Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Facts

I guess there is always something to learn, each and every day.  Yesterday, I learned several new facts about Aspergers Syndrome.  Yesterday, we went to the neurologist to follow up on Jakes seizure back in March.  Yes, I know from March but this was the first available appointment I could get.

Jakes is with his father for vacation week and when his father chose this week, I reminded him of this Drs appointment, how long it took to get it, and suggested ways to work together to ensure Jakes still attended this appointment.  Turns out that Jakes is staying with his other grandparents this week while his father works so it was very convenient for me to pick Jakes up and take him to the appointment.

The Dr asked lots of questions, most Jakes or myself had the answers to, others that neither of us had answers to because his father never got back to me with the answers. When she finished her questionnaire, she shared her thoughts.  She does believe that Jakes as Aspergers with ADHD combined (Dr #3).  She does not think that the Concerta he was on caused the seizure.  She thinks the Aspergers did.  She said that Aspergers kids have a 50% higher chance of having a seizure or seizure disorder than a non-AS kid. 

That was a fact I did not know!

She wants Jakes to have a sleeping or 24-hour EEG as well as an MRI just to make sure things are ok in his head.  I have to get those things scheduled.  If those tests are normal, we do not have to follow up with her.  If Jakes has another seizure within 18 months of the first one, we might have to consider medication.

I think the tests will be normal and he won't be having another seizure.  Fingers crossed!

I think the best news that came from this meeting is that she agrees with his diagnosis and she agrees with the therapy plans I have in place.  She said I am doing a great job getting him the services he needs.

Also in the good news category, my wonderful blogger friend, The Blogging Mama received wonderful news that her son is NOT on the spectrum.  She spent two years thinking he is Aspergers and waiting for the evaluation through her local Childrens' Hospital.  Wonderful news, Mama!  Go over and tell her Congrats!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Can I go Swimming too?

Saylors wants to go swimming in the new pool

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

I completely blanked on Monday.  Where did it go?  I'm not asking for it back though!  Maybe it was all the Benadryl I took while cleaning Son's room.

Yes, I cleaned out Son's room.  We are getting new carpet this week and the entire house had to be packed so they could move the furniture out.  Son was told and told and told to get his room cleaned before he went to his fathers for the week.  He was told and told and told that if Mom had to do it, everything was getting thrown away.  Well, he packed up his Legos and Hess trucks and that was all.  So everything else is going, going, gone!  I did toss lots of stuff.  I gave away lots of toys.  And some of the stuff I am keeping for ransom rewards.

Last week we said good-bye to the BA and on the 5th we say good-bye to Albert. I'm going to miss him.  I'm confident we are ready to function without Albert.  I have other supports ready to go into place when we are discharged from the family stabilization program.  And I still have the phone numbers to get signed up again if we have trouble again.

I would be enjoying my Jakes free week, except that my allergies have been kicking big time from cleaning his room.  That's done so now I just have to get my allergies under control and enjoy the rest of the week!

Tomorrow is our visit with the pediatric neurologist to follow up from when Jakes had the seizure.  Everything is going to be fine.  He just had a reaction to the ADHD medication and since we've taken him off the stimulant ones, he's been fine.

Jakes has to have tubes put back in his ears.  Just the past March, he had one of them removed cause it was causing an infection.  But without the tubes in his ears, fluid stays in his ears and he can't hear.  He also is more prone to infections.  And with swimming season coming up, I don't want him to have to stay out of the pool or spend the summer on antibiotics.  So at the end of July, he's getting tubes again.

This weekend, I'm packing the dog up and going to Kimbers!  We are going to the spa, dancing and possibly getting another tattoo!  There will be laughter, fun and gossip!  I can't wait!  Jaxon is excited to go see his girlfriend Layla at Kimbers house too.

I am working on a story and I just can't get it right.  I keep trying, get frustrated, move on and then come back to it.  I have a clear outline of where I want it to go in my mind but I can't get it from there to the keyboard without my fingers messing it up.  I'm taking a break from it for a week or so.  I'll look at it again after my relaxing weekend at Kimbers and see if that changes my perspective on things.

That's the randomness in my world.  How's things with you?

