Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Was Choosen!

SO long ago that I don't remember when, I put my name in for one of these:
I didn't realize how badly I need to wash my windows until I saw this picture! YIKES!

With this thing, we are to record all purchases we make (wonder if I need to record my new car!) and transmit it to weekly.  Its pretty cool.  Son loves to be able to scan everything in before I put it away.  We just have to remember to scan everything!  lol

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random up Peeps!

Its time to bounce around in my head for Random Tuesday Thoughts!  And in my head can be a scary place to be sometimes.  But not so much today.

I was off work for most of last week. Ok, to be honest, I only worked ONE day last week.  And I LOVED being off.  I guess I really need to find a way to be off work permanently.  No, not suggesting that I come up with a major illness or something like that.  I am thinking more along the lines of finding someone to take care of ME for a change!  That sounds heavenly right now.

When I got back to work, there was an Air Conditioning Unit in my window!  Woo ho!  I have been asking for one since May.  Actually, I was surprised that I got it as quickly as I did.  I didn't expect it until August. Today's project was to get it put into the window properly.  See, yesterday afternoon we had a massive t-storm and I had water EVERYWHERE!  So, today I went to the local lumber yard and begged for a pice of wood, got some duct tape and took care of it.  Now I have to wait for the next t-storm to show up to test my installation skills.

I have been riding my bike like crazy lately.  Today is the first day in quite a while that I didn't start my morning pedalling.  I did a little yoga instead.  I have to say that I am liking the effects of this exercise.  My scale is creeping DOWN and my clothes are fitting SO much better.  I LOVE that I have to safety pin my pants.  Not so much when the pin pops and sticks me but that's something I can live with until I get new pants.

Tonight is therapy night and I am STILL avoiding my part of the homework she assigned.  Since tonight will be family counseling with both Son and I, there is no rush!  I am practicing the parenting skills she suggested, I just don't want to think about ME.  Not yet.  I will get around to it soon.  Maybe this weekend when I am floating in the river.  Or not.  I probaby should also look at why I am so intent on avoiding the homework.  There is something telling in that, but I'm going to avoid that too.  I am going to keep practicing my Scarlett impersonation.....

Amanda from All My Children has a VERY annoying laugh.  It just doesn't seem genuine, its fake.  And gets on my nerves!

My BFF, Neicy is heading out for vacation the same week that Son will be vacationing with his Dad.  What am I supposed to do with myself without either of them around?  I guess I could enjoy the quiet.  But there is only so much quiet a person can take.

If you liked all my random-ness, head over to Keely's for more!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Can't Think of a Title for This One.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about my Dad Update post from last week.  I received a wide range of information and opinions.  I value both!

When I published that post, I was VERY emotional and upset at Dad and the entire situation.  Had I waited a day or even a few hours, the post would have been very different.  As I said before, this blog is my place to vent, scream, curse and cry or post all my happy thoughts.  I definitely posted what I wanted to last week.  AND I gained a follower!  lol

There is no way I could walk away from my father no matter his decision.  I will be there at his death bed holding his hand and telling him that its okay to go, just as I was with my mother.

I work for an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment and prevention center and one of the programs that we offer is preventing tobacco use.  We also refer people to the QuitCenter and the QuitLine.  My agency cannot dispense medications and therefore did not qualify as a Quit Center.  This funding (a grant I wrote!) came from the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program, which our LOVELY, stupid, fat governor has taken all funding from in the new budget.  This entire department will no longer exist in the government effective July 1st.  That means that our funding as well as the funding for the QuitCenters and Quitline is GONE. 

So if my Dad does choose to quit smoking our state will not be there to help him.  He will have to do it with the help of the medical community and they typically don't have the time or the resources to monitor one person.

Again, thank you for your opinions, advice and support.  It all was just what I needed.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hello Friends!

Hi Friends,

I know I have been posting but I haven't been making my rounds of your blogs.  I am sorry and I will stop over soon. 

This past week has been pretty busy!  I only worked on Monday but there was a lot of life to be lived the rest of the week.  Let's see if I can re-cap it for you:

Monday, I worked then went and picked up my new car!  I LOVE it!  Best thing I have done in a while!
Tuesday, I didn't work because Son had an ear infection and needed to see the Dr.  He also needed vaccinations for summer camp and 6th grade in the fall.  Let me tell you THAT was an ordeal!  He screamed and fought us.  And it took the Dr, a nurse and ME to hold him while another nurse gave the injections.  I don't know who cried more, him or me. 

