Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jaxon is 16 weeks old!

Jaxon is 16 weeks old this week.  4 whole months!
He is SO good and SO smart.
Jaxon knows to sit and stay.
He LOVES to run on the beach
Jaxon asks to go out for potty breaks.
He can get up on the couch by himself now.
Jaxon plays fetch for HOURS.
He chases stuffed animals, which my stepmother gets at yard sales because of course Jaxon chews on EVERYTHING

I should ask her not to get stuffed animals that look so much like the real kitties, though.

When I say "give me your face!" he puts his nose up and into the leash.
Jaxon is a snuggler.  He LOVES to snuggle with you on the couch.

The other night, he got up on the couch with me and started chewing on me.  I told him that I was not a chew toy.  He got down, grabbed a chew toy and came back up.

And he has stopped stealing the TP.
What a cutie!


  1. ha. you just might get me to get a dog...

  2. Except for chasing stuffed animals the description of your dog could describe me! LOL

  3. This post just might convince me to get a pooch for the girls


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