Friday, June 24, 2011


I made some changes to how comments are handled on my blog.  Over the past week or so, I have bared my soul and shared things with you that I haven't shared with some of my best friends.  Over the past week or so, I have gotten "hateful" comments from anonymous people.

I know that by putting my stuff out here for all to read, I am leaving myself open for attacks from haters.  But these haters also don't have to read something that upsets them.  I have stopped reading many blogs because they don't amuse me.

If you don't like what I write, then don't read my stuff.  There's no need to share your hate with me.  If you want to share your hate with the world at large, get a blog.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life Can Be Ugly But There Are Lessons To Be Learned

I have been struggling a lot with ugliness in my life lately. I have talked a lot about Jakes and my struggles with parenting him. Any kid in puberty can be challenging, but add in Aspergers and ADHD into the mix and the struggles can increase. Which they have between Jakes and myself.

My personal life (yes, I consider it different from my parenting life) had taken a turn for the better. I connected with a friend and spent the past several months getting to know him again. Letting myself care for him again, even knowing the complications that could come from caring. I had high hopes for happiness for myself with him.

Over the past weekend, things changed completely. A miracle happened for him, a literal miracle. And you can’t and shouldn’t fight a miracle. And I won’t fight it no matter the heart break for me. He deserves it and has been waiting for this for many months.

A friend on facebook posted this quote from a young lady who endured illness her entire, short life but never lost faith that her life would be good.

“Life is not always fair....It’s full of lessons. Life can get ugly, but even when it’s ugly, there’s good in it.” ~Megan Daddario

While I have spent the past week being miserable about how things in my life have been going, being disappointed and heartbroken, and being ready to just runaway and start over, this young lady never gave up. She endured pain and suffering but never let it get her down. She was always looking for ways to make things better for herself, her family, and the community. No matter how sick she was, she continued her schooling to become a nurse; she worked with local EMS services to help people who needed her.

I need to start thinking as she did and look for the lessons in the ugly of my life.

I have been very fortunate to get tons of services to help with parenting Jakes. In-home therapy services, counseling for myself, medication for me, support groups, and lots of support from everyone. The in-home services are about to end and I will have to work with the therapists to decide where to go from here. Its obvious that we will need further services to continue bringing peace into my home.

I am dedicated to bringing that peace into my home. I am dedicated to making sure that my son gets all the help he needs to be all he can be in life. I am dedicated to giving my son the best in life as possible.

So the lesson for this ugly in my life is that I am and will continue to be the best mom possible for Jakes. There is a reason Jakes was given to me to raise, because with my stubbornness, God knew I’d make sure Jakes gets what he needs.

I am still struggling with the ugly of my personal life a little, its still raw. By caring and sharing with him, I realized what I am missing by being alone for so long. I don’t have someone special to share life’s moments with, to snuggle up and watch TV with, to share my bed. And by coming to care for him, I realized that I really am missing that. And I want that. Very much.

My lesson from my heartbreak is a reminder that I am a lovable person; that I am ready to move on and find someone special to love. My heartbreak gives me hope that I am growing, that I am deserving of love, and that I will find someone to share my love and my life.

Anyone know a single guy age 35-45 who might be interested in a loving, wonderful woman to share life with?

Services and Supports

The other night I went to the Autism Support Group meeting. It was a wonderful meeting. There was only myself and another mother as well as two brothers who are young adults and on the spectrum. They attend the meetings as support for themselves as well as to help explain to the parents at the meeting how things might be from a kids’ point of view.

This small group gave lots of time for me to vent and complain about Jakes and everything going on. I was able to ask about the therapies the center offers and get some referrals and ideas. Both of Jakes therapists are recommending he be involved in things with his peers.

Some of the options from the Center are:

• Equine therapy. They participate with a horse farm in the area that works with the kids as part of their therapies. Since Jakes has never been on a horse (other than the little pony rides) I’m going to pursue this first.

• Music therapy. There is a therapist who comes to the center to work with the kids musically. I will ask Jakes if this is something he wants to do.

• Karate. There is a place nearby that the Centers kids go to once per week for karate lessons. If I can get my therapy appointment changed to another day of the week, we will start doing this as well.

• Bowling. The Center goes to a local bowling alley once per month for an afternoon. Refreshments are provided and they say it’s a fun time for all.

