Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Sunny & 80 HERE!

In my own little world, its sunny and 80.  And I am laying on a beach somewhere.  Not getting ready to shovel some snow.................

Our Table on Snow.  I don't know how accurate a measure this is because of the gusting winds.

I leaned out the back door for this.  sigh.

I will post more pictures of the Great Dig when we get started.

I hope everyone in the storms path are safe and warm!


  1. Its sunny and 75 here....80 is too hot, lol

    Have fun digging out...ugh.

  2. been shoveling all about 10-11 inches so far...round 2 coming...

  3. It rained here, no shoveling! LOL!

  4. It is 62 and Ray said it feels like 65 but I gotta tell you I am glad we don't have snow because I am cold sitting here.

    And Denise wonders why we don't want to come back and live there. Hmmmmm maybe because I would freeze my *&Y& off!!! smile Mom

  5. Wow Amy, your place looks like mine does! I posted pics today too, but they're from about 2 weeks ago. I hope you manage to dig yourself out safely!


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