Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Polar Bear Plunge

Three years ago, my best friend Neicy was turning 50 and decided she wanted to do something to mark the occasion.  I am a TRUE friend and said "Count me in!  What do you want to do?"  See Neicy and I have been through Hell and back together;  marriage and divorce, births and deaths, good times and bad.  And Hawaii!  Whatever she needs, I am there and vice versa.

Anyway, she decided that we would go swimming.  COOL!  I love swimming!  In the ocean in January.  HUH?  You're kidding me right?  Nope. 

See every year the Special Olympics of Delaware holds their annual Polar Bear Plunge fund raiser.  Special Olympics is an international movement which, through year-round sports training and competition in the Olympic tradition, gives people with intellectual disability the chance to strengthen their character, develop their physical skills, display their talents and fulfill their human potential.

The Polar Bear Plunge, entering its 19th year, has become one of the most popular events in the state of Delaware. The uniqueness of this event, unlike many others, is that it spans all genders, age groups, income levels, and every demographic area of the state, with participation often extending beyond our borders. It truly is a state-wide family and friends’ event!

This is us after our first plunge.  It was great!  We actually swam twice.  Her boyfriend said he didn't get pictures of us in the water.  LIAR!  But we were dumb enough to go back in so he could get pictures.

Here is last years before picture.  The weather was actually pretty warm, 53 and the water was like bath water at 40!

Son has Aspergers Syndrome which would qualify him to participate in the Special Olymics Program so by participating in this Fund Raiser, I am helping children like my Son.

This year, Son is old enough to join us and he is SO excited!  We, of course have to raise money.  If you are interested in donating, send me an email and I will send you the link!


  1. I still think your nuts. I love you, but your nuts! just kidding. I think its great that you do this for SO each year. You are helping so many kids and you are making some great memories.

  2. i did the plunge once....brrrr...but for a good cause....maybe again. smiles.

  3. I am already self conscious enough, shrinkage is not what I need! LOL!

    I follow another blogger who's son also has Asperger's syndrome.


  4. You are a very friend. I'd do a lot for a friend, but I don't think the Polar Bear Plunge would be one.

    How funny that Ortin shared my link above. I knew Jonathan could probably participate in Special Olympics, but never really thought about it. I hope your son has a great time.

  5. I'm a special ed teacher turned administrator and we have several kids with autism at our school. They can be so darn funny! I often eat lunch with this one girl just because I like to hear what she will say - and you never know what she will say!

    This is a fantastic thing you are doing!


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