• Lego Group. The kids come and are assigned “jobs” in order to work together to build the project. Each week they will get different “job.” Jakes started with this but then I pulled him out because we started cognitive behavioral therapy. I offered to take him back for this but he is not interested in this.

• Every month, the Center offers a fund raising activity that also allows the families to get together and there is usually babysitting services for the kids.

The biggest reason Nancy was listing all this is because she understands that mom’s need time for themselves. Most of these activities allow the child to go do the activity and the parent gets that time free. Time for ME.

Nancy also invited me to her church. She said they have a wonderful congregation as well as youth ministry. This would allow Jakes to hang with peers and the people who are in charge of Jakes age group “get autism” and would be able to deal with Jakes. And I would have time with people outside my normal social circle.

I have never been very religious. I don’t know how I feel about going to church. I am spiritual and am working on my relationship with God but……… I’ll have to ponder this for a while.

It just doesn’t seem like a good reason to go to church, for socialization. I guess we’d get more than just socialization out of it but for that to be the main reason to start going to church services seems hypocritical to me.

Nancy is also going to check at her church to see if there is a man who would like to mentor Jakes as well. She said she would check with the Youth Ministers, who all have background checks completed before they can work with the kids in the church.

Nancy was adamant that I find time for me. In addition to the times that he’s with his dad, I am to take time to recharge my batteries and patience levels. Of course, Albert has been saying the same thing! I am also upping my therapy sessions with Val to weekly instead of every other week.

I am so close to burnout with Jakes. Yesterday, if I’d been able to see the keyboard on my phone through my tears, I would have texted his father to come and get him forever. I just want to run away and hide. But I can’t. That’s not what mom’s get to do.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Its My Bone, Yaaaawwwnn. You Can't have zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jaxon didn't want to give up his bone.  Even for a nap

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is a continuation of a story I wrote here.

Jesse was cleaning out her closet and at the back; she found an old notebook from high school. Wow, she thought, I can’t believe I still have this. It’s been about 20 years since high school.

She flipped it open to see what was in it and found where she’d been practicing her name as if she was married to Jon, her old boyfriend. Jesse’s mind drifted back to one day in Algebra class.

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Malone

Mrs. Jon Malone

Mrs. Jesse Trioli-Malone

Mrs. Jesse Malone

While doodling in her notebook, Jesse was imagining what it would be like to be married to Jon. They were so in love. Every high school girl with a steady boyfriend had pages in their notebooks like the one Jesse was doodling.

Jesse missed him when they weren’t together. She wished every day could be like this past Saturday.

They had gone over Brittany’s house to hang out with friends for the afternoon. Jesse and Jon curled up together on one couch, Brittany and Matt on the other, with their other friends hanging around as well. They just hung out together, listening to music and being silly. There was, of course, plenty of making-out, also.

Eventually, Brittany’s parents had come home and Jon had to go to work. He dropped Jesse off at home and they took a very long time saying good-bye. Jesse knew that Jon would call her when he finished work that night and they’d spend hours chatting about everything and anything.

Jesse closed the notebook and dug back into the closet. But she was still thinking about Jon and their times together. Jesse was amazed at how much she had dreamed about being with Jon for the rest of their lives; how sure she'd been that it would happen.

She had dreamed they would go to college together and spend all their time together on campus. When college was over, they’d move to the city, get a place together and live happily ever after. They'd come back for visits to their families, spending the holidays with them and go back to their place in the city where they were happiest. Life would be perfect.

But that was not to be. Jesse broke up with Jon in his senior year. It was devastating to both of them. So why did it happen? Because Jesse was immature and was being wooed by another guy. The new guy convinced her that Jon was wrong for her, that he was a better person and could have more to offer. And she fell for him, hard. She was infatuated with him and all that he was.

Jon graduated from high school and went to college. Jesse was a senior and thought she was in love with her new guy, Kyle. That relationship was not smooth sailing. There was fighting from the beginning. And manipulation, and lies on his part. Yet, he still managed to convince Jesse that she would never do any better than him.

Jesse stayed locally for college so she could be with Kyle. They eventually married and after many unhappy years, divorced.

