Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Smart A$s

Some one has to do it, has to say the just barely PC things that relieve the tension.  Usually, that's me believe it or not.  I like to pretend I'm strong and fearless, especially in tense situations.  My smart a$s comments help to keep me strong, keeps me from breaking down and hiding under my desk.

When Mom was sick, she was worried about us kids getting sick with cancer.  She also worried about me getting Alzheimer's because it runs in the women on my fathers side.  I used to tell Mom "I'll get cancer and forget that I have cancer. Problem solved!"  It took her a while to get used to that saying and find the amusement in it.

With Dad falling last week and then in ER this week, I've had lots of chances to hone my smart a$sery in stressful situations.  Don't get me wrong, I know when its appropriate and called for and when to keep my mouth shut.  When the Drs are in talking to us, mouth shut.  When the nurses are getting ready to stick needles in him, smart a$s comments.

My un-PC comments for this last visit include ESM pointed out that there was a defibrillator right next to Dad cause they were worried about having to shock him.  OOOOO!  Daddy, remember all the times you grounded me, yelled at me and made me do chores around the house growing up?  Give me the paddles and I'll get my revenge!

Daddy burst my bubble when he pointed out that there WERE no paddles.  They put pads on his chest and just press a button to activate the machine.  Where's the fun in that?

But he and ESM giggled a little.

And then they came in to take him to the room.

In the room, they were taking his history and asked about his mental history.  ESM and I looked at each other and said almost together, "we could have fun with this!" and giggled together.

Laughter helps you to get through tough situations. 


  1. laughter does help you get through those situations...smiles on the shock paddles....hmm....where is my brother....

  2. I seriously doubt anyone could fault you for being a smarta$$ right now. We all cope in ways we don't expect. As a kid whenever something bad happened, like someone fell off the jungle gym and broke his nose, I laughed. I wasn't being mean, I just got so anxious that's how I showed it. I still find the urge to laugh sometimes when it's not appropriate but thankfully, I've got it under control (mostly).

    Have a giggle whenever you can. In this case laughter may just be the best medicine.


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