Friday, January 29, 2010

Conversation with my kid and Dad update!

Thank you SO much for your thoughts, prayers and good wishes for my Dad and all of us.  I have really appreciated every single one! 

Dad says he's fine today.  He started all his new meds today and stopped drinking as of yesterday.  I hope that he cuts down on the smoking but I'm not holding my breath (other than when I am at his house or in the car with him!)  The Dr said his heart is very weak.  He is in heart failure and has 2 leaky valves, the mitral and aortic.  At this time, because the heart is so weak, he is not a candidate for surgery to fix the valves.  The Dr is hoping that by stopping his drinking and "optimizing his medications" that the heart muscle will be able to heal itself and become stronger.  Dad follows up with the local cardiologist, who will be in touch with the guy who did the procedure yesterday.  In about a month, Dad will go for another test to look at his heart again and decide what is to be done, if anything.  So life returns to normal for now, I guess.

This week was a LONG one for me!  There was a lot happening, Son's Birthday was a big deal.  We all went to Applebee's for dinner.  (YUCK but that's where Son wanted to go)  Conversation with Son deciding where to go:

Son:  Can we go to Rushes?  (its a local place with really good food and really good price tag!)
me:  No.  Its too expensive and they won't have the pasta bar tonight.  That's only on Tuesdays.
Son: Oh.  How about Joe's Crab Shack?  No.  Grandpop won't want to go to Wilmington.
me: Nope.  I don't want to go there either.
Son:  APPLEBEE's!  I want to go to Applebee's!
Me:  Are you sure?  Don't you want to go somewhere that has good food?
Son:  No.  I want to go to Applebee's cause they sing to everyone on their birthday.
Me: Ok.  Can't argue with that.  YOU tell Grandpop.

Here are pictures from the evening:

Birthday hugs for me and Son

Grandmom and Son

Grandpop and Son
Son was avoiding Grandpop all day because Grandpop was trying to get birthday spankings in.

It was a lovely evening with singing.  Son went into the place broadcasting to everyone that it was his birthday and he wanted singing.  So funny!  And our waitress did a great job of grabbing every other server in the place to sing for him.  Son was THRILLED!

Happy Friday everyone and head over to Lee's place.  She is hosting the linky for Friday Conversations with your kids!

OH!  Does anyone know how to get permanent magic marker of a laptop screen?  Don't ask!  :)


  1. First time visitor Amy- cool linky thing, I have no idea how to do it! But it got me here! Anyway, love the b-day pics - very sweet. And when my daughter was five she wrote all over our computer and television with a permanent marker! She felt so horrible that she tried writing over the marker with the same marker - and guess what? It came off! NO guarantee that would work, but it worked on our old i-mac computer screen. Good luck! :) Karen from

  2. I am pleased that your Dad is now doing well, but he has to stop smoking and drinking. It's not just his life that he is gambling on.
    Great Birthday Photo's! You all look so happy!
    Hope that you all had a great evening!
    Thinking of you.

  3. I have not been around, so I must lump everything together. Happy birthday to your son!!

    I am glad that there were no major complications in your Dad's procedure, and also that he is taking it seriously and starting to examine kicking habits!

  4. happy birthday to your son! love the looks on his face!

    glad to hear your dad is doing better as well.

  5. Hi Amy!! Happy Birthday to your SON! The pic of you two is soooo sweet. I love it. Thanks for sharing a meaningful conversation with your son that got you all to the "right" place for his birthday! :-) I'm not even sure if there is an Applebee's in LA. I don't think so.

    Glad there is some good news in your dad's heart situation....or at least knowing there is something he can do for himself to get a little better. Keep us updated of course.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for being the ONLY one to play along with "Conversations with my Kid!" I'm hoping for more next week!



  6. What a great birthday even if it was at Applebee's.

    I have no idea how to get marker off a screen. I think it's called permanent for a reason however. Try on one of those magic erasers, they work on wood and walls great.

  7. Sorry you don't like Applebee's but at least Jacob was happy and had a great birthday. I am still praying for your dad and will continue till they get all the leaks stopped. Be patient with him as he tries to quit smoking and drinking it is tough to do. As for the permanent marker I agree with Jen to try one of those magic erasers. I use it on everything and it works great. I think I am all caught up on my reading now and should be able to comment closer to the date you post. I love the pictures of you and him, your stepmom and him, and your dad and him. They all turned out great. Hugs Ames, Mom

  8. I'm glad you'll had a good time.

    I hope your dad is OK

  9. I am so glad your dad is doing well! It is so very hard to quit ...both of those!!

  10. good news about your dad - and what great birthday pictures

  11. I hope your dad's kicking the drinking helps strengthen his heart! I know it would be better if he quit the smoking as well though.

    Happy B-day to Son, it looks like you all had a good time irregardless of what you think of Applebee's food :D

  12. Oh, I asked too soon. Great to hear about your dad. I'm glad your son was happy with his birthday dinner.


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