Friday, February 26, 2010

I'd Like to Introduce You To:

Isn't he SWEET?!?!?!

He came home yesterday and seems sad today.  I know that he's missing his mom and his brothers.  We are doing our share of snuggling and loving him until he gets comfortable with us.

Or I should say, I am doing that and Son is trying to get him to chase the ball and other toys.  Son then gets frustrated cause Jaxon is not acting like Son thinks a puppy should.  No matter how many times I reassure Son that Jaxon will come around, Son still gets his feelings hurt and leaves the room with his head down and crying. 

The kitties are not happy that he's here and are mostly keeping their distance.  I am sure there will be a confrontation or two but I also know that they will come to an agreement to live together nicely.

Well, off to clean up a puppy mess!  Have a wonderful weekend!  I know I will........

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Lesson in Sex

I bet THAT got your attention!  No, I am not doing a racy post.  Sorry to disappoint you.  But I do have a kid and have to keep this clean.

We have a fish tank where almost all our fish die but the snails are loving it.  We bought one snail then Son found another one in the river and added that to the tank.  Somewhere another one materialized which Son took to school for their tank.  So we were back to 2.  Until this week.  All of a sudden we found this:

Now WHERE did that come from? 
(I suck at taking pictures into the tank.)

We haven't bought any new fish and Son hasn't been playing in the river. So I checked the internet to see if we have baby producing snails.  Here is what I found out:

The Snail is a hermaphrodite. This means that the snail is both male and female. All hermaphroditic snails can lay eggs. The Snail can "mate" with himself and thus only one can reproduce in an aquarium or pond. he also breeds sexually as often as possible. Most snails lay eggs but some, like the trapdoor snail, give live birth. Trapdoor snails and a few other species of snails (apple, golden inca, four horned, etc.) are not hermaphrodites. They can only reproduce sexually.

Ok.  So it seems that my 2 snails are reproducing or it could be just one of them.  What fun!  Escargo anyone?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Hate Him But I Hate That He Can STILL Do This To Me Even More Than I Hate Him.


Have you ever been SO MAD you want to cry and spit nails at the same time? That’s where I am right now.

I hate my ex. I have hated my ex for many years now and for many reasons. Recently, I have tried being nice to him for the sake of our child. In the back of my mind, I knew it was come back to bite me in the ass someday. That day was today.

There is a restraining order in place between us that we can only communicate via email and only about the child. Usually the order is there for my protection but today he’d better be glad its there to protect him!

Son’s father (A/H for short) owes me money since December for Son’s medical bills. I have sent him a copy of the medical bill and waited for payment. Then I sent him an email reminding him that he needs to pay it or at least make arrangements to pay it (it was sizable so I was going to be NICE again and take payments if he needed me to). I got NO response from him.

Then I signed Son up for LEGO group which of course is scheduled to meet on Fridays during A/H’s visitation so I sent him an email asking for his input in getting Son to the group and then to A/H for the visitations. I have heard NOTHING from him about this. And I need to let the Center know if Son will be attending.

So I sent another email today about it and the money he owes me. I basically told him that Son would be at the LEGO group on Friday and he can pick him up from there and that he has 10 days to pay me the money or I was going to court for it and to have the visitation schedule changed to fit into the therapy. Yes, I threatened him but I was prepared to back up my threat. I have the papers filled out already, just need to print and file with the courts.

He told me the information I provided him about the medical bill was not sufficient and he was not going to pay it.  He has had this bill for 2 MONTHS.  How hard would it have been to COMMUNICATE that he needed more info?  Does he just ignore all his creditors?  Probably.  That would be why they call ME looking for him.  And of course, I share his info with them!

Then he starts questioning MY parenting skills. He questions why I didn’t enroll Son in the LEGO group offered by his Dr a year ago. He seemed to think that being on the road to therapy for an hour EACH way was not that bad. He seemed to think that I chose not to enroll Son for my own convenience. RIGHT. This “man” doesn’t know the hours I have sacrificed (happily!) for our child’s welfare. This “man” who doesn’t believe his son has this disability and needs all this therapy and fought me on the co-pays over the years. This “man” who has not taken an interest in ANY of Son’s after school activities, therapies, medical appointments, or surgeries questions MY decision to not have our Son spend HOURS in the car going to a therapy that was not covered by the insurance and would cost $135 each week. Half of that would be HIS responsibility, which he doesn’t pay anyway! When I talked with the Dr about the obstacles, he didn’t think it would be beneficial to Son and recommended a different therapy that we could find closer to home and that was covered by insurance (mostly). Did I hear this “man” offering to help take Son to the necessary therapies? NOPE! He was too busy looking for the next girlfriend to support him.

