Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The New Neighborhood

I'm a country girl. Always have been and always will be at heart. Growing up, we had a garden, a pool and lots of land around us.  We didn't even have our own police department! 

At the compound there was a river out front and a marsh out back; houses on either side. We knew all the neighbors and they knew us. They usually knew our news before we did.  A close knit place.

AZ and I decided to move, get OUR place and start our life together.  We moved to what I consider "City."  It is considered a city within the county but its not a city like Philly or NYC.  We are surrounded by houses; in front, behind, side to side.  That's different for me.  There are streets with stop signs.  We are 5 minutes from most stores.  I can run for eggs in 10 minutes flat!

Our House
Jaxon LOVES the bay window

We haven't met our neighbors yet, just a wave here and there.  On either side of us live police officers.  That can come in handy with two teenage boys!  HA

We are about a half a block from the River still.  Jax and I love walking up there to check things out.  There's lots of new things for him to sniff.

The view.  We are closer to the Bridge leading out of the state
The View looking toward the Compound.
Can't see it but its that way.
I am adjusting to living in the city. I do like the closeness of the stores and especially Redbox!


  1. I know what you mean about the access to stores. It makes things so much easier!

  2. i know the access makes a big differnce...not a bad view at all though...

  3. I have never lived near stores, etc but oftentimes think it would be WONDERFUL! Glad you are enjoying your new digs!!! Beautiful scenery at the river!


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