Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its Sunday!

Hi friends!  The weekend is over, we are all dug out from the snow, met our puppy and survived the birthday party!  I have a couple of book reviews that I have to post this week and I really need to finish reading the books! oops!  Anyway.........

Son had ALL GIRLS at the party.  His little harem.  And he had a great time.  That's all that matters.

Dad behaved himself and instructed others in the operation of the snowblower and even went back inside after Mr. Len had the hang of it.  He also called to have Son help carry the grocery bags upstairs today!  My Dad can be a blockhead and will insist that he can do this stuff.  It seems he is realizing that he can't right now.  GOOD.

Son and I met the puppy today.  We still don't have a name that we agree on and probably won't until he comes home at the end of February.  Son is whining already that he wants to go and see the puppy again.    Oh boy.  This is what I am going to have to listen to for the next month.

Son and Puppy

I feel like I have missed some blogs this week because I have been so busy with things.  And when I did stop over to read, I couldn't concentrate to finish the blog.  Serious ADD.  Sorry!  I will try and get better this week.  Life should be quieter this week.  Might even be able to read a few at work! ;)

Ok, I'm off to read!  And then to chase the kid to the shower and bed!  Hope everyone's weekend and Monday is awesome!


  1. How about getting your readers to suggest names for the puppy?

    I have a few...

  2. Very early for a harem! LOL!

    I am glad that your dad is realizing that he cannot do some things!

  3. aw. cute puppy. all girl party....i am trying to remember when my mom would let that happen..never! lol.

  4. I need to see another picture of that puppy!
    Glad to see things are going all right otherwise.

  5. OH! SO sweet! I am with your son...when can you go back and see the puppy again????

  6. Wow! The puppy is tiny in your son's hands. I've been praying for your dad. How did the last appointment go?


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