Jesse, while battered and bruised mentally, was glad to be moving on and was looking forward to enjoying her life, free of the misery of Kyle. She actually was packing up the house where they'd tried to make a happy home and was moving into an apartment where she knew she would heal.

A few years pass, with Jesse getting her life on track but not finding that someone special with whom to spend her life. That's when she ran into Jon at a local restaurant. He saw her enter but she didn't see him. When Jon finished his meal, he came over to say hello. Jesse's heart beat picked up and her stomach felt like it had butterflies inside. The hug they shared was like home; Jesse felt like she fit in his arms.

They chatted for a few minutes then Jon had to leave. Jesse suggested they get together while he was in town. No definite plans, but when Jesse checked Facebook that night, there was a message from Jon asking for her phone number and suggesting a couple of days to get together. Of course, Jesse responded.

The next week finds Jon at Jesse's house with a glass of wine watching the sunset with Jesse. They spent the evening catching up on everything they had missed during their years apart. They compared divorce stories, kids, jobs, and future plans. Jon was living in another state with his girlfriend; he was in town for a couple more weeks to finalize his move.

They remembered the good and bad times of high school. Jon told Jesse how badly she broke his heart by breaking up with him. Jesse said she was really sorry. They moved on to being friends. While Jon was still in town, they would text and flirt. They even got together a couple more times for old times sake.

Jesse, even knowing that Jon had a girlfriend and was leaving, couldn't help but imagine how life could be if he were to stay with her. She imagined the two of them living happily together in her apartment, raising their kids together, and growing old together. She never let Jon know that she thought more of him than a friend. He was in love with his girlfriend and was moving across country to be with her. Jesse would not be responsible for breaking up a relationship due to her imagination.

Their time together ended, Jon moved away but they still kept in touch occasionally through text messaging and emails. One day, Jon called Jesse. Jesse was a little concerned when she saw who was on the caller ID but happy that he was calling. Jon was very upset because his girlfriend was critically ill and not expected to live. Jesse listened and tried to calm and comfort him. By the time they were done talking, Jon seemed calmer and a little more focused.

Every day after that, Jesse would either call or text Jon to see how he was doing. If too many days went by without hearing from him, she'd get worried. Time went by, Jon started living life again as best he could. Jesse and Jon were talking every day for hours, chatting about life, sharing memories of the past and flirting a little bit. All this time, Jesse was feeling the return of the feelings from high school. She tried to ignore them but at the same time, she couldn't help but imagine, again, how life could be with him. How happy they could be and that it was finally the time for them to be together as a couple. Part of her knew this was not to be, there were too many complications to overcome. The distance, Jesse's family and her ex, Jon's commitment to his girlfriend and so much more.

Jesse decided that she would just have to find a way to put her feelings aside, stop imagining a future that possibly was not to be, and start thinking of Jon as just a friend. She would have to stop the flirting and just be there for him as his friend. As hard as this was going to be, she would rather have him in her life as a friend than not at all.  Only time would tell if Jesse could do it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Blues

I am wallowing in the Monday Blues.  It was a pretty nice weekend.  For Fathers Day, I took myself for a pedicure.  Relaxing!  Son was with his father so it was a really nice day.

I should be flying high with happiness for a friend who's dream has come true.  And a part of me is very happy.  But that dream come true has killed my dream. So I'm very conflicted, sad, resentful, and angry today.

I'm going to take today and wallow in my disappointment.  Tomorrow I will work on a new dream and realizing its fruition.

Friday, June 17, 2011


For a long time, Jakes and I have been battling. Battling each other over everything, power, control, you name it, its been a battle. Jakes even described things to Albert with a war analogy. I was the enemy that Jakes was fighting but Albert was the good guy who was going to come in and help to end the war. Pretty perceptive of my son, huh? Albert was impressed.

Anyway, I was trying to control everything Jakes would do and how he would do it. Talk about micromanaging. Factor in that Jakes is maturing and growing and doesn’t want or need Mom hanging on his every move or decision. So he’d fight me. And I’d fight back.

I have felt that I am responsible for my child and his behaviors. If he didn’t behave in just the way I thought he should behave, I’d panic and jump on him even more closely. And he’d just as quickly try to pull away from my controlling efforts. Typical power struggle.