He expressed concern that I was going to leave Son at the LEGO group unattended until A/H got there to pick him up. Duh! What kind of a parent do you take me for? Did he REALLY and TRULY think I would leave Son there alone? What if Son had a meltdown in the group (not likely at this stage but has happened), what if A/H got hung up in traffic or something and wasn’t there when Son was finished with group? I think I am smart enough to know NOT to leave my child unattended by a parent or guardian. I mean, I have managed to keep Son in one piece for 11 years without the “man’s” help. Unlike him who has brought him home from weekend visitaiton with a broken wrist and a sprained ankle.  And he didn't even BOTHER to take him to the ER to get either injury checked out.  I had that wonderful privilege. ( the new blogger editor needs spell check!)

Ok. That’s the background on today’s rant. Now on to healing myself a bit. When we were married he ALWAYS found a way to make me feel inadequate in EVERY way. I am still struggling with low self esteem from his abuse.

When I got the email from him today, I initially was VERY angry with him because nothing with him is every easy. Always an argument (I know where Son gets it from!)

Once I got past my anger a little, the feeling of inadequacy flooded in. I started questioning my decisions about Son’s treatments and care. Which of course is exactly the A/H wanted to happen. I am NOT going to let him continue to control me like this ANYMORE. Done.

I have done everything possible to make my Son as functioning, well-balanced and healthy as I can.

I am a WONDERFUL mother who would sacrifice ANYTHING for my son.

And I need to affirm that to myself EVERYDAY.

He is a Piece of SH*T who has done nothing but make getting Son to therapies, medical appointments difficult.

The problem is NOT with ME. I am the responsible parent. And Son, who will be a better person for it, will know who was here to take care of everything he needed or wanted. ME!

I still hate A/H and probably will forever!  Oh and I am SO calling Comcast to report that he is stealing cable!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last night I went to a seminar on your basic rights in special education.  I figured I would be bored because I have already been through the basic IEP set up and several reviews with 2 different schools for Son.  I was right.  I did get a couple tidbits of information that will help us in the future but that came from one of the other parents in the audience.  THAT's why I was there; to connect with other parents on the Autism Spectrum.

The seminar was hosted by our Autism Center but was open to all parents who wanted to be educated on their rights.  But there were mostly Spectrum parents and kids there.  After seeing the kids and hearing their parents horror stories about their Child Study Teams, I am VERY grateful that Son is SO high functioning and that we have had the pleasure of working with caring team members.

There were kids there who are more severely affected by their diseases than Son.  People could look at Son and talk with Son and now know there is anything wrong with Son.

There were parents there with horror stories about fighting with their schools to get the BASIC services needed for their child.  I have never really had to fight the schools, they have always been willing to take on whatever I throw at them.

At the beginning of this school year, there was a new child study team in the school and Son wasn't getting all the services in the IEP so I called the principal and the child study team leader to express my concern.  All Son's services started immediately.

Anyway, I am very grateful that Son is high functioning and that he has caring teachers and team members.   I also know how lucky I am to have that and will be sending a little thank you to his teachers and his aid.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!  We are supposed to get RAIN not snow today.  Happy Dance!  Oh and the plumber who was supposed to fix my bathroom at Christmastime is planning to be here this week!  More dancing!

Last week I planted Tomato seeds and I have sprouts this week!  Seems that I do have a teeny tiny bit of Mom's green thumb!

In case y'all haven't figured it out, I take the weekends off from blogging.  If Son is around, I try and do things with him and if he is not around, I do things for ME!

This weekend, Son wasn't around so it was a weekend all about ME!  I love those.  Saturday started out with sleeping in and then heading to the Mall.  Auntie Anne's was giving away free pretzels!  Aren't they the BEST?!?!?!?  So after a stop at Starbucks and Auntie Anne's, I had Breakfast!


