Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family Reunions

This past weekend, I journeyed to Maryland for a small family reunion.  This was for my Dad's side and he has one brother and 4 sisters who all had kids.  So I have a lot of cousins and second cousins.  It was a good day!  My Aunt Marie (Dad's baby sister) hosted and one other sister (Aunt Joyce) popped over.  Most the cousins (my generation) and their kids hung out for the afternoon.  It was a chance for our kids to get to know each other and for us to catch up.

Here are some pictures.  I am not going to post people, just in case they were to object to being out on the internet......  Any family that reads my blog, if you want to see the pictures, let me know and I will email them!

Casey, the In-the-Middle-of-it-all pooch!
She is a sweetheart!

Kids playing in the yard between rain storms.

FOOD! Boy, was there a ton of it!  And all yummy!

Thanks for hosting, Aunt Marie!  It was really good to see everyone!

P.S. For my Family Readers, if you want to see the pictures, pop me an email!

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  1. the best part of family reunions is the food...ok, and the family. smiles.


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