Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Outta Here!

Happy Friday all!  I am finishing up my work day then packing me and Jaxon up to heading outta town!  I'm heading to my shoulda-been-my-sister, Kimbers place in North Jersey (Yes, Kim, its NORTH!) for some girl talk, dancing and happy hour!  OH!  And our Dogs get to meet for the first time!  Jaxon is going to LOVE having playmates!

Counting the hours till me and Jaxon hit the road!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone!
See you on Monday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Theme Thursday - Light

After the storm on Sunday, we had the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset.  Here are a few pictures.  I just LOVE the way the light reflects and changes as the sun creeps blow the horizon.

And at this point, I put the camera down and just enjoyed.

This post is brought to you by Theme Thursday.  You should check out the other flashes of Light over there!

Where's My Mission?

When I was in high school and college, I did anything I wanted with in reason. In my senior year of high school I worked full time, attended high school, took college classes AND had a social life. Ok, so I didn’t get much sleep, I didn’t have a child or a house to take care of, I still lived at home and Mom did my wash.

While finishing college, I was still a full time student, worked full time and moved out of my parents house and shacked up with my bf. If there was something I wanted or needed, I busted my butt for it. My goal was to finish college and get a house and a good job. Which I did. I had a good friend who called me a Bitch With A Mission. He meant it in a good way.

I bought my first house when I was 22, moved in with my bf, married him a year or so later. The house needed work and we were going to do it ourselves. But I was slowly loosing my Bitch with a Mission attitude. I wasn’t as into fixing up the house as I should have been, money became an issue and Mom was sick, and getting sicker.

I guess my mission changed. It became paying the bills, taking care of the house as best I could, and taking care of Mom. With taking care of Mom, my marriage suffered, I didn’t give my all to it. Actually, I would when there was a crisis in it. Not good.

Then we decided to have a baby and along comes Son. Along with him there was more stress on the budget, the house didn’t get the work it needed, Mom was gone and I had Dad to worry about. So much less time for my marriage, no wonder he roamed. Again, my marriage was OK when in crisis mode. My mission would go from Baby, Dad, and house to Baby, Marriage, House and Dad.

Eventually, dad remarried, my marriage failed, and Son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. My mission became survival (for me) and getting Son what he needs to be successful.

Just the other day, Neicy and I were talking about my mission. She said that I still am a Bitch with a Mission, just that my mission is for others. When Son needed therapy, a week later, he had it. The same thing with dad and his health problems and the changes to his life that he needs to make to be healthier. I am helping out around his house and the compound more so he doesn’t do it. And of course, anything Neicy needs, I’m there for her.
Where did my mission for ME go? Over the years, I have landed lower and lower on the list of missions to complete. I mean, I realize that Son needs to come pretty high on the list but does that mean I have to be so far down that I am not even on the same page?

And then, if I were going to move ME up on the list a bit, WHAT would my mission be? I think back to things I liked to do and I wonder if I ever really liked them or was it just because my ex was the one calling the shots.

So, more soul searching for me. I am going to make a list of things that I liked doing in the past and am going to try them again and see if it was ME that liked doing it or not. I also am going to explore other hobbies and activities to see if there are other things that I would like to experience. Got any suggestions?

My Mission (and I am accepting it!) is to figure out ME, to put ME on the same page, if not just a few lines below Son. This week I am going to be pretty near the top but only until Son gets home.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

We (along with most of the country) have been experiencing HOT weather.  Late Sunday afternoon a GREAT (violent!) storm blew through.  It was SO cool!  Lots of wind, lightening and thunder as well as lots of rain.  There was one bolt of lightening so close I thought it hit between the two houses.  It was so close I screamed and the hair on my arm stood up!  YIKES!  Poor Jaxon was terrified, mainly cause his momma was yelling.

Boaters on the River had to make a break for it because the storm blew in so quickly.  I got a couple pics of jetskiers running inland.  SCARY!

again, SCARY!

Anyway, when the BIG lightening hit, we lost power.  SURPRISE!  Actually, we loose power when a ship going by blows his horn.  Its THAT sensitive. 