After breakfast, I wandered the book store.  I love that place!  Then it was time for the William and Sonoma cooking demo.  And they share samples!  LUNCH!  Another lap around the mall and I was ready to head home.  Of course, I had to stop at the grocery store and Wal-Mart first.

The rest of the weekend was pretty boring, just housework and pampering.  Then Son came home.  I certainly hope I have recharged my batteries enough to deal with him for the next 2 weeks.

His father decided that since Son WANTS to do the Lego group that its ok with him.  Nice.  Since when do we let the 11 yr. old CHILD make decisions about his therapy?  OH!  I know!  When we are not REALLY a parent.   Grrrrrrrrr.  OK.  Enough complaining.   Son starts LEGO group this week!  YAY!

I have a meeting through the Autism Center about IEP's for autistic children and can't wait.  This one is a basic overview of the process and there is another one next month about goal setting in the IEP. I can't WAIT for that one!  I also have a meeting with the Behavioral Specialist to go over the difficulties we have been having recently.  I need help and since I have a wonderful resource, I am going to use them.

Things are looking up!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I am planning to!

PS  I just re-read this post and I sure do have a lot of LOVE!  LMAO!

Friday, February 19, 2010

DeLurking Day Update and Other Silly Stuff

Delurking Day Update:

On January 14th it was Delurking day and I decided that I was going to stop using the google reader and actually come and see everyone that I follow.  I put a BlogRoll on my side bar and I check it everyday.

Since January 14th, I have increased my followers from 3 to 23.  That's 20 more people who think I am a cool read!  YAY!  Also the number of comments on my posts has increased.  I LOVE comments!  You guys are SO Supportive.  HUGS all around!

I have had the Privilege of receving not one but TWO awards this week!  Corrie over at Just Because My Pickle Talks, Doesn't Make Me an Idiot gave me the Sunshine Award.  She is So Sweet!  And she also is raising an Aspergers Son.  Thank you!

Also, Alice In Wonderland gave me the Kreative Blogger award this week!  I love Alice's site because she always has something lovely posted there.  Usually its a poem or a story she created herself.  Right now she is teaching us about various myths and legends.  Alice has a sister site called Alice Through the Lens where she is posting wonderful pictures each day.  I LOVE the churches that she has posted.  Thank you for the award!

With the awards come rules. First I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself and then I am to share the awards.  Ok, here goes!

1.  I am ready to put myself back out in the dating pool.  Its' only taken me 3 years to heal.
2.  I LOVE chocolate.
3.  I used to play the flute and recently picked it back up again.
4.  I love to ride bikes in the warm weather.
5.  I wish I could be more adventurous in my life.
6.  I hate that I have to work on Fridays.
7.  I would love to ride a motorcycle.  Never been on one!

Ok.  Now to share this with people. Please know that it is VERY hard for me choose between you all and I would love to give it to all of you.  HUGS all around!

Besty @ My Five Men
K a b l o o e y @ K a b l o o e y Blog
Quirky @ Quirkyloon
UberGrumpy @ UberGrumpy
Marvin @ The Old Silly

There you have it.  WOW, that was harder than I though it would be.  You guys pick the award you want and display it proudly!

On to the Silly Stuff!
Oops!  I saw this out my front window on Wednesday:

Yes, the Tug and Barge is STUCK on the mud flats.
The Tug came around the bend and didn't compensate quickly enough for the wind and it blew him aground.  Oops!  At least the tide had just turned so he didn't have to wait long to get enough water to sail away.  When he was free, he steered WAY far AWAY from the shore.  LOL

Kitters checking out the Tug's progress

Want to play a game of Wii, Mom?

Happy Weekend my friends!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Asperger's Syndrome

Dear Asperger’s Syndrome,

Long ago, I came to the realization and acceptance that you were going to be a part of our lives. A big part. However, we learned to live with you, learned how to work through the struggles, and we succeeded! Things have been happy and peaceful. Things are being done, life is being enjoyed.

Why is it that you feel the need to make waves now? We were happy with the compromises we have made. Now everything is a daily struggle. And let me tell you, I am tired of the struggles. Tired of the arguments, the nagging, the incomplete tasks and assignments.

I am going to ask you nicely to please return to your former self. Let us get back into our routines and comfort zones. If you refuse to do this on your own, I will be forced to get reinforcements.