Something I am learning from all the therapists and my homework book is that I am not responsible FOR my child. I am responsible TO my child. Weird huh? I am responsible to teach my child appropriate behaviors and actions, through control of my own behaviors and actions. If I am not in control of myself, how can I expect Jakes to be in control of himself?

If I am so busy micromanaging my child’s behaviors, he is not able to learn how to be responsible for his behaviors and actions. He has to be allowed to make his own decisions and choices. He has to be allowed to grow up. By micromanaging him, I was not allowing him the chance to grow and make his own choices. My anxiety over his growing and being wrong, were detrimental in our relationship.

I have had to learn to give Jakes his “space”. Not just his own room, but also the ability to choose when and how he does things such as getting ready for school or his chores. This hasn’t been easy for me. I am a controlling b*tch! Ha-ha!

In giving Jakes his space, I have had the chance to get myself under control and relax a bit. All along, I have been saying how proud I am of joining the choir for ME. Well, by letting go of Jakes a bit, I have done the best thing for ME yet.

Instead of getting up an hour before Jakes does so that I have plenty of time to nag Jakes to get ready, I am sleeping in and letting him get himself together in the mornings. Extra ME time right there. When Jakes gets home after school, he has a list of chores to complete in whatever order he wants and whenever he wants as long as they are completed before he goes to bed. There are things around the house that I don’t have to do! Win-Win for ME!

Don’t get me wrong, Jakes still has rules to follow. But I am trying to learn to give him the chance to make choices, right or wrong. As he learns to make those choices, it is my hope that he will also learn to accept responsibility for his behaviors, take ownership of himself.

I also am growing up. I am taking control of myself and my behaviors as well. As Jakes and I grow up together, we will learn to have a solid, caring relationship that will last many years.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life with Jakes

Life with Jakes has improved recently.  There have been so many changes to things in the house that I cannot and will not attempt to pinpoint what has caused the improvements. There are improvements and I am not going to question WHAT exactly is helping the improvements, I'm just going to take them as they come.

As I've said before, Jakes and I were in crisis mode for a long time.  Fighting and arguing and no peace in the house.  After trying everything I knew, we were referred to Family Stabilization.  With the Family Stabilization program, we were afforded Case Management and In-home therapy.

After meeting with Albert and getting the therapy started, we were also given a Behavioral Analyst (BA) who is working closely with Jakes on certain issues.  This is in-home as well.  With Albert, Jakes has been doing the homework and Albert is very pleased with how Jakes is doing the homework.  Whenever the weather is cooperative, they walk up the street and talk.  Albert says that Jakes talks more when they are walking.  Albert is teaching Jakes how to not argue with people, taking ownership of his behaviors and getting along with his peers.

John is the BA.  He comes on Sunday evenings and helps with Jakes transition from his dad's into the coming week.  John is also working with Jakes to get back into chores around the house, ownership of his behaviors, and getting along with his peers.

In addition to working with Jakes, they are giving me lots of parenting tips and I am still seeing Val for myself.  My homework from her is to read the book "Scream Free Parenting."  I'm working on it and have gotten tips from that as well.  I have started depression medication and am feeling better with that. 

I never told JF (Jakes Father) about all the stuff going on, the family stabilization etc. but Jakes did. So JF sent me threatening text messages and emails over that weekend.  He didn't make any direct threats to harm me but it was clear that he was threatening me in order to control my responses.  He even suggested that Jakes live with him after school was out. hahahahahahahahahahaha

So I did just what he does when I need something from him.  I ignored his messages.  Well, first I said "go f*ck yourself" to the phone.  Not to HIM, just the phone.  Then I went about trying to enjoy my weekend. On Monday, I called the case manager and asked her to call him.

It took him over a week to get back to her and get the information from her.  She continued to get in contact with him but he never answered or returned her calls.  Nice huh?  Since he has talked with her, I haven't heard from him about this situation nor have I heard anything more from him about Jakes living with him.

Albert really wants to talk with him and make sure he is included in the family therapies.  How can Albert say that he is doing family therapy if he hasn't talked with all the family?  So we sent a text message to JF asking for a meeting.  No response from JF, of course.  And he seems to have stopped talking to Jakes about living with him.  Good.

