Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father of the Year - Not so much in my book!

Son was supposed to go to his fathers (aka A/H) for Fathers Day. Imagine that, yes, I know its surprising.

The normal visitation schedule is that Son goes with A/H every other weekend from Friday to Sunday. The opposite Fridays, Son goes with A/H for dinner. This past Friday, Son was participating in the graduation at school and couldn’t go with his Dad.

I did the good Mom thing and tried to give A/H make-up time with Son. I arranged that Son would go with his Dad on Saturday and spend the night. That would be MORE time than he would have had with Son for normal Friday dinner.

When Son came home from the last weekend visit, he decided he didn’t want to spend the night with A/H, just go on Sunday. So I emailed A/H LAST Sunday with Son’s request to change the plans. And I NEVER heard back from A/H to confirm the change in plans and to find out what time A/H would pick Son up on Sunday.

Finally on Friday, I texted A/H to see what was going on. All I got back from him was “Tell Son that I will see him next week” I was shocked! I texted back to remind him that it was Fathers Day. He texted back “I’ll see him next week”.

I had some lovely choice words for A/H but I didn’t say them to A/H. I saved them for my BFF, Neicy who was just as pee’d off as me!

So I went home and had to tell Son. He did NOT take it well at all. He stormed into the house, threw himself on his bed and sobbed his heart out. And my heart was breaking for him.

I have always said that Son would figure out what an ASS his father is. I hate that he has to, but its just the way of the world. Poor baby! While I cannot replace A/H totally, I will do what I can to make sure Son is happy and healthy.

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