Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Total Randomness!

The sun is out! Finally. So much rain lately. We even had a awesome thunderstorm over the weekend. Jaxon was not phased by it either. Such a good pup.

Over the weekend Son, Jaxon and I went to MD to visit with Son’s other grandmom. She is my mom’s best friend and when Mom was dying she said that Judy would be Son’s other grandmother. So of course, its been a while since we visited so we went. Jaxon traveled well, he curled up on the seat and slept for the ride.

The police have been at The Compound a lot lately because of Phyllis and her nuttiness. But that’s another post.

Work has been a little crazy too. I had several applications due at the same time and then a funder scheduled a site visit for 4 of our 5 sites. I am in charge of the Policies and Procedure Manuals, which were supposed to be updated when the new CEO was placed but I was not allowed to take care of it. So when they were notified of the site visits, guess who had to RUSH through updating the 4 manuals in less than a week. At least all the manuals are the same and I just had to make 4 sets of P&P’s and put them in the books. And now its done except for the other 2 books. But I need paper for those 2 books and supplies are not being ordered for some reason.

I have finished coordinating the summer camp schedule for Son with his father. I have 2 weeks of vacation with Son but need to come up with ideas of something to do for at least one of those weeks.

My new bike was broken. I lost one brake pad on the front. Made for scary stopping. I took it over to the bike shop and they fixed me up in a jiffy for no charge. Gotta love free!

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  1. Hope you can get your bike fixed. That is scary.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. glad you got the bike fixed...dont you love the rush to get ready for visitors and inspections...lol.

  3. A brake that doesn't work would be terrifying!

    I hope you come up with some good ideas for activities with your son!


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