Thankfully, the storm blew out as quickly as it blew in and is wasn't long before we were looking at cooler temperatures and clear skies.  Of course, without power we all met in the front yard and chatted.  It was Lovely.  I still have my windows open, enjoying the breeze.

At one point, I called the electric company and while the crews were working on the problem, they had no clue when we would get it back. It really wasn't a big deal, except that without power, we don't have water, without water the toilets don't flush. That could be a problem! lol

After the storm.

Sitting outside with the family, Jaxon on my lap, watching the clouds skitter over the sky, it was so peaceful that when the tide turned, we HEARD it.  The water kinda ripples when the water starts back in.  Very cool!

And then the power came on and everyone ran into their homes to watch TV, check emails or post to facebook (that was me!)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Filler - Butterflies

I am sure you all know that I love butterflies and WHY I love butterflies.  :)  My neighbors planted a butterfly bush and it REALLY does attract buttlerflies.  I'm gonna have to get me one.

I took these the other night when there were 2 beautiful butterflies flitting around.

Just spectacular!

Jakes is hiding, waiting for the butterflies to flit back.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Filler Tomatoes

I have tomatoes.  LOTS of Tomatoes.  And Lots More coming!

Son is offically at his Dad's for the next NINE days!
I almost feel guilty for how happy I am to be on my own.  Almost.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What's in a Battery?

When I moved into my apartment on the waterfront, my parents gave me a house warming present of a tide clock.   Its just a little clock that tells you where the tide is.  Of course, after three years of watching the waters ebb and flow, I can almost always tell where and which way its flowing.

Here is the clock showing that its about an hour away from low tide.
The water in front of my house should be flowing out and I should have a little bit of beach...

Here's my beach (or not!)  and the water is flowing in not out!

I think after three years, its time to change the battery in the clock!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parks - Theme Thursday

Son and I spent Sunday at 3 State Parks and it was a wonderful day!  We started at Fort Mott State Park where we grabbed the ferry over to Delaware.

Ft Mott State Park

The Ferry to take us from Ft. Mott over to Pea Patch Island where Ft. Delaware is located.  This ferry only comes to NJ every two hours.  This is a good piece of info to know, which I didn't when we started our adventure.

We're off!

Ft. Delaware is located on Pea Patch Island in the middle of the Delaware River.  The island is said to be made from a ship that was carrying peas that ran aground on a schole.  The peas then grew and the island formed.  It continues to grow as the currents deposit more mud and sand on its shores.

The entry to Ft. Delaware. 
The Drawbridge was down in anticipation of our visit.

We wandered to the Kitchen where Son checked out their indoor pumbing and the new stove.

The next stop was the blacksmith shop.  Son was facinated with the bellows used to keep the fire going. 

The blacksmith made Son a Nail.

I tried to leave Son in the prisons but he didn't want to stay.
We also looked for ghosts in the tunnels, just like the Ghost Hunters did a couple of Halloweens ago.  Well, not quite like them but we pretended!

We took the ferry from Ft. Delaware over to Delaware City for lunch.

We had lunch at Crabby Dicks.  YUM!
If you every get to one, have their Stuffed Pretzel.  HEAVEN!

We wandered the Park while waiting for the Ferry to take us back to NJ.  Now is when the knowledge that the ferry only goes to NJ every two hours would have come in handy.

Son wanted to stay until 4 but I was hot and tired and wanted to go home.  There was a ferry to NJ at 2 and 4.  But there also were ferries over to Ft. Delaware and I thought they would also be going to NJ.  I was WRONG.  We missed the 2 o'clock ferry.  So we were stuck in Delaware City until 4.  With nowhere air conditioned to hang out.  Grrrrrrrrrr

We finally made it back to NJ.  I think the next time we go, I will drive to Delaware City and take the ferry to Ft. Delaware.   Then I won't be stranded for the day.

This is part of Theme Thursday.  Head over there to check out other Parks and Recreations.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Open to Love

Opening Myself To Love

Another email waiting for me when I got back from vacation was titled “Opening Ourselves to Love”. WOW. Another one that hit home. Was Fate that intent on hitting me over the head about my life? Kinda, but I guess that Fate didn’t know I was on vacation that week!