In the evening, I went to therapy where I was given MORE homework, which I am avoiding cause it was about ME, not son's behaviors.

When I got home from therapy, a friend from high school (we'll call him HS) stopped over.  We spent the evening talking and sipping wine, enjoying each others company.  We had about 20 years of stuff to share!

I have to say FaceBook is a great thing!  I love that I have reconnected with so many people through it.
Wednesday we spent the day at CHOP with a quick stop at the car dealership on the way home.  This was a long day.

Thursday, we went with Son's Music Club to a theme / water park and had a blast until all heck broke loose with a thunderstorm.  They closed the park and we got soaked running for the bus.  It was a hairy ride home with flooding, downed trees and traffic lights without power.  We certainly had fun while the weather cooperated!

Friday, I don't think we did much, just relaxed around the house.  OH!  In the afternoon, I had to go BACK to the car place and sign new loan papers.  They had worked with the bank to get my interest rate lowered.  Ok, that's a good reason to go back over!  Son starts summer day camp next week, so we stopped by the Y to pay and make sure they are ready for him.  Son packed his bag for his dad's and we went and played in the river until pick up time.

Saturday, I went for a bike ride (14.6 miles) then to BBQ at another FB friend's and enjoyed myself.  She and her hubby put on a great party!  They are having another one in a couple of weeks but I already have plans.  Bummer!  Later, HS came over and we chatted until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday, today, I have not done anything productive.  I went for a bike ride (10.5 miles), played in the river, laid in the sun.  Now I am inside to get caught up on blogging and my journalling.  I might even read a book!  Son is due to come home at 8:00 and I hope he had a great weekend with his dad.  His last visit with him didn't go so well.

I hope you all had great weeks and I look forward to getting caught up with you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Update on Dad

****I used some pretty foul language in this post.  I apologize for the use but not the sentiment.****

This has been a week of important Dr's visits for my family.  Dad and Renie just got home from his evaluation at University of PA. They were there to talk about a heart transplant or putting in a pump to help the heart.

They got quite an education on so many things. Best thing is that according to the specialist Dad’s Dr here is doing a good job with the meds.

The bottom line is that Dad is not eligible for ANYTHING they might do for his heart until he has been smoke and alcohol free for at least 6 months. He would never qualify for a transplant due to the cancers he has had. The anti-rejection meds they use are basically fertilizer for the cancer cells.

Before they would consider putting the pump in, he would have to be smoke free for at least 6 months. And then, he still might not qualify.

There is a new procedure that is waiting to be approved by the FDA where they would repair the valves intravenously and just put a stent in which would have a new valve and leave the old one there.

He has a lot of rules that he is to follow to help his heart continue to heal and work as easily as possible.

He also thinks that he has a decision to make. I don’t see that there is a decision. The Dr just told you that if you don’t stop smoking and drinking, you are going to die. No decision there as far as I can see.

I just got back from a kick ass bike ride because I am SO pissed off at him.  Bike Ride Stats: 5.6 miles in 25 minutes.  My legs are jello now!  I do feel a little better, a little more in contol.

Anyho...  back to why I am pissed at Dad.  The Dr told you that you have Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, and a very back ticker.  They told you that if you don't stop smoking and other stuff, you WILL die.  No doubt about it. (I know, we are all going to die eventually)  The Dr told you that you have a way to prolong your life as well as increase the quality of that life.  You are telling me that those stinky, smelly, tar sticks are more important that being with your children (ME, your favorite!), your grandson (and all the other g-children), and oh, hell, YOUR WIFE!  You are telling me that you might not be willing to do everything you possibly can to make your life better and longer.  You love those stinky, smelly, tar sticks more than you love ALL OF US.

I lost my mother WAY to early in my life.  She did everything in her power to beat that dreaded disease.  She fought until the end.  I am not ready to loose my Daddy, too.  I am still too young to loose both parents.  Son deserves to have as much time with you as possible.  We all still need you.

Well, you know what? If you choose those tar sticks over ALL OF US, you might as well be dead.   If you decide that you want those tar sticks over ALL OF US, I just might have to tell you to go fuck yourself just to save myself the pain when you do die a premature, gasping death.  I probably won't but I will probably think about it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Day at CHOP

And what a day it was!  Son was so good and cooperated with all the tests and questions.  We each spent the morning answering questions and filling out forms.  But in the end, we were not chosen to participate in the study.  I will get a final report on all the tests that they gave us in about 6 to 8 weeks.

