Monday, February 15, 2010

Autism and Lego's

Son, as you may remember, is an Aspergers kid. He is very high functioning and if I didn't live in a small community, I probably would have to fight for the services he receives at school. I think if the school had more kids in it, he would not have the individualized attention that he gets. There are about 100 kids in his K-8 school, 12 kids in his class.

When Son was first diagnosed, the closest place for Autism services was about an hour away, at the Drs Office where he was diagnosed. ugh. The Dr. recommended Son join the LEGO group at his office but understood that the craziness associated with getting him there could out weigh the benefits of the therapy. Plus this Dr did not participate with my insurance. OUCH.

On a side note, Son’s Aspergers Dr was awarded the state’s Autism Healthcare Professional of the Year for 2008 and 2009. Sounds like we have the best!

In the county where I live there now is an autism center. They have an awesome array of services for all levels of the autism spectrum. The best part is that they are ALL FREE to county residents! YAY! Happy Dance! Its all made possible thanks to a grant made to this non-profit center.

Children with Autism Spectrum disorders seem to be naturally attracted to LEGOs when presented with a room full of toys. Therapists have devised a group based social development program using the LEGO systems. Improvements in social interaction and communication skills allow Spectrum children to develop and sustain lasting friendships and reach their highest potential.

The Autism Center is starting LEGO therapy! Monday, Son goes for his evaluation to see where he needs to be placed, if at all. I have no illusions that Son will need some type of therapy as I see his socialization and communication skills as his biggest problem. So wish us luck!


  1. as i think you know...i do in home therapy...legos are great for kids with autism...and even for those with focus issues...they have done wonders with a few of the kids i work with...

  2. Here is to your luck. I love Legos! Endless possibilities.

  3. What great news!! I haven't heard of LEGO therapy before but it makes sense, I'm so glad your son has this opportunity so close to home!

  4. I wish you both all the luck in the world and will also add you to my prayer list. Hey Amy - you write grant proposals? Cuz I'm starting up a new business with a couple of my kids (grown adults, but they're still my "kids" lol) and we need to get some grant startup money. If so, contact me with your fee info?

    Marvin D Wilson

  5. That is so great for your son!! And how wonderful to have a doctor of that caliber for him!

  6. how awesome! I bet he will love it!

  7. Legos is great! He love it , I'm sure!Wishing good luck!
    Betty xx


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