(Actually, had I gotten this one WHILE I was on vacation, I know I would have done one thing differently. But that is a completely different story that might get told here one day, or not. We’ll see…..)

Open ourselves to the love that is available to us.

We do not have to limit our sources of love. God and the Universe have an unlimited supply of what we need, including love.

When we are open to receiving love, we will begin to receive it. It may come from the most surprising places, including from within ourselves.

We will be open to and aware of the love that is and has been there for us all along. We will feel and appreciate the love from friends. We will notice and enjoy the love that comes from family.

We will be ready to receive love in our special love relationships, too. We do not have to accept love from unsafe people – people who will exploit us or with whom we don’t want to have relationships.

But there is plenty of good love available – love that heals our hearts, meets our needs, and makes out spirits sing.

We have denied ourselves too long. We have been martyrs too long. We have given so much and allowed ourselves to receive too little. We have paid our dues. It is time to continue the chain of giving and receiving by allowing ourselves to receive.

Today and every day, I will open myself to the love that is coming to me from the Universe. I will accept it and enjoy it when it comes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday

I love this meme! Go random up with The Un Mom and thank her for hosting!

Son is in Summer Day Camp at the local YMCA. For the most part he is happy. He has been going there for 3 summers now. They changed up the schedule a little bit and that part he’s not happy with. They used to swim twice a day and now they only swim ONCE! OH NO! The horror of only one swim time a day! But he adjusted pretty well.

I was there to pick him up last week when the director of the Y pulled my aside to talk about Son’s behavior. Ut oh!  She is THRILLED with his behavior this summer. If Son has a problem in camp, they send him to the front desk to give him some quieter time. But this year, he has not been sent there ONCE. Ms. Louise said she misses talking with him but is happy that he is doing so well. I am SO proud of him!

Last week I took Jaxon to vet to get snipped. He did very well. I was supposed to keep him quiet for last week. Well, the night he came home, he was jumping on the couch and playing with his toys. He obviously didn’t know that he was supposed to be quiet. Silly pup!

I am thinking about letting my hair go back to its god-given color. I’m just not sure I can handle the grays. When Mom was my age, she had lovely salt and pepper hair. Her gray wasn’t gray it was more silver. I guess I can hope that since I look so much like her that my hair will be the same colors as hers. After the summer, I will work on letting it go back to the normal color. This could be a scary process!

Son is heading to his fathers on Friday until the FOLLOWING Sunday. That is NINE whole days without him! NINE whole days where I don’t have to take him to camp, don’t have to nag, don’t have to pick up after him, no lunches to make, no arguing with him over stupid stuff. PEACE & QUIET for NINE whole days!

I’m gonna miss to heck out of him!

What exactly is “random”? Cause while this post is a bunch of mixed up thoughts bouncing from one topic to another, I have had an ongoing list of topics for this post since last Friday. Is that truly in the spirit of “random”?

Oh, Happy Monday! When I got to work yesterday, my boss called me to say she needed me to work in her office at least one day per week, doing someone else’s job. Of course, it was my job when I started with the agency. The person that was in it left on Friday and its one of those jobs that HAS to be done. UGH. So that means that I have to RUN up the highway to the other office (where the bosses are! GROAN), do that job, run back down the highway to my office and do my regular job. That means, there will be no walks with Neicy and I will have to make sure that my Tattoos are covered as they are forbidden by Management. Crap. Hopefully it won’t be for very long before the new person is in and trained. What a monkey wrench in my day!

I upset Son the other day.  There are several ways to get to the Y and I chose a different way.  He said "You are going this way just to hurt me!"  huh?  How is THIS way going to hurt you.  "You know the other way goes by the trains!"  OH!  Right.  Sorry!  I was just in a hurry to get home and MY way was quicker.  His way just goes by the trains.  So this week, we are going by the trains.

Ok, that’s all my random or not so random-ness. Check out the other Random Thought Tuesday participants over at The Un Mom!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Always Forgive You Enemies – Nothing Annoys Them So Much – Oscar Wilde

According to Japanese legend, two monks were walking down the road when they saw a finely dressed young woman standing before large mud puddle. She explained that she had no way of crossing the water without ruining her clothes. Without saying a word, the first monk picked her up in his arms and lifted her safely across the obstacle.