I met with the Dr in charge of the study after lunch where she verbally reviewed the results of the tests.  She dropped a bomb shell on me then.  She doesn't think that Son is Aspergers.  She said they gave what is considered the Gold Standard in Autism tests and while I reported the appropriate symptoms, Son didn't present as Aspergers in his interviews.

She indicated that there is something different about him and that it might be more ADD/ADHD than Aspergers.  Her report will include recommendations for me to look into making sure he has appropriate treatments.  She suggested consulting with a psychiatrist to explore medicating him to see if that would help his behaviors in the school setting.

She even had the nerve to put down our Aspergers Doctor who diagnosed Son.  The Dr who has been named Autism Doctor of the Year for the last three years in our state.  Not to mention the list of credentials and YEARS of experience in the field and not behind a desk that he has over her.

Ok, so I have a little anger over what she told us.  But what parent DOESN'T question a diagnosis of their child?  At this point, all I can do is wait for the report, read through it and decide what the next step will be.  In the meantime, we will continue with therapy and my homework.  And his IEP at school will continue as well.

In a way, I am glad that we didn't get picked because we were able to leave around 2 and missed all the rush hour traffic.  And we don't have to go back in a couple of weeks, I don't have to talk Son into doing the MRI scans or the needle to give the blood. 

Father of the Year - Not so much in my book!

Son was supposed to go to his fathers (aka A/H) for Fathers Day. Imagine that, yes, I know its surprising.

The normal visitation schedule is that Son goes with A/H every other weekend from Friday to Sunday. The opposite Fridays, Son goes with A/H for dinner. This past Friday, Son was participating in the graduation at school and couldn’t go with his Dad.

I did the good Mom thing and tried to give A/H make-up time with Son. I arranged that Son would go with his Dad on Saturday and spend the night. That would be MORE time than he would have had with Son for normal Friday dinner.

When Son came home from the last weekend visit, he decided he didn’t want to spend the night with A/H, just go on Sunday. So I emailed A/H LAST Sunday with Son’s request to change the plans. And I NEVER heard back from A/H to confirm the change in plans and to find out what time A/H would pick Son up on Sunday.

Finally on Friday, I texted A/H to see what was going on. All I got back from him was “Tell Son that I will see him next week” I was shocked! I texted back to remind him that it was Fathers Day. He texted back “I’ll see him next week”.

I had some lovely choice words for A/H but I didn’t say them to A/H. I saved them for my BFF, Neicy who was just as pee’d off as me!

So I went home and had to tell Son. He did NOT take it well at all. He stormed into the house, threw himself on his bed and sobbed his heart out. And my heart was breaking for him.

I have always said that Son would figure out what an ASS his father is. I hate that he has to, but its just the way of the world. Poor baby! While I cannot replace A/H totally, I will do what I can to make sure Son is happy and healthy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today's THE day! We're off to CHOP!

I am up and getting stuff together for our visit to the BIG city at CHOP.  Next is to roust Son from bed.

I will give a full report when we get home!  Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Treat Myself Pretty Darn Good!

I spent last night signing for this:

2010 Hyundai Elantra GLS

Its Pretty!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

WOW.  What an amazing weekend!  It was SO busy and lovely, I didn't want it to end.  But here we are, Monday again.

Friday started with Son singing with the choir at the school's graduation.  Now, you have to remember that I graduated from the same school many, a few years ago.  Nothing in the school has changed, just a few new faces on the teaching staff.  But there are some of the same teachers still there.  Anyway, the ceremony was everything I remember with the addition of a powerpoint presentation.  I have concluded that I will be a basket case when Son graduates in 3 years.  I was tearing up for other peoples kids!  ugh, what a wuss I am!

Son went to the dance following the ceremony and had a blast, or so he says.  I picked him up at midnight and he was bouncing off the walls still.

Saturday, Neicy and I painted Druggie's old apartment.  We started around 8 am and finished up around 3.  Ther is no A/C up there so I think we sweated off a few pounds.  After painting, Neicy helped me clean off my front porch, then went home to take a bike ride.  Son and I floated in the river for a while.  A nice way to relax and unwind after such a busy and hard working day.

Sunday was The Best Day Ever.  It started off with shopping and some house cleaning.  Then Son and I played in the River.  My friends, Janet and Phil and their kids showed up with their JetSki's and took me for a ride!  SO cool!  Son didn't want to go.  Don't know what's up with that.  Not too worried about it right now cause I got to go again!  Woo ho!  Can't wait for them to come back!