Remember, I have been there, done this before and back then, I wasn’t as mentally capable as I am now. I know whom to turn to for help; I know where to find help. And I will DO it.

So this is your one and only warning. Behave yourself.  Or ELSE!


UPDATE:  After reading this article and the comments left by people about changing the classification of Aspergers Syndrome to just Autism, I am ashamed of my above whining.  There are people in the comments who have NO clue about what services are available or where to even look.  Here is a quote that hit home for me:

"How am I supposed to have any hope that he will reach his full potential if his delays aren’t considered ’severe’ enough to get services yet he is clearly not functioning where he should be in comparison to same aged-peers. "

I am very fortunate that I have access to wonderful services locally.  Hell, I even had access to wonderful services that weren't local.  Son and I are very fortunate.  And I will continue to work my butt off to make sure I am not the mother in the above quote.  I will ALWAYS find a way to get the services for Son that he needs.  I will ALWAYS have hope that Son will reach his full potential.

I promise this to my Son.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday

Today is Random Tuesday Thoughts and boy do I have some to clean up over here!

First let me just say that I am a Bad Mom.  And this is ME saying it, not the child who would possibly say it out of spite.  He volunteered me to make something for his class Valentine's Day party which actually was canceled due to snow.  But I totally forgot that I was supposed to make chocolate covered pretzels for Son to take in.  Actually, that's a lie.  I did remember.  Last night at 10:30 as I was locking up for the night.  No way was I starting THAT then.  He would just have to do without. BAD MOM. 

Turns out that I was not the only Bad Mom in the class.  They were not able to have their party today because other parents didn't send in their offerings either.  Of course, if the class mom's would have sent home a flyer or made a phone call, maybe us bad parents would have been able to get our stuff sent in today.  But that's another rant.

In case you were wondering, I did not go swimming in the Ocean in February.  The Lewes Polar Bear Plunge was postponed do to Blizzard #1.  We will be swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on March 14th.  There is still time to donate to this wonderful cause, the Special Olympics of DE.  Go here for more details

My BFF, Neicy (aka fellow Polar Bear!) and I went to the Bike Store and put Bicycles on Lay-a-way for spring.  Last spring and summer, she and I did a lot of riding around the county, even the neighboring county where we proceeded to get lost.  Iam not allowed to plan our routes anymore.  Her son broke the gears on her bike so she needed a new one.  My gears and brakes need work, plus its a mountain bike and we usually ride on road.  So Neicy and I will be tooling around in style come spring!

Thank you for the good wishes for Son's LEGO Evaluation, he passed!  lol  Actually, it was just to see how much interest he has in LEGOs (ha!), how his communication skills were (again HA!) and to let me know when the group will be meeting.  Starting February 26th, Son will be participating in the LEGO group.  You'd think I'd be doing a happy dance but they will be meeting on Friday evenings.  Which is when Son goes to his dad's.  Every other Friday for dinner, then the other Friday for the weekend.

Now his father is the type of man who doesn't believe there could possibly be anything wrong with HIS CHILD.  He is too perfect to have made a defective child.  Anytime there has been anything to do with Son's disability, he has fought me on it. He refused to pay his portion of the medical bills associated with the Aspergers (that was a fun court day with the judge yelling at his negiligence to his child! and having to pay my legal fees!)

So in the interest of being the Good Parent (aka Only Parent) I emailed him with the information on the group as well as some alternative days and times for his visit with Son.  Still waiting to hear back from him.   The worst that can happen is that he will refuse to flex his visits with Son, Son won't start the LEGO group yet, I will take him to court with documentation from the Dr (who is the #1 Autism Dr in the State for 2 years in a row!) and the Autism Center where this therapy is recommended for Son and his father will have his ASS handed to him AGAIN by the judge.  You'd think he's learn.  But if he was a smart person, he would not have left sweet little ME for Bitchface.  lol

I am planning a get-a-way weekend with my BFF!  Neicy and I always have so much fun together.  We definitely travel well together.  We like the same things, to see as much as possible in the time we are there and to EAT yummy food!  We are going to be in Washington DC the first weekend in April, which also happens to be Easter Weekend, the Cherry Blossom Festival and MY BIRTHDAY!  Woo ho!  I have picked out a hotel that is near everything we want to see and a Metro stop for everything that is not.  I can't WAIT!  I have always wanted to see the cherry blossoms.  I am also working on getting tickets for th White House Tour and the Capital Building. 

