Monday, September 10, 2012

Taking Donations of Bubble Wrap

I've written before about Dad's fragile health and how things keep coming at him.  He's got an aortic aneurysm, congestive heart failure and 2, yes count 'em TWO leaking valves in his heart. Basically he needs a new heart but doesn't qualify for many reasons.

Also as he has been dealing with his heart problems, he has become more prone to falls.  Usually when he stands up and there is a sudden drop in his BP, he gets lightheaded and down he goes.

ESM called me at work (which I don't think she has ever done) to say that Dad fell in the bathroom. I didn't wait for her to say anything else, just that I was grabbing keys and going.  She was on her way too.

On the way to the house, I had pictures of Dad lying on the floor, with his pants down and blood streaming from every where.  Yes, I have an overactive imagination.   Then I remember thinking, I don't want to see my Dad's private stuff!  eww, shiver......

Anyway, I get to the house, run in the door yelling to let him know I'm there.  He's managed to drag himself to the couch.  Ok.  Don't have to worry about the private stuff.  He's awake but scraped and obviously in pain.  He had hit his head and blacked out.  The bathroom is a mess with broken stuff but who cares.

ESM got there, I met her in the kitchen to tell her he was awake, on the couch and seemed ok.  Battered and bruised only.  She walked in the room, took a quick look at him and said, "Hospital.  Now."  And she wasn't taking NO for an answer.

To give Daddy credit, he didn't argue too much either.  Just said he doesn't want to be admitted.  And my assessment of Dad's injuries, I don't see them admitting him.  X-rays, wound care, pain meds and send home.

After a once over at the hospital, they determined that he didn't break any bones, didn't have a concussion and there is no reason for them to keep him once they got the scrapes cleaned up and bandaged.  He's still sore and bruised, but is doing better and the scrapes are looking better.  Still eww, but a better eww.

Please send me bubble wrap so I can keep my parents from being old!  Thanks!


  1. Oh gosh yes, you need to line EVERYTHING with bubble wrap! I'm so sorry that he fell. That's just awful. :(

  2. I'm sorry Amy! I'm glad he's okay. It's scary to think about our parents aging and starting into poor health because I think just as we are always in pigtails fresh out of diapers to them, they are always just about to tell us off for missing curfew.

    It's hard to think of them growing older.

  3. oy this is hard when you have parents that have an accident...when my mom fell a year ago it def opened my eyes to this future...


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