Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday

Today is Random Tuesday Thoughts and boy do I have some to clean up over here!

First let me just say that I am a Bad Mom.  And this is ME saying it, not the child who would possibly say it out of spite.  He volunteered me to make something for his class Valentine's Day party which actually was canceled due to snow.  But I totally forgot that I was supposed to make chocolate covered pretzels for Son to take in.  Actually, that's a lie.  I did remember.  Last night at 10:30 as I was locking up for the night.  No way was I starting THAT then.  He would just have to do without. BAD MOM. 

Turns out that I was not the only Bad Mom in the class.  They were not able to have their party today because other parents didn't send in their offerings either.  Of course, if the class mom's would have sent home a flyer or made a phone call, maybe us bad parents would have been able to get our stuff sent in today.  But that's another rant.

In case you were wondering, I did not go swimming in the Ocean in February.  The Lewes Polar Bear Plunge was postponed do to Blizzard #1.  We will be swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on March 14th.  There is still time to donate to this wonderful cause, the Special Olympics of DE.  Go here for more details

My BFF, Neicy (aka fellow Polar Bear!) and I went to the Bike Store and put Bicycles on Lay-a-way for spring.  Last spring and summer, she and I did a lot of riding around the county, even the neighboring county where we proceeded to get lost.  Iam not allowed to plan our routes anymore.  Her son broke the gears on her bike so she needed a new one.  My gears and brakes need work, plus its a mountain bike and we usually ride on road.  So Neicy and I will be tooling around in style come spring!

Thank you for the good wishes for Son's LEGO Evaluation, he passed!  lol  Actually, it was just to see how much interest he has in LEGOs (ha!), how his communication skills were (again HA!) and to let me know when the group will be meeting.  Starting February 26th, Son will be participating in the LEGO group.  You'd think I'd be doing a happy dance but they will be meeting on Friday evenings.  Which is when Son goes to his dad's.  Every other Friday for dinner, then the other Friday for the weekend.

Now his father is the type of man who doesn't believe there could possibly be anything wrong with HIS CHILD.  He is too perfect to have made a defective child.  Anytime there has been anything to do with Son's disability, he has fought me on it. He refused to pay his portion of the medical bills associated with the Aspergers (that was a fun court day with the judge yelling at his negiligence to his child! and having to pay my legal fees!)

So in the interest of being the Good Parent (aka Only Parent) I emailed him with the information on the group as well as some alternative days and times for his visit with Son.  Still waiting to hear back from him.   The worst that can happen is that he will refuse to flex his visits with Son, Son won't start the LEGO group yet, I will take him to court with documentation from the Dr (who is the #1 Autism Dr in the State for 2 years in a row!) and the Autism Center where this therapy is recommended for Son and his father will have his ASS handed to him AGAIN by the judge.  You'd think he's learn.  But if he was a smart person, he would not have left sweet little ME for Bitchface.  lol

I am planning a get-a-way weekend with my BFF!  Neicy and I always have so much fun together.  We definitely travel well together.  We like the same things, to see as much as possible in the time we are there and to EAT yummy food!  We are going to be in Washington DC the first weekend in April, which also happens to be Easter Weekend, the Cherry Blossom Festival and MY BIRTHDAY!  Woo ho!  I have picked out a hotel that is near everything we want to see and a Metro stop for everything that is not.  I can't WAIT!  I have always wanted to see the cherry blossoms.  I am also working on getting tickets for th White House Tour and the Capital Building. 

I Blew It As A Mom.  This is different than being a Bad Mom.  Son has a habit of telling me what his homework is but leaving some stuff out and that stuff stays in his bookbag.  I do not feel that I should have to check his book bag every night like he is in Kindergarten.  But since I found out this habit, I decided that obviously, I do need to treat him like a Kindergartener.  Here's how I failed, I did not check his book bag when he came home last Tuesday.  I did not check his book bag until this MORNING.  And of course there was homework in there that was not completed.  So we had another yelling match this morning which I won.  I will also be checking his book bag EVERY NIGHT.  Little shit.

Dad Update:  Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts about my dad.  Last week right before Blizzard #2 he was feeling BAD.  His blood pressure was WAY low, he was dizzy and tired and had a Drs appointment for Wednesday.  Right in the middle of Blizzard #2.  The Drs office called to change it and Dad and Renie went in.  The Dr was concerned that Dad was feeling so badly, gave him a little shit for not calling sooner, ran some tests and reviewed the meds.  The tests showed that his BP was too low and that's why he was feeling like crap.  So they "tweaked" (Drs wording) his meds.  Dad will take certain meds depending on how high his BP is.  If its over 110, Dad is to take a certain med (I don't know which one, didn't ask).  The lower the BP and heart rate is, the more healing that his heart can do on its own.  So there are days that Dad feels pretty good and others that he feels like crap. 

The good news from this visit is that his heart is already showing some strengthening!!  Oh Happy Dance!  So dad has to keep doing what he is doing and hopefully by the mid-March the Drs will be happy enough with the Heart Muscle that they will talk about fixing the valves that need fixing.  We'll see!

Ok.  So that wasn't so much random thoughts as a bunch of follow up on previous stories!  If you want to experience REAL random-ness go see Keely over at the Un Mom!


  1. Hey, thanks for the comments over at my place. I popped in here to meet the neighbors and it's a pretty cool place. You fixed it up nicely. Glad to meet you all and learn about your family. LEGO therapy sounds interesting. I hope your father continues to mend. Hope your getaway DC trip is fun-filled (And hope you run into the president in the hall. Or Michelle.)

  2. I am intrigued by this Lego therapy! I work with adults and children with autism and have NOT heard of this!

  3. I was upset that they had their parties today too. I wanted to go....and cant understand why they didnt let any of us know it would be today. Even our classroom mom didnt show up today. Im sure there are lots of unhappy moms in our township tonight.

    I cant wait to see the pics from your DC trip!

  4. I love Lego, and it is very therapeutic! I even secretly buy some for myself on the pretext that it is for my niece to play with myself! (Oh! I just realised that sounds rude!) But you know what I mean! Lol!!!
    Hey, I've left you an award on my site!

  5. Good news about your Dad's heart.

    If you Keep postponing the polar bear plunge, it will end up being a summer swim! LOL!

  6. one batch of missing chocolate covered pretzels does NOT a bad mom make.

  7. I wonder if your ex is mine? He refuses to pay for any testing for our daughter, even though she needs it!

  8. march might be a tad warmer. smiles. good to hear about your dad...

  9. You aren't a bad mom. You just forgot. It happens. That's why I rarely sign up to bring things to my son's school. Usually I just offer to bring in easy things such as paper plates and cups.

  10. The Lego group sounds great, I hope your son has fun and benefits from the therapy. My son has been diagnosed with several thought disorders and I know how much he has always loved Legos. Funny how something so simple can be so intriguing for these children.

    Good news about your dad, I hope he continues to improve.


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