I Blew It As A Mom.  This is different than being a Bad Mom.  Son has a habit of telling me what his homework is but leaving some stuff out and that stuff stays in his bookbag.  I do not feel that I should have to check his book bag every night like he is in Kindergarten.  But since I found out this habit, I decided that obviously, I do need to treat him like a Kindergartener.  Here's how I failed, I did not check his book bag when he came home last Tuesday.  I did not check his book bag until this MORNING.  And of course there was homework in there that was not completed.  So we had another yelling match this morning which I won.  I will also be checking his book bag EVERY NIGHT.  Little shit.

Dad Update:  Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts about my dad.  Last week right before Blizzard #2 he was feeling BAD.  His blood pressure was WAY low, he was dizzy and tired and had a Drs appointment for Wednesday.  Right in the middle of Blizzard #2.  The Drs office called to change it and Dad and Renie went in.  The Dr was concerned that Dad was feeling so badly, gave him a little shit for not calling sooner, ran some tests and reviewed the meds.  The tests showed that his BP was too low and that's why he was feeling like crap.  So they "tweaked" (Drs wording) his meds.  Dad will take certain meds depending on how high his BP is.  If its over 110, Dad is to take a certain med (I don't know which one, didn't ask).  The lower the BP and heart rate is, the more healing that his heart can do on its own.  So there are days that Dad feels pretty good and others that he feels like crap. 

The good news from this visit is that his heart is already showing some strengthening!!  Oh Happy Dance!  So dad has to keep doing what he is doing and hopefully by the mid-March the Drs will be happy enough with the Heart Muscle that they will talk about fixing the valves that need fixing.  We'll see!

Ok.  So that wasn't so much random thoughts as a bunch of follow up on previous stories!  If you want to experience REAL random-ness go see Keely over at the Un Mom!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Autism and Lego's

Son, as you may remember, is an Aspergers kid. He is very high functioning and if I didn't live in a small community, I probably would have to fight for the services he receives at school. I think if the school had more kids in it, he would not have the individualized attention that he gets. There are about 100 kids in his K-8 school, 12 kids in his class.

When Son was first diagnosed, the closest place for Autism services was about an hour away, at the Drs Office where he was diagnosed. ugh. The Dr. recommended Son join the LEGO group at his office but understood that the craziness associated with getting him there could out weigh the benefits of the therapy. Plus this Dr did not participate with my insurance. OUCH.

On a side note, Son’s Aspergers Dr was awarded the state’s Autism Healthcare Professional of the Year for 2008 and 2009. Sounds like we have the best!

In the county where I live there now is an autism center. They have an awesome array of services for all levels of the autism spectrum. The best part is that they are ALL FREE to county residents! YAY! Happy Dance! Its all made possible thanks to a grant made to this non-profit center.

Children with Autism Spectrum disorders seem to be naturally attracted to LEGOs when presented with a room full of toys. Therapists have devised a group based social development program using the LEGO systems. Improvements in social interaction and communication skills allow Spectrum children to develop and sustain lasting friendships and reach their highest potential.

The Autism Center is starting LEGO therapy! Monday, Son goes for his evaluation to see where he needs to be placed, if at all. I have no illusions that Son will need some type of therapy as I see his socialization and communication skills as his biggest problem. So wish us luck!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

100th Post

WOW!  I have reached 100 posts!  I had no idea when I started this where I was going to take it, where it would take Me, or the wonderful friends I would make through it.  Thank you to all my followers, your daily comment love make me happy!

To celebrate my milestone, let's have a little contest.  Son and I are trying to decide on a name for the puppy and not finding one that we agree on.  My theroy is that since Son picked which puppy we get, I should get to pick the name.  Son doesn't agree with that.  humph.

So, here is a picture of the puppy....

Son wants to name him  Brownie or Buddy.  I picked Jaxon but think that might be too close to Son's name and they might get confused.  :)

The Puppy will be 6 weeks old on 2-22 and should be coming home shortly after that.  YAY!  I'm so excited!  I'm sure our kitties won't be as excited when he comes home.  Leave your suggestion in the comments!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dig Out Day Again

Old Man Winter is being mean this year to us.  I think it snowed here until 9 pm last night (Wednesday).  According to the local paper we received another 12.8 inches on top of the 25 we still had on the ground.

