Monday, September 24, 2012

Left Hanging

I left you guys hanging last week.  Last I wrote was that we were going to the hospital to hopefully spring Dad.

Well, we succeeded!  They untied him from all the tubes, made him walk and pee, then kicked him out!  We were home with him by 3:30 on Wednesday and he was so happy.  Just like me and ESM.

He took it easy and took the meds sent home for pain management.  I'm so proud of his behavior through this.  He's not usually the best patient.

I am SO good during the crisis, strong and sensible. Taking care of everyone and everything.  On Friday, I was DOWN with a migraine headache.  I think the stress caught up with me.  It hurt to look at the DVR clock cause it was so bright.  ugh.

Jakes and I stopped over to see them on Friday evening and they Wii Bowled with Jakes and played with Jaxon. 

Daddy has a follow up appointment today. Once they give him the clearance from this surgery, he will have to follow up about the A-Fib.

Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts and prayers while this was going on.  Now that things are going to settle down around here I hopefully can get some blogging done!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hospital bound

In hospital with daddy and ESM keeping watch.  Daddy thinks he's going home today. We'll see!  I hope so!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Dad's going for the anyersum repair this morning.  I'm going to be hanging at hospital with Daddy and ESM. He should be home on Wednesday some time. 

Jakes got a High Five Award at school last week.  His teacher caught him helping a classmate.  Way to go Jakes!  He's doing to good living with his dad.  And that makes me happy!

AZ got a new lawn mower.  It's a mulcher/bagger that's self-propelled.  And of course a Boy with a new Toy has to play.  He cut the entire lawn before Jakes got there and Jakes was upset that he didn't get to mow.

But his dad is moving to a house with a HUGE yard (according to Jakes) so Jakes will have lots of chances to cut the grass.

My applications at work are coming in fast and furious.  Its the time of year when all the counties know what monies they have to spend for next year.  From now until the end of November I will be super busy at work.  Which is a good thing, busy days fly by!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Farm Stories

Jakes loves going to the farm for riding lessons.  He loves being able to stay after the lessons to work with the horses and the teachers.  And they love having him there too.  If anything needs to be done, Jakes is right there to help.

Pumpkin is Jakes buddy.  He loves Pumpkin and Pumpkin loves him.  Jakes was having a lesson on Nugget and another helper was out trying to catch Pumpkin.  Pumpkin was being contrary and didn't want to be caught.  Ms. Jill sent Jakes out to help.  Pumpkin came right over to Jakes and let him harness and lead him into the ring for work.

When Pumpkin was finished for the day, Jakes led him back into the pasture and Jakes scratched Pumpkin in his special spot.  Pumpkin LOVED it!  He stretched his head up and nickered.  And when Jakes was done, said good-bye, Pumpkin turned and nudged Jakes in response.

I watched Jakes riding around the ring on Nugget.  He was steering him and working the course all by himself.  I was amazed!  The last time I watched Jakes on a horse, he had to be lead and guided by one of the teachers.  Ms. Jill said he's gotten so much better.  This weekend, I will stick around and get some pictures of him.

There is a wonderful young man, David who is blind and has other special needs.  David loves riding.  David's grandmother loves Jakes and how he is with David. Jakes is gentle with David, he tells him where to walk, step and helps to hold him in the saddle.  Jakes and David are about the same age so they get along and chat about "boy" things.  Jakes considers David a friend.

One day at the farm, Jakes was helping to hold Pixie in the saddle.  Pixie is a 3 year old autistic girl and she is just adorable.  She doesn't make eye contact but she knows there is a world out there.  She will respond when you talk to her and she will answer questions.   Her dad wanted to demonstrate how smart she is.  She was standing over at a KIA van when her dad asked her to show him the K-I-A.  She pointed to each one and started to walk away.  Her dad asked her to point to the numbers on the license plate.  She was already "done" with showing off, but she still turned and waved her hand in the general direction of the car.

On the day that Jakes was holding her in the saddle, Ms. Jill was telling her that they were done and it was time to get off.  Pixie put her arms around Jakes neck for him to lift her off the horse.  She made eye contact with him when he stood her on the ground.  So Sweet!

Last week, Jakes made an obstacle course for the other helpers and then he judged them as they went through the course.  He also made up prizes and some were very creative.  I was impressed with his imagination.  I loved that the other kids were willing to play with him, working it in around their chores.

Jakes loves going to the farm, not only for the horses but also because he is accepted and valued by everyone, not just the adults.  I love Jakes going to the farm because he has a place where he loves to go and feels accepted and valued, by everyone.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Smart A$s

Some one has to do it, has to say the just barely PC things that relieve the tension.  Usually, that's me believe it or not.  I like to pretend I'm strong and fearless, especially in tense situations.  My smart a$s comments help to keep me strong, keeps me from breaking down and hiding under my desk.

When Mom was sick, she was worried about us kids getting sick with cancer.  She also worried about me getting Alzheimer's because it runs in the women on my fathers side.  I used to tell Mom "I'll get cancer and forget that I have cancer. Problem solved!"  It took her a while to get used to that saying and find the amusement in it.

