Friday, July 23, 2010

What's in a Battery?

When I moved into my apartment on the waterfront, my parents gave me a house warming present of a tide clock.   Its just a little clock that tells you where the tide is.  Of course, after three years of watching the waters ebb and flow, I can almost always tell where and which way its flowing.

Here is the clock showing that its about an hour away from low tide.
The water in front of my house should be flowing out and I should have a little bit of beach...

Here's my beach (or not!)  and the water is flowing in not out!

I think after three years, its time to change the battery in the clock!



  1. I wonder how long its needed a battery... :-)

  2. Anything in my house that requires batteries is most likely not working, because I am terrible about replacing batteries.

  3. Wow ... you live like actually *on* the beach!! Amazing! I'm a little jealous! ha ha!

  4. Or you could just look out the window. It's an attractive wall hanging whether it's accurate or not.

  5. lol. yeah i have a large clock in the den (cathedral ceiling)...i really should ge tout the ladder and get it started again with some fresh

  6. That last picture begs me to walk down the stairs and put my feet in the water. BEGS ME


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