But I will say that I didn't have to dig as much this time as the last.  Snow Plow Man called Kathy today and asked if she wanted to be dug out.  She said YES!  I love her!  So all we had to dig out was where the paths met where he plowed and to uncover the cars.  He cleared out the driveway and the parking areas!  Woo ho!  If he wasn't already married, I would love him too! 

He put Son on the front of the machine (I call it the Swiss Army Knife) and talked him through using the controls.  Son was alternating in Heaven and being scared out of his mind!  Here are some pictures.

Yesterday, I went out to get the mail and clean off Dad's steps a little and twisted my ankle BAD.  I have it wrapped up and did the ice thing yesterday.  Its still a little swollen today but I have been on it most of the morning.  Going to grab a cuppa tea, an ice pack and my eReader for the afternoon!

I hope everyone stays warm and gets dug out!  Spring is only 37 days away!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Take 2

It started snowing here about 6 pm last night.  Right now, its rain.  Which is making for a nice heavy snow that will have to be shoveled later.  This is NOT a good snow for the snow blower.  So tomorrow, me, Son and the other tenants will work together to get things dug out.  My father gave his snow shovel to my brother so at least I don't have to worry as much about Dad working hard in this mess.

In the meantime, we are all snug and warm and safe inside waiting for the REAL snow to come.  We got about 6 inches overnight before it turned to rain.  Right now, its a mix of rain and icey/slushy/yuck.

The Compound

A little background on The Compound, as this little group of apartments is called.  Our landlord, Kathy owns to 2 buildings which have a total of 5 apartments in them.  There is a driveway that separates our buildings and a shared laundry room attached to my building.  I have shared our view before but here is another shot.

We get LOVELY sunsets here.

I moved in here after my divorce.  My father and step mom live upstairs and we are all good friends with Kathy.  She is more friend than landlord, another grandmother to Son. 

Shortly after I moved in, Nancy and Len moved into one of the apartments in the other building and they fit right in with us.  In the spring/summer, we all can be found at one of the many picnic tables around the place.  Right after work is Bloody Mary Hour. 

StepMom, Kathy and usually Nancy go yard sale-ing Saturday mornings.  Sunday mornings find the women gathered together for coffee and some sort of breakfast yummy.  Sunday afternoon is when we all contribute something to dinner and have a community picnic.  We usually do this in the winter also, just inside!

Last August, Phyllis moved in.  She is a disabled woman who took the second floor apartment in the other building.  We did our best to include her but she is LOUD and obnoixous.  Everything is about her and she is mean to her boyfriend. 

Then she was listed in the police blotter of the local paper.  She was arrested on drug charges.  A week or so later, she was in the police blotter AGAIN for shop lifting from Wal-Mart.  How nice!  And the entire time, she would lie to Kathy about how she was a good person, all this was a tissue of lies and she was innocent.  Kathy was even able to get a copy of her criminal record that shows she was found guilty of these things.  But Phyllis still insisted to Kathy that she was innocent.

Phyllis keeps a different schedule than everyone else here.  She's up most of the night and sleeps during the day.  She keeps Nancy and Len up with her noise at night (they live underneath her apartment).  Today, I was planning to sleep in, since work and school has been canceled.  But at 5:30 I was woke up by her slamming the washer and dryer doors around.  My apartment is sealed off from the laundry room but it is attached to the outside of my apartment and I usually can hear when the machines are running.  In the past, it has never been a problem but Phyllis does her own thing and doesn't care about the rest of the world.  Since Phyllis moved in, Kathy has posted hours for using the laundry room, 7 am to 10 pm.  I will be a tattle tale and let Kathy know later.

I feel for Nancy and Len because before she woke ME up, she cleaned off her deck and steps with a shovel and I am sure that work them up.

Other than Phyllis, I love living here.  We are almost one big happy family.

