Monday, July 2, 2012

Checking in

Yes we were among the thousands of people on the east coast that got it by that amazingly powerful line of storms that blew through on Friday. We finally got power back last night. I'm very grateful to have it and pray that those who are still without get it back quickly. I'm sure the power crews are working hard to fix everything.

AZ is my hero. He and jakes worked hard about the compound to make sure everyone had water for flushing (river water works great!) and fridges hooked to generators. But by Saturday evening it was clear we weren't getting power back that night. We both needed showers and were hot and tired from being up most of the night before so we packed bags, Jakes and Jaxon and got a hotel room. That shower felt heavenly!

Sunday we came home to see what was going on around here. Dad had the RV running on generator and it was nice and cool in there. After going to get water for drinking and washing, AZ headed out in search of a generator for the well pump and maybe our AC unit. He found one!! Once he had it all hooked up and running, the power came back on. HA! Perfect timing!!!

Our theory is that if he hadn't hooked it up, we would still be without power. Besides, AZ's heart was in the right place!

For those without power still, be safe and cool and I am saying a prayer for quick restoration.

We got the keys to the new house today so I will be very busy in the next couple of weeks and don't know how much posting and reading I will be doing! I will be back! I'm just out living life outside the screen!


  1. Have fun getting the new place ready! I'm glad you have your power back too.

  2. SO glad you are all okay and that you have POWER!! We had storms too and many were without power but we were blessed to keep ours for a change!
    Yeah for the new place!!!!


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