Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Meet Pumpkin

This is Jakes favorite horse at the farm.  This is Pumpkin.  Every chance Jakes gets, he's riding Pumpkin either with saddle or bareback.  Pumpkin is most gentlest of horses.  He moves smoothly and will stop when he feels his rider is uneasy or off balance.  Jakes really has to work to get him into a trot.  And since Jakes is not comfortable trotting, this makes Pumpkin the perfect pair for Jakes.

Jakes LOVES Pumpkin

On the Saturdays, I drop Jakes off at the farm for a few hours.  He does his lesson, then helps out with tacking up the other horses, cleaning stalls, and grooming horses.  Whatever Ms. Jill or Ms BobbieJo ask, Jakes does.  And he's also there to help the other people who are there for lessons or the other helpers. 

Jakes has friends there.  I think that's the only place he goes that we can say he has friends.  And these friends aren't all adults or other special needs kids, but normal, unclassified kids who consider Jakes a friend. 

I love that! 

I love the farm and Ms. Jill and the wonderful atmosphere she has created there.  She is truly a wonderful person and probably the second best thing to happen to Jakes within the realm of Autism and special needs.  The first being the Autism Center that connected us to Ms. Jill and her farm.

A couple weeks ago, I arrived to pick Jakes up and Ms. Jill told me a story about Jakes when he was on a trail ride that day.  She said he was amazing and the other kids agreed with her.  There were 3 or 4 kids riding various sized horses, with Jakes being on Pumpkin.  Someone was on Hershey, who is the biggest horse on the farm.  Hershey pulled a little ahead of Pumpkin and for some reason, Pumpkin decided that he didn't want Hershey in the lead so he matched his gait to Hershey's. 

Before Jakes knew what was going on, Pumpkin and Hershey were in a cantor.  Then Pumpkin switched gears to a gallop!  All Jakes could do was hang on and yell HO!  But Pumpkin thought Jakes was yelling GO!  So he did just that.  GO. GO. GO.

They finally came to the corner of the field where Ms. Jill was watching and Pumpkin came to an abrupt stop.  Had he not lifted his head, Jakes would have tumbled right on over! 

Ms. Jill said she was terrified when Pumpkin took off. But there was nothing she could do but say a quick prayer for Jakes protection.  And Pumpkin did just that by putting his head up to keep Jakes from flying over.

Ms. Jill tells of Jakes facial expression as being one of shocked disbelief.  She was amazed that he didn't get upset enough to cry, which I think I would have!  Jakes scrambled off Pumpkin and they headed back to the waiting area with Jakes walking.  Jakes did get back on Pumpkin that day and they have gotten along wonderfully since then.


  1. Wow, he handled that really well. So glad he's been paired with that particular horse. I'm also glad that he was willing to ride since that day!

  2. Good for him! I start lessons on Sunday and I hope if I'm in a similar situation I handle it like Jakes did.

  3. I start lessons on Sunday. I hope if something like this happens to me I handle it as well as Jakes did. Good for him!

  4. whew...a little excitement there...smiles...i am glad he is doing well with it and enjoying it...and has friends there...that is awesome!


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