After Janet and Phil left, it was time for the cookout!  Yes, I know that every Sunday I report that we had a Compound Cookout.  Well, that's how we end the weekend.  With a cookout.  I made potato salad, just the way my Daddy likes it, and vanilla ice cream, again cause that's Daddy's favorite!  It was Fathers Day and I wanted to spoil my Daddy.  Everyone made or bought something for dinner and we had a feast!  Fresh fruit, corn on the cob, hamburgs and hot dogs.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Yes, Son was with me today and not his father as planned.  I will be adult and just say I got the better end of the deal with having Son home!  Thanks for being an asshole!

This is going to be a busy week.  Son's last day of school is Tuesday, CHOP on Wednesday, Theme Park on Thursday, and Friday we get to relax before Son goes away for the weekend.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

Handsome, isn't he?

Son's Christening


 We Love you, Daddy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fragments

Just some quick (some not so quick) thoughts before the weekend!

This has been a long and boring week for me.  Work is very slow right now.  And HOT.  There is no A/C in MY office so I have been relocated to the downstairs at a little desk that the staff there has been kind enough to share.  I love the downstairs staff and not just cause they have A/C!

Since Druggie has moved out, her apartment needs to be painted and since I need a little spending cash, BFF Neicy and I will be painting this weekend.  In a way I am looking forward to it.  Good hard work to move the muscles and the satisfaction of seeing the job completed.  Plus, Neicy and I get time to talk with each other all day long!  Like THAT's unusual! 

I ran into an old friend at dinner the other night.  I'm looking forward to him stopping over so we can catch up over a glass (or 2) of wine and a sunset!  Call soon, ok?  ;)

Son is singing at his schools' graduation ceremony tonight.  I will be there smiling like the proud momma that I am.  Even in the un-A/C'd auditorium.

Sunday is Fathers Day and while I don't know of any plans with MY dad, Son will be spending the day with HIS dad.  I can't wait for the quiet!

My neighbor, Kathy just had major surgery and The Compound  residents have been helping out as much as we can.  Last night, she came outside to ask me to take her dog to the vet for her.  Her pups are SO spoiled the only one they will go to is their mom - AND me!  When Kathy was in the hospital last year, I took care of the pups and they think of me as their second mom .  I think that's when I decided that I could be a dog person as well as a cat person.  The pup, Abby, is pretty sick and had to go back today.  Dad was taking her since I have to work.  Poor Abby!  I hope they figure out what's wrong and get her better.  She is a tiny pup but has a personality bigger than a German Sheppard!

Son and I go to CHOP next week.  They FedEx'd three HUGE folders to me.  One had a 13 page consent form!  WOW.  Am I supposed to REALLY read this?  I am excited to see the reports and see if Son will go into the MRI machine.  He is saying that he'll do the practice one but doesn't want to do the real one.  I don't know why.  He asked if the real one will have a movie like the practice one.  I guess if it does, he'll be there!  I need to find the episode of Mythbusters when Kari, Tory and Grant were in the MRI for Son to watch again.

Son told me at dinner the other night that his therapist wants me to sign a release that she can talk with his father.   uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I honestly don't know how I feel about this.  His father typically doesn't have anything to do with Son's care.  I have not talked with the therapist about this so I don't know if she wants to talk with him to get his part in Son's life or if he has called her looking to talk with her about Son's treatment.  First, I don't see THAT happening. Second, there is a court order that he has access to all school and medical records so she wouldn't need my consent.  He would just have to produce the court papers to the therapist.  Oh well.  No need worrying about this until I talk with her about her reasons for wanting it.

I'm planning my next Tattoo!  I guess the first one wasn't so bad. :)  I want to get Son's name in script with a butterfly landing on it.  But, I don't know where on my body I want to put it.  I would love to put it over my heart, to keep them close but not sure that's an appropriate spot. Suggestions? 
My Mom loved butterflies.  She passed away three days before Son was born so whenever I see a butterfly floating around, I think that Mom is coming back to watch over us.

Ok, so there were some quickies and some not so quickies here.  Have a great weekend and a wonderful fathers day! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homework Update

This is one of the subjects I have been trying to avoid thinking about.  Except that its on my mind everyday, all day long.  Every interaction with Son results in me thinking about reflective listening, staying calm and collected, how can I turn this into a compliment and about a hundred other things.  Too many things!

