Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bike Ride

Ok Friends.  Let's go for a bike ride!  This past week, I have been able to get in quite a few bike rides in the morning.  It was a great start to the days!  Today, I am able to go on a LONGER bike ride and thought you might like ot tag along.  Don't worry!  I will take it easy on you and we'll stop along the way for water and stretch breaks.  Promise!

So, ready?  Grab your water, helmet and LET'S GO!

We'll start out nice and easy, following the water.  Such a NICE view!
Its a little overcast this morning so hopefully we won't get wet.

Past the boat ramp....

Past the local sub shop.  He make THE best cheese steaks.
I remember going there with my Dad when I was just a wee lil' thing.
I think he gets a kick out of seeing MY son in there with me.

Usually, I pedal past the Coast Guard Station
but today I'll show you the corn fields.
Once the corn is tassled, I won't be coming this way. 
I am HIGHLY allergic to the pollen.

After pedaling a couple of miles, we pass my childhood home.
Right out back of my bedroom window is an inground pool. 
Tons of fun happened there!
On one side is a junk yard, which I caught fire (another blog post!). 
On the other side is a bar, which I am flagged for life from.
WOW, that makes me sound like a juvenile delinquent!  haha

This is a great road to get moving on. 
There are about 4 houses on it and its a dead end.
Without the County Judge living at the end, I don't think it would be paved.
So Smooth and no traffic, PERFECT!
Its also the 2nd road in the township to get snow removal. 
The 1st road is the Mayors' road.

I live in a farming community.

This is one of the oldest home in the township.  It was built in 1708. 
My entire childhood I remember this house being empty and falling down.
Thankfully, someone bought it and saved it.

This is the original school house for the township.
Again, it was sitting empty and someone restored it. 
They did a very good job!

Ok, let's take a break here.  Pull over, take a drink and stretch out the back and shoulder muscles.  We are a little more than half way home.  You guys having any trouble keeping up?  Good!  Let's head out again.

We have farmhouses that have been in families for generations and continue to function as farms.
This one is the Kindergarten teacher at the school. 
She taught me. 
Her husband still farms and I believe their son is now working the farm as well.

This home is reputed to have been on the Underground Railroad.

Son's School.  This is also where I went to elementary school. 
Next year, Son will have one of my old teachers. 
I can't wait for Parent Teacher Conference!

The Country Club.  Bankrupt. 
It used to have a very nice golf course. 
But now the wildlife enjoys it.

We are almost home.  And its down hill from here!

This is another farm house that has until recently been passed down through the generations. 
The Farmer who grew up here was my bus driver all through elementary AND high school. 
When he passed, none of his kids had joined in farming and so his widow sold it. 
 Its still being farmed but not with the same family.

Ok, here's the final turn!  We made it.  You guys did great!

Here's the tally of what we did today!

Yes, that's 13.6 miles.

And we were only gone for an hour and five minutes.

Good job everyone! Don't forget to cool down and rehydrate!

Thanks for joining me!

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  1. ok i think i passed out around the childrens home...but thanks for the ride and wonderful that they passed the farm i need a nap...shew!


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