A few hours later the second monk said in an accusatory tone, “How could you have picked up that lady? Don’t you know that the rules strictly forbid us to touch a member of the opposite sex?” His friend smiled and the replied, “I put the woman down back at the puddle. Are you still carrying her?”

This was in my email box when I came back from vacation. What a wake up call to me! I finally did my homework while I was on vacation and to come back to find this waiting for me, was a huge OMG moment. After detailing my resentments and hatred as per my homework assignment, I know what I am dealing with and just have to figure out put them away and move on with my life.

Like the second monk, many of us are still carrying old hurt, resentments, and lost opportunities that we picked up many mud puddles ago. As long as we remain stuck in the past, we cannot fully hear the inner voice, which speaks to us in the present. Thus, in order to tap our intuition, we need to release and heal our unfinished business.

By following the example of the first monk, we can put the past down and walk on. See your past experiences as teaching that have guided you to this present moment. An endless array of opportunities and possibilities lie before you. Immerse yourself in this good, and the old hurts will have no place left to make their home.

There are SO many signs pointing and directing me to put the past in the past and to live in the present. I am tired of carrying the past. I have a great present; a great child, home, family and friends, as well as a good job to support myself and my great child.

I have the opportunity to have a wonderful future, with my child, my family and friends, with my career, and most importantly with that someone special who is waiting out there for me to get my head out of my, well never mind where.

Even if I have to read this post EVERY day, EVERY hour, I am going to start living for ME (and Son!), in the present. From this moment on.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This Is My Last One

I did it again!

Son's Name (well, what I call him) with My Mom as a Butterfly watching over him.
Its on my left shoulder as close to my heart as I could get it.

And its my Last One.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Farmers Market - Jersey Fresh

BFF Neicy and I work about 3 buildings apart.  Its great!  We get to share breaks, go for walks or visit each other in case of inclement weather.  Just a quick skip down the street.

May thru September, the City puts on a Farmers Market.  On Thursdays, Neicy and I push back our break so we can pursue the Farmers Market.  They have lots of good stuff.  Fresh Veggies, local BBQ-ers, non-profits hanging out, and even the old fashioned Cryers Bell.  The Bell is rung at the beginning of each Market Day and up until a couple of years ago, the City even had its own Town Cryer.

Yes, its all Jersey Fresh Veggies.  Grown locally and very yummy!

The local hospital's staff checking BP's and other stuff.

There is usually a band hanging here.

So, among the vendors is my FAVORITE!  Water Ice.  Neicy and I stop by his booth for a yummy taste.  While he was scooping our yummy-ness he was telling us about another event he will at this weekend.  I might have to take Son to it since its pretty local and my Step-Mother was instrumental in organizing it.  That's another blog post!

Neicy with her Mango Water Ice.  YUMMY!

And me with my Cherry.  It was yummy too! 

We ate our Ices and wandered the Market.  I can't wait for next week!  He has BLUE water ice!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We had a beautiful sunset and moonrise last night.
I watched it from the picnic table
 all alone with peaceful quiet surrounding me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Tomato Race - Final Tally

Just a quick wap up of the Great Tomato Race that has been taking place here at the Nest this spring.  G-pop won.  He got the first tomato.  Son thinks they are going to count quantity and then decide.  I have decided that I am done.  G-pop won by 4 days.  Period.

We held the Great Tomato Picking Ceremony on Saturday during

Good Job G-pop!

Last night, Son and I held our own, more private ceremony.  Son didn't even want his picture taken last night.

Still on the plant...........

On my kitchen counter.........

So there you have it folks!  The Great Tomato Race is complete. 
G-pop won by 4 days!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have been working the homework that Vickie assigned to me for me. I know why I kept putting it off; because it’s not pleasant. I seem to be able to think more clearly when I can write out my thoughts and of course go back and edit them for accuracy. So here goes but only for a portion of the assignment; I am not ready to delve into the other part yet; this was hard enough.

I probably should define my assignment for you. I am supposed to figure out why I still have so much anger and resentment toward Son’s father. I guess after 4 years, I would have moved on a little bit.