Anyway, I have been practicing my homework assignments as best I can.  I haven't been counting the compliments every day but I know there are many more floating around here than there were in the past.  I have been practing reflective listening with him, especially when we were talking about Son's bad weekend with his dad recently.  More on THAT later, I am still "discussing" it with his father. HA!  We even started a game of Monopoly!  Yes, I played with my son!

I am working on thinking better about myself and loosing the negative thoughts.  I think this is the hardest one to practice.  It has been a habit for so many years. I am really getting into the bike rides in the morning and on the weekends, which is having a positive affect on my mood as well as my scale!  Woo ho! Heck, I even opened up in Wal-Mart and flirted with a guy while we waited in line!  THAT's a good ego booster; that he flirted back!  :)  Oh boy, am I outta practice though!  Time to step it up and practice! 
I have been avoiding thinking about the person I used to be, the Bitch with a Mission.    There are so many unorganized thoughts in my head about this.  I REALLY need to sit down and put them on paper to see where they lead.  Maybe tomorrow. :)

I am trying to relax about things, especially Son's behaviors.  This is hard too.  I worry too much about what people think about my abilities as his mother.  "Wow, she didn't teach him anything!  What a failure she is!"  I think as I get more relaxed into who I am, this will get easier.  As I get more confident in ME, it will matter less to have control over Son and what people are thinking of me.

I have done NOTHING about contacting Dog Trainers yet.  Its on the list of things to do.  I will get to it.  Promise!

Son saw the therapist this week and she didn't say anything when she brought him back, so I have to assume that nothing too bad came out tonight and that he behaved.  Son will be going every other week and I will be going on the opposite weeks.  She stepped this up for me so I guess I need the therapy as much as Son does.  That's ok, I'll take it.  I'll take ANY help I can get to be the best mom that Son deserves.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have been posting quite a bit recently, lots of fun, happy posts. 

But in reality, this is me:

I have had tons of ideas for blog posts but I have been avoiding the ones that require me to think and analyze my life. 
I will get started eventually.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Saturday

After my bike ride, I spent Saturday afternoon here:

With One of These:

Instead of this:

Because I didn't want this to happen:

It was a lovely afternoon that ended with a couple of these:

And a wonderful evening with my BFF Neicy and her daughter Alli!  Loved Saturday!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Its hard for me to believe but Jaxon is 6 months old!  He is such a joy to have with us and I am so happy Son picked him!
His first night home with us. Poor baby was SO scared!

What a cutie!

You've grown quickly and keep us entertained.

So industrious. 
 No sooner do we fill in your holes, you dig them back out.

Although, I will admit you are pretty good at cleaning up your toys.

And making room for yourself!

The grandparents are pretty taken with you too.  When you are not being slipped treats from G-pop's pockets, we are coming outside to piles of toys on the doorstep from G-mom.


You have managed to capture all our hearts.

Photo credit:  Son took this last photo and I think its my favorite of ALL the Jaxon photos.
Great Job Son!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bike Ride

Ok Friends.  Let's go for a bike ride!  This past week, I have been able to get in quite a few bike rides in the morning.  It was a great start to the days!  Today, I am able to go on a LONGER bike ride and thought you might like ot tag along.  Don't worry!  I will take it easy on you and we'll stop along the way for water and stretch breaks.  Promise!

So, ready?  Grab your water, helmet and LET'S GO!

We'll start out nice and easy, following the water.  Such a NICE view!
Its a little overcast this morning so hopefully we won't get wet.

Past the boat ramp....

Past the local sub shop.  He make THE best cheese steaks.
I remember going there with my Dad when I was just a wee lil' thing.
I think he gets a kick out of seeing MY son in there with me.

Usually, I pedal past the Coast Guard Station
but today I'll show you the corn fields.
Once the corn is tassled, I won't be coming this way. 
I am HIGHLY allergic to the pollen.

After pedaling a couple of miles, we pass my childhood home.
Right out back of my bedroom window is an inground pool. 
Tons of fun happened there!
On one side is a junk yard, which I caught fire (another blog post!). 
On the other side is a bar, which I am flagged for life from.
WOW, that makes me sound like a juvenile delinquent!  haha

This is a great road to get moving on. 
There are about 4 houses on it and its a dead end.
Without the County Judge living at the end, I don't think it would be paved.
So Smooth and no traffic, PERFECT!
Its also the 2nd road in the township to get snow removal. 
The 1st road is the Mayors' road.

I live in a farming community.

