Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Round-up

Life is good!  Work is settling down for now.  It won't be long before the summer is over and I have my year-end applications to write and submit.  But that's a good thing!

Home life is settling down as well.  The boxes are disappearing, we are figuring out where to put stuff and finding the stuff we put away.  I'm slowly deciding how I want to decorate the rooms and curtains and stuff.  Its going to fun projects with lots of shopping involved!

Jakes is disappointed because the outing at the horse farm this week was canceled.  Bummer.  He was so excited about it!  She will reschedule it and he'll get to go then.

We had a really good weekend with Jakes.  Lots of silliness and laughter.  Love those kinda weekends.  I painted the living room and unpacked boxes while AZ and Jakes cut the grass.  Jakes did such a good job!  And we paid him in a Milkshake.  :)  Cheap labor!  Jakes was upset cause I got ice cream even though I didn't cut grass with them.  AZ reminded him that I painted and kept them supplied with drinks while they worked outside.

We had a nearly flawless move.  It seems the only thing we've lost is my camera.  I love that camera!  But most of the boxes are unpacked, I cleaned out my car and desk at work and still can't find it.  I also don't remember packing it.  I remember it sitting on the desk because I wanted to document the chaos for blogging purposes.  Guess I'll have to look for a new one to replace it.

I think I've decided where we are going to stay for our little weekend away!  Its a cute little campground in the Poconos, near the Delaware River so we can go tubing one day.  Now to talk to AZ and make the reservations!  The make Jaxon sitting arrangements with the G-parents.

Speaking of the Gparents, I think they are missing us.  First, I'm getting texts from them "stomp, stomp, stomp".  They play Wii bowling every night and when they'd have a good or bad game, they'd stomp on the floor to let me know.  Now they have to text the information.    Also, they had a cookout this past weekend and the text I received from Dad was "get your a$$ here."  hmmmmmmmm  really Daddy?  We didn't go.  It was the end of a long, busy weekend and both AZ and I just wanted to fix dinner and relax for the evening.  Daddy understood when I explained it to him.   

That's my life!  How's things in yours?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Special Kids and a Rant

My Jakes is a special kid. I know this.  I also know how to work with him, usually.  With his Asperger's, he may need extra attention and prepping to accept a situation. 

Such as when AZ and I decided we were moving.  I didn't say anything to Jakes about it cause I didn't want his father hearing about it.  But that also meant, Jakes didn't get the prep time he would need to make the changes in his mind to make the transition.  I basically picked him up for the weekend and said "we're moving, deal with it."  Had Jakes been living with me full time still, I would have told him about moving and the reasons behind it, I would have explained why we were considering moving where we did, etc.  Since I didn't do this with him, he wasn't happy about moving at all.  He's coming around and even liked being at the house last weekend and is already telling me of the things he wants to help with this weekend while he's visiting. 

Another sign of Asperger's is lack of empathy for others around him.  Jakes is learning this over time.  He worries over his Grandpop when GPop doesn't feel well and Jakes is always ready to help carry things up and down the steps.  Jakes also worried about Mam, his paternal grandmother and does what he can to help her out.  I love this about him.  It shows me how much he has grown and how much he can care about others.  It makes me proud. 

Another thing that makes me proud is the reports from his riding teacher.  She loves having him around and tells me how wonderful Jakes is with the horses and the other teachers.  This week she asked if he could come over on Thursday to help out with a group of Special Needs kids who are coming.  She said he is wonderful with any child who is different.  He is patient and tender with them and she knows she can trust him to protect them and the horse they are on.  She knows she is blessed to have Jakes around to help out.

How is it that a child who has a diagnosis and is special in his own ways, can be so loving and compassionate with others similar to him yet there are people who are not diagnosis as special are so cruel to my child and others like him? 

When Jakes and JR met the first time, things didn't go well.  Ok, I can understand that.  Jakes is different.  But now JR avoids being around Jakes as much as possible.  He won't even come home when Jakes is around.  This bothers me.  A lot.

I am not expecting them to be the best of friends, nor do I expect them to hang out together.  I would like to know that JR is comfortable coming home when Jakes is there.  Jr lives there after all and they will have to share a bedroom. 

AZ supports his son leaving and spending time with his mother while Jakes is visiting.  I have a problem with JR visiting his mother.  There is a reason AZ has custody and its been proven time and again why its not good for JR to be at his mothers so much. 

I don't think its right that JR be allowed to avoid Jakes, to avoid getting to know him and to learn about his differences.  One of the things that Jakes has to deal with in school is the narrow-minded kids who pick on him because he's different.  JR should learn to deal with people and kids who are different than he is.  And Jakes could learn from JR about more normal interaction and activities.

AZ and I have discussed this some but he seems as though he doesn't want to force the issue for JR and Jakes to be in the same place at the same time.  Well, we're going to have to figure it out because we have lots of camping trip ideas and if its a weekend when I am scheduled to have Jakes, I don't want anyone to miss out on the fun.

My motto for the past 6 months or so has been "we'll figure it out" and that's true in this instance as well.  We'll figure it out and time will tell how the chips will fall.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mirror Mirror - Wordless Wednesday

This is all I see when I look into the bathroom mirror.
AZ calls me Vertically Impaired

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Check Lists - Randomly

I have check lists EVERY WHERE.  At home, at work, even in the car.  Lists of things that have to be done, things to get at the store, things to unpack, things to put in the attic.