Can I just blame it on genetics? I mean my mothers’ father was the biggest, bullheaded German you’d ever met and he knew how to hold a grudge! For example, he was married before my grandmother and even had a child from his first marriage. My mother and her siblings didn’t know about the marriage or their half sister until after my grandmother died. My grandfather basically walked away from the marriage, paid his support and had nothing to do with his first born. That’s bullheadedness! And that bullheadedness has been passed down through the generations. I don’t remember it in my mother too much but I have seen it in my uncle. So I can present a good case for it being a genetic flaw.

Do you think I am stalling? Maybe a little. This will probably seem like a pity party and yes, I am going to have one for now. When I am done, I will pick myself up and figure out how to work it out.

I was doing a little better with my hatred and resentment of A/H until Son and I started having our problems. Since then my resentment has grown. Mainly because I was SO very tired of dealing with Son on my own, everyday, for everything that was going wrong. And where was his father? Nowhere around. Did he know about the struggles? No. Did he have the same struggles with Son? No.

Why didn’t I tell him you ask? Because when we were married all he did was remind me of the horrible mother I was, how I couldn’t handle it and how everything I did was wrong. Why would I tell him that I am failing just like he said I would? Never would I admit A/H was right about something.

Since we have divorced A/H has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be involved in the day to day raising of our child. I had tried to involve him via email and I never get a response. I have told him about Son’s surgeries, when and where so he could show up. He never does. His life is too important to take time out for his child. It has gotten so that I don't tell him about anything beforehand, just give him the results.  I still haven't told him about the visit to CHOP.  And other than telling  him that I was enrolling Son in therapy, he has no details as to why we are going.

I am tired of being the one to decide if Son needs to go to the Drs and if so, which Dr to take him to. I am tired of being the one the school calls when they have a problem with Son, the one who has to take off of work to go to the child study team meetings, to do the research into better goals for the IEP, the one who has to work on the homework and the school projects. Just plan tired of being the only parent.

I resent the fact that he can live his life without having to worry about his child.  There are times I wish I had the freedom to come and go as I pleased, not have to plan my life around babysitters and summer camp schedules.

I DO like the fact that he comes every other weekend to take Son and babysit him. I get a break. I am looking forward to when Son goes for an entire week for vacation! I need that break to be the best mom I can be.

Another resentment I am harboring against him is because he has moved on. He has a girlfriend; someone to share his life with. I have Son. Don’t get me wrong, I would NEVER give up Son but it’s not the same type of relationship.

Recently, a good friend from high school was in the area and we hung out a few times, texted, and flirted a little. I REALLY enjoyed that, the adult friendship, the conversations and the fun. Then my friend went home. And while I miss my friend, what I am missing more is what he reminded me that I don’t have in my life. All because I have not moved on and because I am continue to harbor resentment and hatred. (Friend, thanks for everything! I loved spending time with you!  You will always have a very special place in my heart!)

So. There is my heart. But by acknowledging all this crap, I can talk with Vickie about it and work with her to find a way to let go of my resentment and move my life forward in a positive way.

There will be another post about my hatred but I think that one will wait until Son is not home. That one is going to hurt me to think about, admit and express. Better to unleash that when Son is not around for the aftermath! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reality Check with a little early randomness mixed in........

The alarm went off at 5:45 am and I could not for the life of me figure out WHY.  It finally dawned on me that I had to head back to work this morning and I wanted to get a bike ride first thing.  OUCH.  What was I thinking last night when I set it?

I did get my laziness out of bed and went for my bike ride.  But it didn't feel right.  I don't know how to describe it but it just didn't feel "right."  The pedals went around, the wheels ate the miles, but it just didn't feel right.  Maybe it was the different music on my MP3 player or maybe it was just not my morning for a bike ride.  I still did 4.3 miles in 20 minutes, which was making pretty good time.

When I got home, I had a puppy to love, Son to get out of bed and ready for summer camp.  That was fun!  He has gotten used to sleeping in every day and decided that he didn't want to go to camp this week.  Sorry Bud!  You can't stay home by yourself and I have already paid for it.  You get to go!  Next week too!  Then you get a week off camp to spend with your dad!

