Thursday, June 28, 2012

And A Dishwasher Too!

AZ and I are moving.  We have found a house in the neighboring township and everything is lined up for us to move by July 15th.  Yes, in TWO WEEKS!  I am frantically packing the apartment and making plans for the new house.

Our House

Its small but still bigger than the apartment.  The boys will still have to share a bedroom but the room is much bigger.  We're discussing the best way to give each boy a bed and space of their own, even if they are sharing a room.

The best part:  It has a dishwasher!  I've never had a dishwasher in a home of my own!  The kitchen is big with lots of counter space.  There is a laundry room WITH a washer and dryer! 

There is a HUGE deck off the back and a HUGE yard to play in.  I'm not looking forward to cutting the grass but its a small price to pay for having a HOUSE.  I have plans to make flower beds in front and flower boxes to sit around the deck in the back.

There will be no more listening to the footsteps and stomps of the parents upstairs.  I will miss that in a way. There will be no more sharing of the laundry facilities.

I have to stop at the paint store to pick out colors for the bathroom and the boys room.  The rest of the house is ready to move in.  AZ has to fix the toilet and the exhaust fan in the bathroom, he offered so we can move in quicker.

After spending today at the beach with my BFF, Janet, I will be packing and packing and packing!


  1. Yay! It's cute! And I'm pretty sure yard work and grass cutting falls into the 'mans job' description!

  2. nice...sounds like it has a lot of perks...congrats...and err....have fun packing...smiles...


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