Monday, June 6, 2011

Sedona, Again

There was so much to see and do in Sedona.  When we initially made plans to get outta town, we were going to head for Sedona, spend the night, then ride up to Grande Canyon for Saturday.  I'm glad we decided to stay in Sedona! 

Of course, now I have an excuse to go back - we have to see the Grande Canyon!  See how my mind works?  Another vacation!

After sleeping in, we headed into town cause Jakes had put in a request for a souvenir.  Since I'd been gone all week, I was feeling a little guilty and was missing him a little bit.  HS held onto Christie while we wandered the shops.  I found a couple of things for Jakes and the rest of the family.   It was lovely to be able to wander the shops and dream.

In Sedona, they name everything.  Rocks, the rocks on the rocks.  Everything!  This is Bell Rock.  It is also known as a vortex, a place where the spiritual energy is the highest.  There are hiking and climbing paths available to get you to the top or at least close to the top.

Bell Rock

The view from the hotel balcony.  HEAVEN to wake up to!

How cute are they!?!?  They were outside one of the shops.
After shopping, lunch and a water break for Christie, we headed up to Sedona Airport to get ready for our helicopter ride.  When I say "UP", I mean "UP".  Right up the side of the mountain!  The edge of the road was right on my side and I could look down into the valley.  Straight down, it seemed!

A little scary ride up but so worth the view.
The airport sits on a plateau and gives new meaning to the word "airborne". When the planes take off, they run out of runway and are literally "airborne".  Of course, when they are landing, they had better be sure they are over the land before they touch down.  The week before we were there, two planes had crashed into the side of the mountain!  YIKES!

Courthouse Butte and Airport Loop

There is a place where there are several places with awesome views and a trail that loops around airport mesa.  We stopped to take lots of pictures of the rocks and the valley below.  Then much to Christie's delight we went for a walk on Airport Loop.  We didn't finish the loop but saw some lovely sights.

Courthouse Butte

HS and Christie leading the way

Isn't it just beautiful?

We turned around and headed back so we'd have time to check in for the helicopter ride!  Tomorrow's post!


  1. Lovely post and really beautiful images. Love it :)
    Short Poems

  2. wow. it is just gorgeous out the rock formations and mountains...been far too long since i was out there...

  3. Love the photos!
    I need to make this trip!

  4. So glad you got to go out there. It's absolutely beautiful!


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