We are finally coming to the end of the boxes.  There is a huge pile of boxes that are going in the attic, hopefully tonight after work.  AZ's friend is moving this weekend so all our empties went right to him.  At least I didn't have to dispose of them!

We have to put another coat of paint on the living room so I don't want to put out my pictures and stuff until that is done.  I hope I can get it done this weekend while AZ is moving his friend.  We'll see.

AZ and I want to take a weekend away from everything.  We've been so busy these past couple of weeks, we hardly see each other, except to pass in the hallway or fight over the bathroom to see who can get out the door first.  When we are home together, we are both working on separate projects.

I am checking for campgrounds in the Poconos.  If anyone has any suggestions, please share!  AZ doesn't care where we go or what we do, he just wants to get away.  I decided that I want to go tubing on the Delaware.  So I'm looking for a campground close to the Delaware Water Gap.

AZ also expressed an interest in going to Assateague Island to see the ponies and go fishing there.  My problem with staying there is that the state park on the Island doesn't have water hook ups at the sites and a limited number of electric sites. I don't think I can go without electric.  We do have a water tank in the camper and there are bathhouses in the park.  We'll go see the Island and the ponies soon.  I love being down there, near Ocean City and everything it has to offer.

Work is busy.  I have a grant due Thursday which I am still working on.  And one due next week which needs a LOT of work.

We are finished with the apartment.  We cleaned it out, painted it and have gotten everything from the outside as well.  I stopped there yesterday to grab my bike and ended up being there for over an hour.  I tried to sneak in and out but Daddy saw me pull up and came out to chat.  I think they miss us (me)!

After all the painting and typing, my fingers are just achy and arthritic feeling.  I don't think its arthritis, I think its just my muscles don't like the abuse I've been giving them for so long.  We'll see if the achy goes away once I stop being so busy.

I need to get serious about my Scentsy business.  I've done NOTHING on it for the month of July.  ugh.  There is a company convention in Las Vegas where they are announcing a new Brand.  I just can't get myself excited about it yet.  Maybe when more boxes are gone.........

Jakes stayed at the new house for the first time this weekend and he seemed to be ok with it.  He said it was different but that he would get used to it.  Good attitude, kiddo.  In time it will be home.  Very soon, it will feel like home.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Country Girl in the City

I grew up in a little town of just under 1,100.  Actually, now that Jakes and I moved out, I think it is defintely UNDER 1,100.  Country roads, no stop lights, and you know everyone.  If I didn't know them, they knew who I was and knew my parents.

Last weekend, AZ and I moved from my tiny little apartment on the River in the little town where I grew up and into the City.  At least its like a city to me.  There are over 13,000 people who live there.  There are shopping centers, stop lights, restaurants, banks, post office and access to highways.  All within 5 minutes of our new home.

There are streets I have never heard of or ridden on before.  I am still learning my way around. I can find my way on the main roads and AZ can get me confused by taking back ways to get to the same places.

We are still close to the water, just a block off the River.  Once I find my camera, I will take some pictures of the neighborhood and the new sunsets we have. 

I am feeling a little out of my element in the City. I know I will adjust.   But there will always be some country in this girl.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Did You Know Prada Bags Make M&M's?

Or maybe its just mine........

Monday, July 16, 2012

Have you Missed Me?

I've missed you guys!  I haven't had access to internet in 4 days!  OMGoodness!  I am hoping to get around to a couple of bloggy friends today, depending on what my inbox at work looks like.  Also need to get caught up on facebook........

SO, we moved this weekend.  That was after painting the entire house. ugh.  My body hates me.  And the feeling is mutual!  Bring on the Advil.

Anyway, there are boxes EVERY WHERE and to get ready for work this morning, I had to hunt through many, many boxes to find things.  sigh......   Hoping to reduce the number of boxes in the house tonight after work.  sigh.........

Any whoooooo,  just wanted to check in and let ya'll know I am still around.  Sort of.  Internet should be at the house tonight.  Hopefully will get the wireless hooked up so I can use my iPad while unpacking.

See ya REAL soon!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Campsite - WW

All Set up

I'm still here.  Kinda between houses right now. And work is C-C-C-C-R-A-Z-Y!  I will be painting the rest of this week and we will be moving stuff in over the weekend.  By Sunday night we should be completely moved into the new house. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Checking in

Yes we were among the thousands of people on the east coast that got it by that amazingly powerful line of storms that blew through on Friday. We finally got power back last night. I'm very grateful to have it and pray that those who are still without get it back quickly. I'm sure the power crews are working hard to fix everything.

AZ is my hero. He and jakes worked hard about the compound to make sure everyone had water for flushing (river water works great!) and fridges hooked to generators. But by Saturday evening it was clear we weren't getting power back that night. We both needed showers and were hot and tired from being up most of the night before so we packed bags, Jakes and Jaxon and got a hotel room. That shower felt heavenly!

Sunday we came home to see what was going on around here. Dad had the RV running on generator and it was nice and cool in there. After going to get water for drinking and washing, AZ headed out in search of a generator for the well pump and maybe our AC unit. He found one!! Once he had it all hooked up and running, the power came back on. HA! Perfect timing!!!

Our theory is that if he hadn't hooked it up, we would still be without power. Besides, AZ's heart was in the right place!

For those without power still, be safe and cool and I am saying a prayer for quick restoration.

We got the keys to the new house today so I will be very busy in the next couple of weeks and don't know how much posting and reading I will be doing! I will be back! I'm just out living life outside the screen!