Monday, September 24, 2012

Left Hanging

I left you guys hanging last week.  Last I wrote was that we were going to the hospital to hopefully spring Dad.

Well, we succeeded!  They untied him from all the tubes, made him walk and pee, then kicked him out!  We were home with him by 3:30 on Wednesday and he was so happy.  Just like me and ESM.

He took it easy and took the meds sent home for pain management.  I'm so proud of his behavior through this.  He's not usually the best patient.

I am SO good during the crisis, strong and sensible. Taking care of everyone and everything.  On Friday, I was DOWN with a migraine headache.  I think the stress caught up with me.  It hurt to look at the DVR clock cause it was so bright.  ugh.

Jakes and I stopped over to see them on Friday evening and they Wii Bowled with Jakes and played with Jaxon. 

Daddy has a follow up appointment today. Once they give him the clearance from this surgery, he will have to follow up about the A-Fib.

Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts and prayers while this was going on.  Now that things are going to settle down around here I hopefully can get some blogging done!


  1. So glad he's home. I know that alone has to help him to feel better.

    Big hugs!!

  2. woot...glad everything worked out ok and hope it continues that way as well...smiles...


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