Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Compound

I have described The Compound where I live before. I have told the story of Phyllis the nutcase druggie here.

Well, things have gotten SO much worse with her and her lease is not up for another 3 months. Ugh. Kathy has told her that she will not be renewing it and if she finds a place to move to before the end of it, she will not hold her to it. YAY!

Poor Kathy has been made sick by all this crap that is going on. She is on nerve meds and is taking Tums like they are candy.

One good thing is that the police have been out to The Compound quite frequently and I have had lots of chances to flirt with them. There is even one that wants to come over and celebrate with us when Phyllis (Druggie) leaves. AWESOME! I think he’s the cutest of them all.

Anyway, while before Phyllis was just annoying and obnoxious, has elevated herself to out right STUPID by the fact that she gets stoned, either on her Rx meds or the recreational drugs she takes, She has claimed that someone broke into her apartment, drugged and raped her and stole $9,000 worth of jewelry from her.

Of course, she had no idea who came into the apartment, could not describe the jewelry that was stolen, and even went to the hospital to get checked out, all of which was negative. The police and detectives looked all over her apartment and didn’t find anything.

Also, she has 8 doorknob sets up there and can’t seem to get one to work. The other night, she came down to Kathy’s place and asked who was on her porch and stripped the screws from her doorknob. Of course, no one had been up there and SHE is the one who stripped the screws when she used a HAMMER to put them in.

But she called the police and Officer Cutie came over and checked things out and even installed the lock for her. He then stopped by the picnic table where we all were gathered laughing at her to chat. He said they know she is nuts but since she claimed rape and they can’t disprove it yet, they have to put up with her.

On Friday afternoon, we were all outside enjoying the weather and she was up on her deck passed out in her lounge chair with her purse beside her. My Dad blew the horn when he was under where she was and she didn’t stir. Anyway, Son’s father came to get him and I left to get my bike fixed. When I got home, she wasn’t there anymore but her boyfriends truck was in the driveway. I assumed he got her up and took her inside.

Around 1:30 in the morning, I was woke up by the ambulance coming down the road. I looked out and saw 2 police cars out there. So I got up and took Jaxon for a walk to see what was going on. Neighbor, Len poked his head out the door to ask me if I knew what was going on. I was over there chatting (Len lives under Druggie) when one of the cops came out to talk with us. I was quick to point out that I live over there in the other house and was just taking the puppy for a walk.

Len told Officer Hottie (yes, he’s a different one from Cutie!) what he heard happen up in her apartment after everyone went about their business. After I left, Len went inside. He heard the boyfriend (aka Ball-less) pull into the driveway and assumed that he was getting her up and inside. Shortly after that he heard a bone crushing crash to the floor and then she was wailing that she had fallen. He said that went on for a few minutes and he also heard the boyfriend trying to comfort her. Then all went quiet so Len assumed that she passed out again.

Then Len heard the boyfriend leave around 9:00. We don’t know what time he came back but the neighbors were woken up around 1:30 to the police and ambulance. She was claiming that someone beat her up and that’s where she got the broken nose and gash over her eye.

Officer Hottie said they (Phyllis and Ball-less) were giving a completely different story. They pulled Ball-less out of the apartment to talk with him and hopefully get the real story, which unfortunately didn’t happen. Eventually, everyone went away and we all went back to sleep.

While I was in Maryland visiting, the cops were called back by Phyllis because she wants to file charges that she was beat up by someone. Of course, she has no idea who punched her in the face.

The cop who came over was Officer Cutest. When he was done with Phyllis, he went to Kathy’s house to talk with her. They are working on getting enough facts to prove that she is nuts. He asked if Len would give the police a written statement of the facts as he observed and heard them.

While we were all having dinner together on Sunday, we joked that we should assign the cops their own space since they were there almost as much as we are. Since Dad’s car is in the shop, they have an extra space, that’s where we put it.

The police haven't been called back since we put up the sign.  bummer!

So the calm and quiet of The Compound has been broken frequently by this nutcase but we only have until August 1st before she has to be out. There will be a party at my house on August 2nd or the first Saturday after that. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the smorgasbord of Officers who are around.


  1. wow...drama central...nice sign. lol.

  2. Wow! How could you live with such a neighbour? She definitely needs treatment, but I can understand your point of view. I would terminate her lease as soon as possible.....meaning that she has 48 hours to find somewhere else to live, but then you have the problem of missing Constables Cutie and Hottie!
    Sods Law, I suppose! Lol!!!!

  3. You seem relatively calm about it considering the constant interruptions and all. I guess if you don't laugh, you'd go nuts! ;)

  4. Omigosh. What a nutjob. I hope she gets help, or at least moves on soon.

  5. Maybe your blog should be renamed...The Compound with crazy woman neighbor. ha.


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