I have missed you guys! Last week, I tried to sit and read my favorite blogs but there were just too many distractions.  Now that I am back to work, I will be visiting again and getting caught up on what I have missed last week!  Thank you for those who still stopped by my little nest last week!  You're the best!

Now with 106 emails to check over and a newsletter to finish up, I will hit Publish and see you later!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


On Saturday, Dad put together a spectacular party to celebrate the fact that Druggie moved out!  Yes, we have peace and quiet in The Compound again!

We invited the neighbors, some family and good friends.  In spite of the rain, it was a wonderful day of chatting and eating and enjoying being with friends!

In less than 15 minutes, the tent pros had the tent set up.

We had dinner under the Big Top Friday evening.

I had 3 showers Saturday, one while helping Dad get stuff set up, one actual shower and one Saturday evening while cleaning up.

People still came and enjoyed themselves!

We had crabs (YUMY!)

Salads, meatballs and roast beef
and of course Hot Dogs and Hamburgs on the grill.
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Steve brought corn which was super yummy!

Son got tired of the rain and played video games most of the day.

Jaxon spent most of the day begging. 
Begging to get out,
begging for food,
begging for kisses.

Today, I am going to spend under the Big Top picking all the crabs we have left over.  Crab Cakes for dinner!  YUM

Tomorrow is back to work, back to the diet, back to the Bike Rides, back to reality.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Therapy Update

I was clay in therapy tonight. We had a family session and I was told to be clay. I guess I was showing too much emotion and Vickie was afraid that would shut Son down. Oops!

Anyway, Son was telling Vickie about his last overnight visit with his father, complaining about Maddie and how they are getting along. Maddie is his father’s girlfriends granddaughter who is living there for a while. Son doesn’t like her and they don’t get along. He was describing some of the stuff that Maddie does that annoys him and it sounds like she is just an annoying little sister. Which Son is not used to dealing with of course. It also sounds as though Maddie can and does anything she wants and no one disciplines her. And no one is taking Son’s side in this situation.

Son’s father actually told him that if he couldn’t get along with Maddie that he can just stay the h*ll home. (This is when she made me clay) How nice! Instead of trying to parent and teach your children, let’s just avoid everything. At this point Son would love to stay home just so he didn’t get yelled at so much about the things going on between him and Maddie.

Son asked the therapist to call his father and talk to him about what’s going on and maybe give him tips about working with the 2 to get along better.

We had Son list some ways that he could get along better with Maddie. His ideas are mainly to stay away from her and ignore her, which are going to be extremely difficult for him to accomplish.

We moved on with the lesson at this point, with Son molding me and vice versa. We drew a picture together and that was the end of the session. On the walk out Son was way far ahead and I was chatting with Vickie. She asked me if I got what the secret was. I totally missed it. Apparently, Son told me the secret he was keeping because his father told him too. Crap! I need to be clay more and react less. HA. She won’t tell me what I missed because she pinkie swore with Son but if I guess she will confirm for me. I have gone over and over the conversation and I can’t come up with anything that would be worthy of needing to be kept a secret from me.

So since Son is with me for the next three weeks, we will be having family or individual sessions and I have until the end of July to work on my homework that I am avoiding. I have been working on why I want to avoid this so badly, though. That’s a little progress and probably another post.

This was LAST week's session.  This week, Vickie saw him alone.  She also has not made contact with Son's father about the Maddie situation, she hasn't tried, not that Son's father hasn't responded.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guardian Angel of Therapy

When my marriage was falling apart I decided that I wanted professional help with telling Son about the changes that were going to happen in his life. So I pulled up the list of participating therapists from the insurance company and started calling to see who had openings. No one did and in my panic mode, I wanted to get it done and over with immediately.

In talking with the one agency, they took the time to educate me on the procedures of the waiting list and even offered minimal comfort to my situation. They put me on the waiting list with the promise to call within the next week or so. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from them on the SAME day. What a shock! I took the first appointment available with Kate.