With Dad falling last week and then in ER this week, I've had lots of chances to hone my smart a$sery in stressful situations.  Don't get me wrong, I know when its appropriate and called for and when to keep my mouth shut.  When the Drs are in talking to us, mouth shut.  When the nurses are getting ready to stick needles in him, smart a$s comments.

My un-PC comments for this last visit include ESM pointed out that there was a defibrillator right next to Dad cause they were worried about having to shock him.  OOOOO!  Daddy, remember all the times you grounded me, yelled at me and made me do chores around the house growing up?  Give me the paddles and I'll get my revenge!

Daddy burst my bubble when he pointed out that there WERE no paddles.  They put pads on his chest and just press a button to activate the machine.  Where's the fun in that?

But he and ESM giggled a little.

And then they came in to take him to the room.

In the room, they were taking his history and asked about his mental history.  ESM and I looked at each other and said almost together, "we could have fun with this!" and giggled together.

Laughter helps you to get through tough situations. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daddy GPS - WW

the GPS unit they gave to Dad in Hospital
They admitted him yesterday
Still don't know exactly what's causing the A-Fib of his heart.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Parenting Responsibilities

When I was full-time parenting Jakes, my goal was to get him as independent as possible.  I wanted him to be able to function without me.  I wanted him to know how to clean up after himself, help to keep the house clean and to respect his stuff as well as others.  I still do that with Jakes on the weekends.  He has chores, mostly dealing with his stuff in the bedroom but he also has to help around the house a little bit.

Since having AZ and JR move in with me, I haven't said much about the level of responsibility that is expected of JR. He's been allowed to roam free most of the summer, mostly because AZ didn't want to fight with JR about anything.  I think AZ has some guilt for having moved to Arizona when JR needed him.  JR was also away for many months and lost freedoms for those months.  He played that guilt card on AZ about it and being allowed loose for the summer. AZ gave in. It seems that AZ is afraid to put any limits on JR. And we all know that kids, teenagers especially, need limits.  These limits teach them about life and what to expect in the future.

All summer, JR had NO limits.  He could come and go as he pleased.  He usually popped in to shower and grab a change of clothes once or twice a week.

Now school is in session and AZ has decided that JR would be at the house more during the week.  He created a curfew and he and I discussed what JR's responsibilities around the house would be.  We seemed to be on the same page.  But AZ hasn't talked to JR about any of it and JR was allowed to run free all weekend again.  AZ also didn't hold JR to curfew Sunday night.  JR is the only one in the house who drinks coffee and I said that he would be responsible for making sure the coffee maker was cleaned and ready for his use.  AZ agreed, then went right out and cleaned it since JR was running late this morning. 

I have seen AZ doing things for JR that I feel should be JR's responsibility; things that AZ and I discussed and said would be JR's responsibility.  All AZ has to do is tell JR to do it and let him know that he won't be allowed out until those things are done.  I don't think AZ is helping JR to grow into a responsible adult by doing JR's chores or allowing him to disregard curfew.

I don't know how far to go to make my unhappiness with AZ's handling of JR known. I don't know how much "parenting" AZ will allow me to do with JR.  He already has a mother and I am not looking to fill that role in any shape or form.  I just want what's best for my household and the members in it.

These are all things that will have to be worked out as we go along and communicate about them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Taking Donations of Bubble Wrap

I've written before about Dad's fragile health and how things keep coming at him.  He's got an aortic aneurysm, congestive heart failure and 2, yes count 'em TWO leaking valves in his heart. Basically he needs a new heart but doesn't qualify for many reasons.

Also as he has been dealing with his heart problems, he has become more prone to falls.  Usually when he stands up and there is a sudden drop in his BP, he gets lightheaded and down he goes.

ESM called me at work (which I don't think she has ever done) to say that Dad fell in the bathroom. I didn't wait for her to say anything else, just that I was grabbing keys and going.  She was on her way too.

On the way to the house, I had pictures of Dad lying on the floor, with his pants down and blood streaming from every where.  Yes, I have an overactive imagination.   Then I remember thinking, I don't want to see my Dad's private stuff!  eww, shiver......

Anyway, I get to the house, run in the door yelling to let him know I'm there.  He's managed to drag himself to the couch.  Ok.  Don't have to worry about the private stuff.  He's awake but scraped and obviously in pain.  He had hit his head and blacked out.  The bathroom is a mess with broken stuff but who cares.

ESM got there, I met her in the kitchen to tell her he was awake, on the couch and seemed ok.  Battered and bruised only.  She walked in the room, took a quick look at him and said, "Hospital.  Now."  And she wasn't taking NO for an answer.

To give Daddy credit, he didn't argue too much either.  Just said he doesn't want to be admitted.  And my assessment of Dad's injuries, I don't see them admitting him.  X-rays, wound care, pain meds and send home.

After a once over at the hospital, they determined that he didn't break any bones, didn't have a concussion and there is no reason for them to keep him once they got the scrapes cleaned up and bandaged.  He's still sore and bruised, but is doing better and the scrapes are looking better.  Still eww, but a better eww.

Please send me bubble wrap so I can keep my parents from being old!  Thanks!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spirits Soaring - WW

Spirits Soaring
Along with my Voice
Its CHOIR TIME again!