Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Kid Takes Me to the Best Places......

Jakes wanted to take me to a new place for a bike ride.  He said I would love it.  Its so pretty and the trail would be ok for my bike, maybe a little bumpy but not bad.

The weather was perfect. I loaded the bikes up, left the house early to miss traffic on a Friday evening and picked up Jakes. 

He gave directions for each and every turn we had to take.  He was right, it was a very pretty drive there, once we left the interstate.  Right along the Susquehanna River, through Port Deposit, Maryland and to the Conowingo Dam.

Here's the Dam.
I'm told that last August, after Hurricane Irene, where I'm standing was under 35 ft. of water!
Jakes and I unloaded the bikes and I realized that I should have brought my camera.  I did have my iPhone camera but that just doesn't cut it.

The trail ran over an old rail line that was used to deliver supplies and workers to build the Dam
The trail was probably about 2 miles long, one way.  We rode through the trees, catching glimpses of the river as we went.  Jakes was in the lead.  He abruptly stopped because of a deer in the path.  So cool!  And the deer didn't go far off the path away from us. Guess they are used to seeing people.

taking a break
At the end of the trail we took a break and wandered around a bit.  Would have drank some water but I left it in the car.  DUH.

The Boat Launch

We mounted back up and rode back.  In the parking area, we watched the river flow around rocks and fishermen.  We also watched an eagle soar.  There are many nests in the area.  I can't wait to take my kid back there for more riding and with my camera!


  1. That was a great idea he had! It looks so peaceful out there. :)

  2. smiles...very cool that he took you on this adventure....def looks like a cool place...way to go jakes...smiles.

  3. Cool! My sis-in-law lives by the Susquehanna River too. Your phone pics gave us a good idea of your trip. Beautiful.


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