Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Take 2

It started snowing here about 6 pm last night.  Right now, its rain.  Which is making for a nice heavy snow that will have to be shoveled later.  This is NOT a good snow for the snow blower.  So tomorrow, me, Son and the other tenants will work together to get things dug out.  My father gave his snow shovel to my brother so at least I don't have to worry as much about Dad working hard in this mess.

In the meantime, we are all snug and warm and safe inside waiting for the REAL snow to come.  We got about 6 inches overnight before it turned to rain.  Right now, its a mix of rain and icey/slushy/yuck.

The Compound

A little background on The Compound, as this little group of apartments is called.  Our landlord, Kathy owns to 2 buildings which have a total of 5 apartments in them.  There is a driveway that separates our buildings and a shared laundry room attached to my building.  I have shared our view before but here is another shot.

We get LOVELY sunsets here.

I moved in here after my divorce.  My father and step mom live upstairs and we are all good friends with Kathy.  She is more friend than landlord, another grandmother to Son. 

Shortly after I moved in, Nancy and Len moved into one of the apartments in the other building and they fit right in with us.  In the spring/summer, we all can be found at one of the many picnic tables around the place.  Right after work is Bloody Mary Hour. 

StepMom, Kathy and usually Nancy go yard sale-ing Saturday mornings.  Sunday mornings find the women gathered together for coffee and some sort of breakfast yummy.  Sunday afternoon is when we all contribute something to dinner and have a community picnic.  We usually do this in the winter also, just inside!

Last August, Phyllis moved in.  She is a disabled woman who took the second floor apartment in the other building.  We did our best to include her but she is LOUD and obnoixous.  Everything is about her and she is mean to her boyfriend. 

Then she was listed in the police blotter of the local paper.  She was arrested on drug charges.  A week or so later, she was in the police blotter AGAIN for shop lifting from Wal-Mart.  How nice!  And the entire time, she would lie to Kathy about how she was a good person, all this was a tissue of lies and she was innocent.  Kathy was even able to get a copy of her criminal record that shows she was found guilty of these things.  But Phyllis still insisted to Kathy that she was innocent.

Phyllis keeps a different schedule than everyone else here.  She's up most of the night and sleeps during the day.  She keeps Nancy and Len up with her noise at night (they live underneath her apartment).  Today, I was planning to sleep in, since work and school has been canceled.  But at 5:30 I was woke up by her slamming the washer and dryer doors around.  My apartment is sealed off from the laundry room but it is attached to the outside of my apartment and I usually can hear when the machines are running.  In the past, it has never been a problem but Phyllis does her own thing and doesn't care about the rest of the world.  Since Phyllis moved in, Kathy has posted hours for using the laundry room, 7 am to 10 pm.  I will be a tattle tale and let Kathy know later.

I feel for Nancy and Len because before she woke ME up, she cleaned off her deck and steps with a shovel and I am sure that work them up.

Other than Phyllis, I love living here.  We are almost one big happy family.

For those that are snowed in, be safe and warm.  I will be! and since I did all my housework/laundry on Monday, I will be curling up with some good movies and a few books.  And don't forget the cuppa tea!


  1. Hopefully she'll move out. But other than that it sounds like a wonderful place to live with your son. I love the view too.

  2. Everyone has at one time or another had to live in the vicinity of a Phyllis. She probably won't stay long since it looks like her behavior might get her a stay in jail. Good luck and stay warm.

  3. i think we all have those neighbors...just wish we had those sunsets as well. remarkable!

  4. Everyone knows someone like that!
    Hopefully she'll not stay long. You should all get together and have her evicted!
    Beautiful sunset, but you know what they say, "Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning", so hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day!
    Stay warm, we had a lot of snow last night here too.


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