We have until the middle of July with the in-home therapy, then we will transition to office based to continue the improvements. In the meantime, we have an appointment with the pediatric neurologist in a couple of weeks and they might be recommending a change in Jakes meds.  But that's one of the reasons why the therapists are sticking around into July; to make sure we can transition successfully through that.

Jakes has been very loving lately.  Wanting hugs and kisses from me.  And following directions, making dinner, doing his chores.  There is still some lying going on and he is not doing very well in school.  But school is out and we'll just start fresh in September there.

Along with all this and the therapies, life is getting better.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Handyman Special - WW

I have the tools.  Where's my handyman?

This post is brought to you by Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

400th Post!

When I started this little nesting place for my thoughts, I certainly didn't dream that I would be creating 400 posts.  Well, Today is my 400th post!

My Nest here is a place for me to share my inner most thoughts and feelings, no matter how good or bad they are.  I have found this to be very therapeutic, writing and chatting with ya'll.  And you are always there to support and boost me up when I've meet some challenges in my life.  I have written many things here and share much of my daily life on here.   I have made many good friends through here.

I have shared my struggles with my Aspergers/ADHD/Puberty son.  The Story.

I have shared his accomplishments as well.  The Science Fair.

I have whined excessively about my ex, my struggles of being a single mom and my journey to acceptance and freedom of the controlling a$$.  Expectations, Acceptance, and Freedom.

I shared my Mom's story with you and the story of Jacob's birth.  Dearest Momma.

I introduced you to the Most Awesome-est soccer player, Jaxon!  Bring me the ball, Jaxon!

I have shared my accomplishments as well.  And I am one accomplished woman!  The Hill.

I created new characters about my high school love.   Remembered Love.

We had much fun with Skittles Vodka!  Gotta make more!  Skittles Vodka Rocks!

Through your encouragement, I joined the local choir for ME.  And I had one of the best experiences of my life of singing the National Anthem at the Phillies Game!  What an Experience!

These are just some of my favorite posts in the past 399 or so.  And I have many more to share!  Thank you, my dear readers for being my audience and sharing my journey into sanity!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Weekend

Was there really just a weekend?  Where did it go?  I lost it somewhere.  Can I get it back?  I didn't think so.  That's ok.  I'll just wait a few days and enjoy the next one.

I spent the weekend painting an apartment for my landlord.  Between tenants, she has me paint and clean the places, she gets the carpets cleaned.  Then the next family moves in. 

This weekend was not the best weather for painting.  I think I am still dehydrated from all the sweating.  Yes, I'm drinking lots of water still! 

Neicy and I usually team up for these jobs but she was busy this weekend and sent her son over in her place.  Man, is he a worker!  And he can cut in around the edges!  Just what I hate to do!  We finished up and on Tuesday, I'm going to get in there and clean windows and stuff.

The new neighbors are going to be so much fun.  They are closer to my age and so nice!  They are going to fit in very nicely with The Compound.

Now I have to get caught up on the normal stuff that I usually do on the weekends, just in time for next weekend!  Tomorrow is my 400th post.  Come back and celebrate with me!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yes, Fridays are usually happy cause they are the start of the weekend.  But I am making a change in my attitude about all the other days of the week.  And in my attitude in general.

I have found myself more pessimistic about life, in general.  Yes, life recently has sucked and been quite stressful and I might be entitled to a little pessimism.  But I'm sick of my boo-hoo attitude.  I feel like I complain about everything.  I complain about the weather, be it too cold or too hot.  I just don't seem to be happy.

With Jakes, I complain about his attitude, which does need work, but even when he's doing well, I find something negative to say about the situation.  I know that this doesn't help things.

Last weekend, Pollyanna was on TV.  She plays The Glad Game, where no matter the situation she finds something good about it.  I love Disney movies!  Mrs. Snow was laying in bed believing that she was dying.  Pollyanna went in and found something good about it and managed to cheer up mean, old Mrs. Snow.

So.  I am going to start playing The Glad Game too.

As for the weather, I'm glad its warm because it will help the veggies grow and I love fresh veggies!

As for the Jakes situation, I am glad to be getting such good parenting advice and support.  With all the help I am getting now, we will be able to soar through the teen years and have fun!

