Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dad Update and My Boys

I am going to start this with goodness.  My Boys walking to the bus stop.

Jaxon loves to follow Son on the curbing.  So cute!

Dad Update:  (previous entries, Here)

Dad went back to the Drs yesterday and left with some shocking news.  They said that his heart will always be too weak for them to operate and repair/replace the valves.  He will not be a good candidate for that surgery.  They are recommending two alternatives to help him.  One is a heart transplant.  CRAP.  I had to sit down when he told me that.  What a shock that my dad is THAT sick.  Well, not yet but he could be.  Medically, he is not ready for a transplant but they want to get him on the list so that when he IS there, he's ready.

The second option, I don't know much info about and neither did Dad.  They want to put a pump on his current heart, which will help to relieve some of the stress on it.  Its a fairly new device but they have had success with it.  One of the Drs who helped to develop it is somewhat local and Dad will be going to see him very soon.

We have lots of questions about both options and feel that we have time to get the answers to those questions, especially since Dad is doing pretty well right now.  

In the meantime, we are making a list of our questions and are going to enjoy our time together!


  1. cherish every moment...praying for you....

  2. First,what an awesome picture of the boy's. I will send up prayers for you and your Dad. Keep one thing in mind before you get too down hearted. Doctor's don't know everything but God does.

  3. I'm glad that he's doing so well now so that you can get things in place now. You're being a terrific daughter and support for him!

  4. best wishes,
    no surgery,
    good news to me.

    Happy Day in,
    Happy Day out!

  5. Ames I am so sorry to hear how bad sick your dad is. You and him will be in my prayers daily. I miss you. (((Hugs))) Mom

  6. As we age, we get to the point where we are afraid to go to the doctor and afraid not to. Joe and I have had a downturn in our health and choices have to be made for each of us as we age. Your father is there, but knowing how much you truly love him, will carry him farther than if he was alone. You are the guardian at his gate now and your presence has to make him "feel the love". Take it from one who knows, it's a wonderful blessing in the midst of a horrible time.


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