Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dig Out Day Again

Old Man Winter is being mean this year to us.  I think it snowed here until 9 pm last night (Wednesday).  According to the local paper we received another 12.8 inches on top of the 25 we still had on the ground.

But I will say that I didn't have to dig as much this time as the last.  Snow Plow Man called Kathy today and asked if she wanted to be dug out.  She said YES!  I love her!  So all we had to dig out was where the paths met where he plowed and to uncover the cars.  He cleared out the driveway and the parking areas!  Woo ho!  If he wasn't already married, I would love him too! 

He put Son on the front of the machine (I call it the Swiss Army Knife) and talked him through using the controls.  Son was alternating in Heaven and being scared out of his mind!  Here are some pictures.

Yesterday, I went out to get the mail and clean off Dad's steps a little and twisted my ankle BAD.  I have it wrapped up and did the ice thing yesterday.  Its still a little swollen today but I have been on it most of the morning.  Going to grab a cuppa tea, an ice pack and my eReader for the afternoon!

I hope everyone stays warm and gets dug out!  Spring is only 37 days away!


  1. wow. i wish we had one of those when i was a kid! stay warm!

  2. I just love your blog!!. So glad you found mine, so I had the chance to visit your blog.Don' t hate me but i like snow!!.
    But stay warm!
    Take care!
    Betty xx

  3. That means if you want to see the ground by spring, you have to melt an inch per day!


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