What are you happiest about today?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic chapel built into the mesas of Sedona, AZ.  It is built in the Coconino National Forest and is beautiful!  We saw it from the helicopter and we stopped there on our way home.  It is inspiring to see.  Built into the side of the mesa, seemingly without disturbing Mother Nature.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross
This picture is wallpaper on my iPad.
Just one reminder of the beauty of my vacation

It was a long winding walk up to the Chapel's entrance.  But so worth it when we arrived!  Not only to explore the chapel itself, but to see the view of the valley below.  

Both are Breath-taking!

The entrance of the Chapel
Its made of glass

The view from Chapel of the Holy Cross
Courthouse Butte is on the left and Bell Rock is on the right
We were wandering around checking out things when HS heard Christie barking.  So we did a mad dash down the hill to the truck.  She was curled up on the seat like a good girl.  HS swears it was her barking.  I said she saw him up on the ledge and was yelling at him to get down!

After we settled back in the truck, we headed back south.  I had to get home, pack and be ready to fly out early the next morning.  It was a sad trip home.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Helicopter Ride

I have never been on a helicopter before.  I don't have a problem with flying in a plane, actually love it cause you get to see different places.  HS and I had a chance to take a helicopter ride over Sedona.  What an experience!

We are next!

First, let me tell you that you have to get weighed before getting in the helicopter.  And their scale is SO WRONG!  Trust me, I didn't starve myself for weeks and sweat my brains out to be told that nothing has changed.  His scale is WRONG.  Of course, his scale determines where in the helicopter you get to sit.  In our helicopter, there were 4 seats other than the pilot.  I was assigned #2 and HS was assigned #3.

When we were on the field, the guy told us where we'd be sitting in relation to our numbers.  When I found out HS was in the co-pilots seat I started whining.  I wanted to sit in the co-pilots seat!  The guy knew I was just kidding whining, though.  And I loaded up in the helicopter when I was told too.

HS in the co-pilot seat
Don't touch ANYTHING up there!

Everyone was seat belted in and we took off.  There were so many views, such a different take on the landscape from high in the air.  We were able to hover over different places for pictures.  The only problem with the ride is that it wasn't long enough.  I'd definitely go again!  Even with having to get weighed!

Chapel Rock
This is the Bride and Groom

The chapel that Frank Lloyd Wright designed
into the rock face.

Back on the ground again.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sedona, Again

There was so much to see and do in Sedona.  When we initially made plans to get outta town, we were going to head for Sedona, spend the night, then ride up to Grande Canyon for Saturday.  I'm glad we decided to stay in Sedona! 

Of course, now I have an excuse to go back - we have to see the Grande Canyon!  See how my mind works?  Another vacation!

After sleeping in, we headed into town cause Jakes had put in a request for a souvenir.  Since I'd been gone all week, I was feeling a little guilty and was missing him a little bit.  HS held onto Christie while we wandered the shops.  I found a couple of things for Jakes and the rest of the family.   It was lovely to be able to wander the shops and dream.

In Sedona, they name everything.  Rocks, the rocks on the rocks.  Everything!  This is Bell Rock.  It is also known as a vortex, a place where the spiritual energy is the highest.  There are hiking and climbing paths available to get you to the top or at least close to the top.

Bell Rock

The view from the hotel balcony.  HEAVEN to wake up to!

How cute are they!?!?  They were outside one of the shops.
After shopping, lunch and a water break for Christie, we headed up to Sedona Airport to get ready for our helicopter ride.  When I say "UP", I mean "UP".  Right up the side of the mountain!  The edge of the road was right on my side and I could look down into the valley.  Straight down, it seemed!

A little scary ride up but so worth the view.
The airport sits on a plateau and gives new meaning to the word "airborne". When the planes take off, they run out of runway and are literally "airborne".  Of course, when they are landing, they had better be sure they are over the land before they touch down.  The week before we were there, two planes had crashed into the side of the mountain!  YIKES!

Courthouse Butte and Airport Loop

There is a place where there are several places with awesome views and a trail that loops around airport mesa.  We stopped to take lots of pictures of the rocks and the valley below.  Then much to Christie's delight we went for a walk on Airport Loop.  We didn't finish the loop but saw some lovely sights.

Courthouse Butte

HS and Christie leading the way

Isn't it just beautiful?