For those that are snowed in, be safe and warm.  I will be! and since I did all my housework/laundry on Monday, I will be curling up with some good movies and a few books.  And don't forget the cuppa tea!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disconnect Day

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to hide from the world?  Yesterday was that kinda day for me.  So, I turned off the computer (mostly!), ignored the phone and set the cell to vibrate.  I just sat and tried to read but mostly stared blankly at the TV. 

I also did laundry and scrubbed my kitchen floor.  But now that all my housework for the weekend is done, I won't have anything to do on the weekend.  Won't even have Son.  And with the snow storm bearing down on us AGAIN, it looks like it will be a short school/work week.

Schools here were closed yesterday, don't ask me why because I saw no reason for it. Even MY little dead end road was cleared so there is no reason the rest of the roads shouldn't have been clear.  But Son was very productive.  He completed a lot of homework that he had been hiding from me as well as a lot of research on a project that is due 2-26.

Well, time to get the day started.  Need my breakfast, need to get Son motivated, need to answer about 25 text messages on the cell (I think 6 are from Denise!  Love you!).

Have a great day and for those in the path of the snow storm, be safe!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day Projects

The local paper reported that we received 25 inches of snow here.  The County is paralyzed.  They are working round the clock to dig us out.  Nice. 

Son and I spend most of yesterday in the house doing some of our favorite things!  Me baking, reading and playing Solitaire on the computer. Son putting together Legos.

Lego's #1

Lego's #2

Cinnabons for the Dig Out Party we had today.

Here is some of the devastation from the snow:

Mr. Len LOVES the snow blower!

Son taking a Snow Break.

King of the World .... er snow mountain!

We ended the day with this BEAUTIFUL sunset.  Amazing that we could have a blizzard and it would blow itself out just in time for this:

The Polar Bear Plunge was postponed until March 14th.  Hopefully, we won't be subjected to a spring snow storm!

Be safe digging out.  I'm going to take a nap.  ;)  Then go and dig out some more.  See you in the spring thaw!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Sunny & 80 HERE!

In my own little world, its sunny and 80.  And I am laying on a beach somewhere.  Not getting ready to shovel some snow.................

Our Table on Snow.  I don't know how accurate a measure this is because of the gusting winds.

I leaned out the back door for this.  sigh.

I will post more pictures of the Great Dig when we get started.

I hope everyone in the storms path are safe and warm!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Awards!

Alice from Alice in Wonderland gave me an award!  A Happy Award!  Oh Happy Dance!  Thank you So much Alice!  You have made me so Happy!

Of course there are rules with this award.  I have to tell you 10 things that make me happy.  So here goes:

My Happy List:
1. Family and Friends
2. My Son
3. Backrubs
4. Warm, sunny days
5. Chocolate
6. Bike rides
7. Sunsets
8. Snuggling
9. Baking
10. Wine

I like all my followers and it is so hard to pick and chose among you.  So, since you all make me happy, here is your award!  You all can share it!

Thanks again, Alice!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angels - A Book Review

Who Are They and How They Help.....  What the Bible Reveals
by Dr. David Jeremiah

What are angels? What is their role in God’s plan? Are they present? Do they appear? Do they give us personal insight about our work, our worship?

Many contemporary beliefs about angels are based on misconception and myth. Dr. David Jeremiah uses scripture to unveil the remarkable truth about these agents of heaven, and their role and work in our world—and lives.

Relevant, little known biblical facts help readers sharpen their knowledge and sensitivities toward the spiritual reality of angels. Dr. Jeremiah’s enlightening findings are supported with illustrations and insights from Billy Graham, Corrie ten Boom, C.S. Lewis, and more.

Angels are an interesting subject for many people. There are many who debate their existence. I believe that they exist and they appear to us when we need to hear from God.

This book to me was a fascinating compilation of references to Angels throughout the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation the existence of angels is simply assumed. This book explores those references as well as why some people see angels and others don’t. It is believed that God sends an angel to you when He has a message for you.

If you were looking for a book with stories about angels, this is not that book. This book is mainly a listing of the references in the Bible to angels. It shows us how angels are messengers of God.

You can find this book for purchase here..

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Go Red for Women! Theme Thursday

Go Red For Women celebrates the energy, passion and power we have as women to band together to wipe out heart disease and stroke.  Friday, February 5th (TOMORROW!) is National Wear Red Day!  Its our chance to speak out against heart disease in women.

