Monday, May 5, 2014

Its Monday

Its Monday and it was a good weekend.  I am definitely feeling more like myself.  Yes, I still have things in my life that are stressors and depressors, but with the help of medication, I am able to put it to the middle of my mind and function as a person.

I had a pretty good weekend.  I'm slowly getting caught up on the housework that I've been ignoring in favor of my couch.  Jakes came over for the weekend and we got along pretty well.

I went to a Girls Night Out that benefited the local Autism Center.  It was fun!  I wandered around with ESM and Janet.  We had some girl talk and a couple of drinks.  ESM got to vent about living with Dad a little bit.

Saturday, I took Jakes to the Farm and then caught up with ESM for some yard sale-ing fun.  I bought a grill!  Ok, you don't usually buy grills at yard sales but this one is in good shape.  All it needs is the propane tank.  I cleaned it up and am ready for summer grilling!  Dad went with us and we all had a pretty good time.

Sunday, Jakes and I spent the day with the GParents again.  This time we were helping Dad to open up the RV.  They are going away next weekend.  Dad was able to do a lot of the stuff, not just give directions. I know that made him feel good that he was able to help, not just stand there and be helpless.  I'm also sure he went home and took a nice long nap after we were done.  I know I wanted to!  lol

I'm slowly working on my Pallet Garden.  Its taking some time because I am digging the dirt on my own instead of buying it.  I will have to buy the plants instead of seeds because its such a late start.  Next year, I will get seeds and get started earlier.  But I am still looking forward to fresh veggies on the grill this summer!

What's going on in your world? I hope you're enjoying the spring weather that's finally come to us!


  1. Sounds like fun.

    I love grilling out over the summer!

  2. hey i may need to go yard saling and find me a will have to show us the pallet garden when you get done....

    ah last week of grad school here...finished my iep meetings today...about wore out but only 14 days left...woot...


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