Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Dad's going for the anyersum repair this morning.  I'm going to be hanging at hospital with Daddy and ESM. He should be home on Wednesday some time. 

Jakes got a High Five Award at school last week.  His teacher caught him helping a classmate.  Way to go Jakes!  He's doing to good living with his dad.  And that makes me happy!

AZ got a new lawn mower.  It's a mulcher/bagger that's self-propelled.  And of course a Boy with a new Toy has to play.  He cut the entire lawn before Jakes got there and Jakes was upset that he didn't get to mow.

But his dad is moving to a house with a HUGE yard (according to Jakes) so Jakes will have lots of chances to cut the grass.

My applications at work are coming in fast and furious.  Its the time of year when all the counties know what monies they have to spend for next year.  From now until the end of November I will be super busy at work.  Which is a good thing, busy days fly by!

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  1. woot woot on the high five....way to go guy...hope all goes well at the doc today


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