We turned around and headed back so we'd have time to check in for the helicopter ride!  Tomorrow's post!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I want to live in love

I want to live in a world surrounded by love. Wrapped in a cocoon of love. To have someone to lean on, to prop me up and to encourage me to soar.

I want someone to love. To wrap in a cocoon of love. To be there for someone to lean on, to prop up and to encourage to soar.

I miss this. Maybe I'll be brave enough to grab it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Outta Town

HS felt bad that he had to work while I was visiting.  I didn't mind.  I had time on my own to relax and read.  He did manage to take Friday off and we headed out of town for the weekend!

We packed the truck and the doggie up and headed north to Sedona.  It was SO worth it!  Sedona was BEAUTIFUL!  and the trip was relaxing!  And I was so happy that we had a chance to spend time together!

Heading out of town

Sedona is said to be a place with magical healing powers, their Vortex's.  A vortex is a site where the engery of an area is concentrated.  Because Sedona as a whole is known to be a spiritual power spot, a vortex site in Sedona is a place where one can feel Sedona's spiritual energy most strongly.

Christie was ready to go.  She loves a ride in the truck.

As we drove out of Phoenix, the terrain changed from forests of cactus to scrub plants to red rock canyons.

Cactus are protected in AZ.  Once they have their "arms"
they over over 100 years old.

Less cactus and more green.

This is somewhere near Montezuma Castle.


Our first glimpse of Red Rock Country.

Over the crest of each hill, the views were better and better!  I was juggling 2 cameras and our phones for pictures.  As we left the highway for Route 179, an all American Road, the views were even better. I definitely fell in love with AZ on the ride.

Coming into Sedona.  Bell Rock directly in front of us.
In Sedona (and maybe in all of AZ) they name everything, the streets, the rocks, EVERYTHING.  Even the rocks on the rocks!

The view from the restauant where we had dinner.
The Rock in the center is named Snoopy Rock.
It looks like Snoopy lying on his dog house.  Maybe...
We rolled into town, checked into a hotel and relaxed for a few minutes.  Then we headed into town for dinner.  They made a great Rita!  After dinner we wandered a little bit, then grabbed a bottle of wine and sat out on the balacony with the dog.  Lots of Relaxing!  Just what the therapists ordered! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation is over

I'm back and I think I'm finally on East Coast time.  I didn't think I was that far off when I was in AZ.  I was still getting up early and going to bed early, for AZ time.  I actually feel "awake" today.  We'll see how long it lasts!

Anyway, AZ was wonderful! Phoenix was HOT but it was a completely different heat than on the East Coast. 

I know, I know, hot is hot, right?  WRONG! 

That's what I thought before I experienced it as well.  Hot without the humidity of the East Coast is not as hot.  Don't get me wrong, it was hot but I didn't feel as hot in that heat as I have since I have been home.

My friend, HS lives out there and my neighbor, Kathy has family out there.  Kathy decided that she was going to head out there for her grnaddaughters high school graduation and HS had been telling me I should come out there.  So I went!  Kathy was staying with her family and HS offered for me to stay with him.  He lives close enough to Kathys family that they could pick me up or HS could drop me off at their place.

My first couple of days were spent relaxing (the main reason I went there!) and reading.  Wednesday I went with Kathy, Scott, Jimmy and Betty to Scottsdale.  Old Towne Scottsdale is lovely!  I would have liked to wander the shops a bit more but the afternoon was getting hot.

Kathy and I had our choice a dates for the afternoon

When these guys decided they wanted to stay on their benches, we wandered the shops to admire the artistry of the locals.  There was loads of beautiful jewelry and other crafts.  I wish I had room to shop and bring home but my suitcase was already stuffed.

Beautiful wall art

Beautiful butterfly

It was a lovely afternoon topped off with homemade sodas in a cute little shop.  The owner gave a lesson on soda making to us.  We were able to sample each flavor.  I tried the homemade cream soda but settled on a nice big glass of Root Beer.

I ended the day back at HS's place for pizza and a movie.  He had to work all week and after getting up at 4 am, he wasn't into going out on the town.  Didn't matter to me!  I was able to hang with Kathy and her family during the day and relax with HS in the evenings.  Very nice!