Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Garden Update

We have TOMATOES!  or at least a blossom.

This is Jakes plant.  I can already taste a fresh tomato sandwich.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

DC Trip

Jakes and I went to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms.  Unfortunately, we didn't get there in time.  Our schedule just didn't match up to get there.  BUT there is SO much good stuff to see in DC that it wasn't a wasted trip.

I had signed up with SpotHero and gotten $25 in parking credit.  The app is SO easy to use and they offer parking in so many cities around the country.  I plugged in DC and figured out where in the city we wanted to be (close to the National Mall, of course) and chose the best parking garage for us.  On the day of the trip, we plugged the address of the garage into the GPS and hit the road.

We got to DC, grabbed the cameras and started walking. First thing on the agenda was a river cruise that I got at a discount through Amazon Local.  Its like Groupon or LivingSocial, good deals sometimes.

Our Boat

Seeing DC from the river side gave us a different view of the city.

Kennedy Center
And since we missed the Cherry Blossoms, Jakes decided we should check out a couple of the museums.

We ended up at the Air and Space Museum.

We spent the afternoon wandering around taking pictures.  Jakes was in heaven.  He loves science stuff and he was reading the placards and studying everything.

Moon Lander

My Professional Photographer
We only had time for one museum and there are so many others to see. We'll be back!
I love spending time in DC.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Two Shoes

I recently started wearing the most fashionable "boot" prescribed by my foot doctor for a stress fracture.  This "boot" is so fashionable and comfortable I think every one should get them.

See?  Its LOVELY!
Finally after 4 weeks of hobbling around in the "boot", I am back in two shoes!  YAY!

Now to start getting back to normal stuff, like bike riding and walking the dog.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last night was the perfect night for a ball game.  Lovely temperature, little breeze, little rain shower, no bugs.  Lovely night! Sitting in the stands watching the game was so relaxing.

I was so glad to have gotten tickets to the local minor league ball team.  We were on the first base line, right in line with home plate.  I don't think there are any better seats in the stadium.

Our seats just before the start of the game

Mind you, I'm not a big baseball fan but it was a night out with my bestie, not an evening alone on the couch. The tickets were free, so all the evening cost us was gas to get there and a bridge toll.  Cheap for a night out!

The minor league teams do lots of stuff to include the community and the crowds in the ball game.  There were local school kids to sing the national anthem before the game.  And during the game, while the teams change places on the field, they bring selected people onto the field to play games!  Neicy and I were picked for one of the games.  

We had to fly a styrofoam plane and have it land safely.  The winner received a gift certificate for Frontier Airlines.  Here's the video:

It was so much fun!

At the bottom of the 9th inning, the home team was down by one run and they were up to bat. There was a runner on first and two outs. Next player comes up to bat, 2 strikes.  Then he swings and hits it out of the park!  HOMERUN and the home team WINS!  Perfect ending for a perfect evening!

Thanks for going with me Neicy!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Garden Update

I spent Mothers Day weekend working on my finishing my garden.  A couple of weekends ago I got three pallets and started filling them with dirt.

The pallets were free. Score!
I found a place in the township with free mulch and dirt to fill in the pallets and the bed around them.

The view from above.
All mulched and filled with dirt.
The one on the right has different squashes

I had started Green Beans and Peas in pots on my deck.  I transplanted them into the pallet on the left.

The pallet in the middle is going to be for herbs. I  have to decide what herbs and if they will be seeds or plants.

Here is my current herb garden.  All of the plants in here are volunteers left over from last year.  I'm going to be harvesting the oregano in a week or so!  YUM!

I planted tomatoes and peppers in pots that will stay on my deck.

Come on summer!  I can't wait for fresh veggies with dinner!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Its Monday

Its Monday and it was a good weekend.  I am definitely feeling more like myself.  Yes, I still have things in my life that are stressors and depressors, but with the help of medication, I am able to put it to the middle of my mind and function as a person.

I had a pretty good weekend.  I'm slowly getting caught up on the housework that I've been ignoring in favor of my couch.  Jakes came over for the weekend and we got along pretty well.

I went to a Girls Night Out that benefited the local Autism Center.  It was fun!  I wandered around with ESM and Janet.  We had some girl talk and a couple of drinks.  ESM got to vent about living with Dad a little bit.

Saturday, I took Jakes to the Farm and then caught up with ESM for some yard sale-ing fun.  I bought a grill!  Ok, you don't usually buy grills at yard sales but this one is in good shape.  All it needs is the propane tank.  I cleaned it up and am ready for summer grilling!  Dad went with us and we all had a pretty good time.

Sunday, Jakes and I spent the day with the GParents again.  This time we were helping Dad to open up the RV.  They are going away next weekend.  Dad was able to do a lot of the stuff, not just give directions. I know that made him feel good that he was able to help, not just stand there and be helpless.  I'm also sure he went home and took a nice long nap after we were done.  I know I wanted to!  lol

I'm slowly working on my Pallet Garden.  Its taking some time because I am digging the dirt on my own instead of buying it.  I will have to buy the plants instead of seeds because its such a late start.  Next year, I will get seeds and get started earlier.  But I am still looking forward to fresh veggies on the grill this summer!

What's going on in your world? I hope you're enjoying the spring weather that's finally come to us!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Online Dating

I am lonely.  I am getting used to living alone again.  There are good and bad things to living alone.  I'm the only one to pick up after, unless you count the animals toys.  I can walk around naked if I want, as long as the windows are covered. I  don't have to worry about the toilet seat being left up, its just me after all. There is no one to argue with me that they don't like asparagus for dinner.

There are bad things about living alone.  Its quiet, unless the TV or radio is on. Very quiet.  There is no one to have a conversation with, no one to complain that my job is the most boring thing on the planet right now.  There is no one to argue with me over asparagus with dinner.

So I thought I'd put myself out there on a dating site.  It was an adventure.  Too funny.  There were lots of hits, I did have a good profile picture.  There was the guy who messaged me several times, getting to know each other, finally sharing our personal email addresses and full names, only to never be heard from again.  hmmmm makes me wonder what the internet has out there on me!  Maybe I'll google myself for fun.

Then there was the guy who immediately asked for my phone number because he didn't want to use the site.  Ok.  Let's be adventurous and give him a throw-away Google Voice number.  It'll be harder for him to stalk me if things go south.  So we start texting.  At the third text, he's asking me how long its been since I've.... you know.... ummm....well.... you get the picture.  BUT he insisted that he was looking for something long term, eventually.  He wanted to take the time to get to know me.  Then he suggested we meet THAT day for a RedBox movie and either of our homes.  Yeah, you're looking for a long term booty call.....  So I called him on that and never heard from him again.

At least I can have a laugh at them and still have hope that my prince is out there.  I'm taking a break from the dating site for now but I'm sure I will go back to it one day.  I will definitely share my adventures.