We all three showed up at the appointment and piled into her office. I had made the appointment for Son because I wanted her to work with him to deal with the changes. She turned to the 5 year old Son and asked him why he was here. Of course he had no clue about the real reason. So Son and I adjourned to a waiting room while A/H told her what was going on. His version of it at least. Then it was my turn to go in with her to tell my side of it. I immediately burst into tears. She decided that I needed her more than Son did and since A/H told her he wanted to work on the marriage, that’s what we would do.

And from that moment on we connected. I loved Kate and all that she did for me. Without her and lots of family and friends, I would not have made it through the divorce as unscathed as I did.

Through all this, Son was diagnosed with Aspergers and we needed a therapist to help him with various things. The Dr wanted to see him in his office which was physically impossible plus he didn’t take the insurance. So I talked to Kate who said she would ask around her agency. She found Valerie, who had experience with autistic kids and Kate felt I would like her therapy ways.

I made an appointment with Valerie for Son and I connected again. She connected with Son and we were able to learn LOTS from her. We eventually got to the point where we didn’t need her and were discharged.

Recently, Son and I have needed help. So I searched Facebook and found Kate and Valerie again. I talked with both but Valerie was the one who connected us to Vickie. I was willing to go to Valerie but her new agency doesn’t take Son’s insurance plus she is further away. Vickie’s agency takes Son’s insurance and she had an opening. And I like her, except when she is beating me over the head with the truth and assigning homework. HA!

Kate and I would talk about how lucky I was in getting our therapy needs met and quickly. We joked that I had a therapy guardian angel, someone from above looking out for what I needed to keep my sanity and strength. In my heart, I know it was Mom. She was always looking out for people and helping them when she could. And she continues to do it for me from above. Thanks Mom!

Son seems to love Vickie and is completely comfortable with her. This makes me very happy. I have been VERY lucky when I have gotten therapists (or maybe I am just not picky!).

I was reminded of how lucky I have been when my friend Kim emailed that she was having trouble finding a woman therapist for her teen daughter. Her daughter wants to see a woman and Kim cannot find one that has openings and is fairly local. She finally found one who has openings but doesn’t participate with her insurance. Because Kim is desperate to make sure her daughter gets the help she needs, she is willing to pay the price of going out of network. Good luck Kim! Next time, I will share my Guardian Angel to help.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great Tomato Race - The Results Are In!

As previously reported, G-pop and Son are growing tomatoes and Son is racing to get the first one.   I don't think its going to happen this year.  Here's G-pops first blushed tomato:

Here's Son's Plants:

Plenty of tomatoes but they're all green still.

G-pop's tomato should be ready for eating on Saturday.  Poor Son is going to be VERY disappointed.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

200th Post!

Today is my 200th post.  I was looking back at some of my older posts.  There has been much silliness here as well as baring my heart and soul.  And through it all, you guys have been supportive, even if you didn't agree with what I had to say.  Thank you.

And now for the party!  Son donned his party glasses and let me video him.  Enjoy!

Thanks to G-pop for the cool shades!  Tomorrow will be an update of the Great Tomato Race!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fate Wins

Fate Wins.  I'm done fighting.  I accept defeat. I am disappointed but willing to be a graceful looser in this case.  Some things are just not meant to be.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I am on vacation starting at 2:00 pm on Friday, July 2nd.  I don't know how much blogging I will be doing cause I will be floating in the river, playing with Son and relaxing on the beach!  Have a happy holiday and a great week!

I am leaving you with some pictures from our trip to Disney last year.  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Hill

Last night I packed up my bike to head over to Neicy's for a nice long ride.  She lives around the corner from this:

We usually avoid it but occasionally we try our bodies by heading up it.  Which is just what I asked her to do with me last night.  With all the riding I have been doing lately, I wanted to test if I could do it and survive. 

Past tries have ended with us walking to the top, getting to the top and basically collapsing and last night actually getting to the top and still being able to breathe!  I was so excited with how "easy" it was. 

Then there is the triumphant ride down the other side with the rush of wind as you hit 26-27 miles per hour, it was a great ride!  By the time we got back to her house we had ridden 11 miles in 55 minutes.  My kind of ride, good miles, good company, good gossip!

Thanks, Neicy!