Thursday, May 1, 2014

Online Dating

I am lonely.  I am getting used to living alone again.  There are good and bad things to living alone.  I'm the only one to pick up after, unless you count the animals toys.  I can walk around naked if I want, as long as the windows are covered. I  don't have to worry about the toilet seat being left up, its just me after all. There is no one to argue with me that they don't like asparagus for dinner.

There are bad things about living alone.  Its quiet, unless the TV or radio is on. Very quiet.  There is no one to have a conversation with, no one to complain that my job is the most boring thing on the planet right now.  There is no one to argue with me over asparagus with dinner.

So I thought I'd put myself out there on a dating site.  It was an adventure.  Too funny.  There were lots of hits, I did have a good profile picture.  There was the guy who messaged me several times, getting to know each other, finally sharing our personal email addresses and full names, only to never be heard from again.  hmmmm makes me wonder what the internet has out there on me!  Maybe I'll google myself for fun.

Then there was the guy who immediately asked for my phone number because he didn't want to use the site.  Ok.  Let's be adventurous and give him a throw-away Google Voice number.  It'll be harder for him to stalk me if things go south.  So we start texting.  At the third text, he's asking me how long its been since I've.... you know.... ummm....well.... you get the picture.  BUT he insisted that he was looking for something long term, eventually.  He wanted to take the time to get to know me.  Then he suggested we meet THAT day for a RedBox movie and either of our homes.  Yeah, you're looking for a long term booty call.....  So I called him on that and never heard from him again.

At least I can have a laugh at them and still have hope that my prince is out there.  I'm taking a break from the dating site for now but I'm sure I will go back to it one day.  I will definitely share my adventures.


  1. Lol. being single has its ups and downs. At least you have some animal company.

  2. I look forward to reading the adventures!

  3. ha. yeah i would watch the guy moving so fast...a bit scary...
    and you know when the time is right you will find the right

  4. being single is not easy. it's not difficult, either.. great post and it reminds me that it´s okay to be single. thank you.

    i linked to you today! xoxo


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