This is one of the oldest home in the township.  It was built in 1708. 
My entire childhood I remember this house being empty and falling down.
Thankfully, someone bought it and saved it.

This is the original school house for the township.
Again, it was sitting empty and someone restored it. 
They did a very good job!

Ok, let's take a break here.  Pull over, take a drink and stretch out the back and shoulder muscles.  We are a little more than half way home.  You guys having any trouble keeping up?  Good!  Let's head out again.

We have farmhouses that have been in families for generations and continue to function as farms.
This one is the Kindergarten teacher at the school. 
She taught me. 
Her husband still farms and I believe their son is now working the farm as well.

This home is reputed to have been on the Underground Railroad.

Son's School.  This is also where I went to elementary school. 
Next year, Son will have one of my old teachers. 
I can't wait for Parent Teacher Conference!

The Country Club.  Bankrupt. 
It used to have a very nice golf course. 
But now the wildlife enjoys it.

We are almost home.  And its down hill from here!

This is another farm house that has until recently been passed down through the generations. 
The Farmer who grew up here was my bus driver all through elementary AND high school. 
When he passed, none of his kids had joined in farming and so his widow sold it. 
 Its still being farmed but not with the same family.

Ok, here's the final turn!  We made it.  You guys did great!

Here's the tally of what we did today!

Yes, that's 13.6 miles.

And we were only gone for an hour and five minutes.

Good job everyone! Don't forget to cool down and rehydrate!

Thanks for joining me!

Family Reunions

This past weekend, I journeyed to Maryland for a small family reunion.  This was for my Dad's side and he has one brother and 4 sisters who all had kids.  So I have a lot of cousins and second cousins.  It was a good day!  My Aunt Marie (Dad's baby sister) hosted and one other sister (Aunt Joyce) popped over.  Most the cousins (my generation) and their kids hung out for the afternoon.  It was a chance for our kids to get to know each other and for us to catch up.

Here are some pictures.  I am not going to post people, just in case they were to object to being out on the internet......  Any family that reads my blog, if you want to see the pictures, let me know and I will email them!

Casey, the In-the-Middle-of-it-all pooch!
She is a sweetheart!

Kids playing in the yard between rain storms.

FOOD! Boy, was there a ton of it!  And all yummy!

Thanks for hosting, Aunt Marie!  It was really good to see everyone!

P.S. For my Family Readers, if you want to see the pictures, pop me an email!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Great Spaghetti Caper

We go out to dinner quite a lot with my parents. They don’t usually cook at home and since Son only eats certain things, I would be cooking for one. To me, that is not fun. Its just easier to go out.

The other night we went out to the local pizza and pasta place where Son ordered spaghetti and meatballs. Now he doesn’t usually order this out and is not very good at twirling the spaghetti on the fork. At home, I usually cut it up for him. This night he refused to let me cut it up and I was trying to offer suggestions and demonstrations for how he should be twirling it.

I should back up and preface this with the fact that almost as soon as we sat down, Son had an attitude. I have no idea why or what caused it but I was trying to be patient and keep my nice calm, cool voice going for him. I’d hoped that he would straighten up and be his enjoyable self. That didn’t happen. It only got worse.

So we had our food and I was telling Son how he should be eating his spaghetti and getting attitude back. I asked the waitress for a spoon to help with the twirling and he yelled No thanks. I tried to explain to him that he needed to use it so that he would be eating nicer. Then my Dad pipes up with “Well, I guess he wants to look like a pig while he’s eating.” I wanted to say, Thanks Dad, I am already having trouble with him and your hurtful comments are NOT going to help. When the waitress brought the spoon back, Son melted. So I sent him to the car and we came home.

In the car, I asked him what happened and he said he was tired of everyone saying things that were hurting his feelings. Oh, REALLY? What exactly did I say that hurt your feelings? I was offering advice to make everyone’s dining experience more enjoyable. YOU on the other hand were just blocking out everything anyone said to you, Mr. Attitude Dude.

Once we got home, Son had a few minutes of quiet in his room and then was ready to eat his spaghetti AND to use the lessons I tried to share at dinner.

Now, I have to address my fathers’ remarks but I did not want to do that in the restaurant or in front of Son. This should be fun!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Morning

I usually share sunsets with you but recently we had a beautiful morning that I wanted to share.  I took my morning cuppa out to the bulkhead with the camera and enjoyed the peace.  It was SO quiet with only the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore and the birds singing "good morning".

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

What a beautiful start to ANY morning!