Monday, April 19, 2010


Every year, Son goes to the local YMCA day camp for the summer and LOVES it.  He knows the routine and gets to swim EVERYDAY!  To my budget its expensive but given Son's enjoyment, its worth it.

Anyway, I have been corresponding about summer camp for Son with his father.  You register early and get a discount and every little bit helps.  You may remember my troubles in dealing with his father.  If not, here's a little reminder.......
This weekend was Son's weekend with his Dad.  But the Autism Center was going to the Philly zoo on Sunday so I asked if I could pick Son up early and take him.  His father agreed.  That's NOT the shocking part.

With the restraints still in place in the divorce, when we exchange Son one of us stays in the car till the other says good bye and Son is making his way across the parking spaces (yes, many, many spaces!). 

On Sunday, his father parked with only ONE space between us. This made me a little nervous but since it was BJ's parking lot, there were TONS of people around if I needed anything.  I got out and opened the hatch for Son to stow his bag, then moved to the safe side of the car.  Son came over and so did his father!  YIKES.  I haven't been that close to him without an officer in the room in 4 years.

The shocking part is that he handed me a CHECK FOR SUMMER CAMP.  I know my chin hit the ground and I stuttered asking what was going on.  He said since he has overtime and extra money right now, he's going to pay in advance.  Chin on ground AGAIN.

NEVER in the past has he been ahead on ANYTHING concerning Son.  I usually end up in COURT to get his portion of things. 

So Folks, if we have a blizzard, IT'S NOT MY FAULT!  lol    And I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.


  1. I really hope that other shoe never drops, and that your son has a fabulous time at camp.

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  3. That was a pleasant surprise! Here's hoping it stays pleasant! :)

  4. Hoping with the others for pleasantness to reign. Here's to a happy camper fun time for son. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of summer camp. Great fun!

  5. Read linked post - umm, crapola! (Comcast thing was hilarious though!!)

    The check - Well, it's a start right? I signed my kids up for the Y this year. It's our first time but they are looking forward to it.

  6. How nice!

    When Tommy is a little older he might do a summer camp.

  7. Sometimes situations change over the course of time. Hopefully this is a move in the right direction.


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