info on what they are recommending for him.  They also have been following the old school's IEP until this meeting.

I am thrilled with the testing results.  Jakes is doing very well in the new school.  I am a little worried that they want to allow him to use a calculator for math.  Ok, so he tested low in addition and subtraction but isn't using the calculator just going to hinder him further?  Shouldn't they work with him to improve his skills, not give him a crutch that will make things easier for the teacher?

I am tempted to send an email to JF and let him know what I will want addressed tomorrow. I would like to think JF and I could present a united front where we both have the best interest of the child in mind.  But in my past dealing with JF, I'll be labeled as the hysterical mother and he'll be the GOD.  Not to mention he thinks because he has residential custody of Jakes, he is in charge and holds all the power.  He just has no clue, as usual!

But since I've sat through these meetings many times before, I have confidence that everything will be fine.  If I have the chance to make JF look like the ass he is, you know I'll be taking it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Its Back to Work Tuesday.  Oh wait!  Many of you have already been back to work. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in.  This is my first day back to work since before Christmas.  Actually, I was ready to come back to work.  My house is spic and span clean and since I don't have cable anymore, I'm bored silly!  Jaxon on the other hand looked at me like I was crazy for expecting him to get out of bed that early in the morning.  He's gotten used to sleeping in!  Poor baby, but he can go back to bed when I go to work.

I managed to successfully annoy Jakes via text message last night.  Loved it!  We'll see if he see the humor in it today.  He MIGHT contact me, we'll see!

I have to run to a meeting this morning.  Boring!  Oh well, its outta the office when there will be crazy clients here.

The "f" key on my keyboard doesn't work unless I really beat it hard.  oooooo FUN!  But annoying when I've typed half a page without looking and am missing 382 "f's".

I hate my scale.  That is all.

My Daddy is AWESOME!  He offered to let me put my cell phone on their bill and just pay the difference between what they already pay and the fees I will incur.  It should save me about $30 bucks a month.  Woo ho!  I'm all for saving money!

I can't wait for my employer to give me my W2 so I can file for my refund.  I gots bills to pay!

I actually stayed up to see in the New Year!  My parents and Kathy were at my place to play Wii bowling and eat munchies.  It was a fun evening.  Until the ball dropped and I had to tell my parents to get a room.  eeeeewwwwwww!  not a pretty sight for a kid! 

Hi, Ho!  Its off to work I go!  Have a wonderful day everyone!