Since my Dad's recent heart troubles and my Aunts proclaimation that it seems hereditary, I am starting to teach myself how to be heart healthy.  I joined the Go Red for Women website for FREE!

They offer TONS of information to educate yourself on being heart healthy.  They even offer a 12-week Better U make over that could change your life!  I am going to sign up for it and see how that can help me improve myself.

There are heart healthy recipes and BLOGGERS!  Four women who are blogging about their trip to a Better U.  Go check them out!

Go Red for Women did not commensate me for this. 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tuesday again

Its Tuesday!  YAY!  I love Tuesdays.  Not only because my favorite TV shows are on (NCIS and NICS: LA!) but its Random Thought Tuesday!  Go see Un Mom for more random thoughts.......

Snow.  I have had my fill  of snow.  Yes, I know its only February and it is techncally still winter.  but enough already!  Does this place look like Alaska or something?  We are supposed to get another inch or so today into tomorrow.  And then again on the weekend!

The weekend.  This is the weekend of our Polar Bear Plunge in Rehoboth Beach.  In the SNOW.  Neicy and I just booked hotel rooms down that way (it's a 2 hour drive from here) so that at least we will be in the neighborhood if it gets serious about snowing.  Even if it doesn't snow, it should be interesting as they are predicting COLD.  The past years, its been fairly warm for February.  Last year was 53 degrees!

I lost a follower. Bummer!  I guess they didn't like that I whine about my life.  Oh well.   It's MY blog and I will WHINE if I want too!

The Groundhog in PA saw his shadow so that means more winter.  If you look at the calendar, there is still 6 weeks of winter left.  Does it really matter if he sees his shadow or not?  Let's start asking Mother Nature for some warm weather up here!

My friend, Denise is having a hard time right now.  She has some health issues that are flaring up pretty bad.  She has kept her couch company a lot this past week or so.  Please send some good thoughts and prayers her way that things turn around quickly!  Denise is the sweetest person I know.  She never has a bad thing to say about anyone. I wish I could be more like her in that way.  Love you Denise!

I had to fill in my age on a form the other day and it hit me that when I was 20, this is not what I imagined my life would be like at 40. (i'm not 40 YET)  So I am going to take that form as a wake-up call and start doing what I can to move my life more toward where I thought I would be at 40.  I have a little while to make those changes.

I got an email from my Aunt (Dad's sister).  She said it seems that he got the "Godsey heart".  Apparently, heart problems come from their mothers side of the family.  It seems that its genetic.  Since I look like my mother on the outside, and act like my dad, I am going to pretend that I have the Godsey Heart and am going to start taking better care of my heart.  Maybe I won't have the same problems he has now.  One good thing:  I don't smoke.  That's one habit I don't have to change.  I do like food though!  And to sit on the couch and read.   So Changes are A-Coming round here!  Gonna drag Son with me into healthier living.

Ok.  Time to get back to work.  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review! God In America by Newt and Callista Gingrich

Rediscovering God in America
Reflections on the Role of Faith in our Nation's History and Future
By Newt Gingrich, Featuring the Photography of Callista Gingrich

Book Description

Take a walk through Washington, DC with Newt and Callista Gingrich to view our nation's historic monuments and memorials. You will quickly find yourself on a profound and surprising walk of discovery and renewal.

Your first stop will be the National Archives, where Thomas Jefferson's immortal words from the Declaration of Independence that all "are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights," jump off the page with the inescapable truth that from day one in our country's history, the source of freedom was neither the state nor even the Founding Fathers.

I love the history of the monuments in Washington DC. I have not taken much time to acquaint myself with them. This little book gave the history of the building of many of the monuments, memorials and other historical buildings in Washington as well as how their makers included God in them. In every monument and memorial, even the Declaration of Independence, there is a reference to God as our maker.

Our founding fathers knew that our unalienable rights came from our Creator. Thomas Jefferson included this in the Declaration of Independence. John Adams wrote about the “right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty” four years before the Declaration of Independence was written.

This book makes me want to schedule a weekend in Washington to introduce myself to the monuments in Washington. And to discover God in America's history. The photographs taken by Callista are beautiful but I wish there were more. I would definitely recommend this book if you are at all interested in finding God in America.

Thomas Nelson has provided mewith a complimentary copy of this book.