Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Helicopter Ride

I have never been on a helicopter before.  I don't have a problem with flying in a plane, actually love it cause you get to see different places.  HS and I had a chance to take a helicopter ride over Sedona.  What an experience!

We are next!

First, let me tell you that you have to get weighed before getting in the helicopter.  And their scale is SO WRONG!  Trust me, I didn't starve myself for weeks and sweat my brains out to be told that nothing has changed.  His scale is WRONG.  Of course, his scale determines where in the helicopter you get to sit.  In our helicopter, there were 4 seats other than the pilot.  I was assigned #2 and HS was assigned #3.

When we were on the field, the guy told us where we'd be sitting in relation to our numbers.  When I found out HS was in the co-pilots seat I started whining.  I wanted to sit in the co-pilots seat!  The guy knew I was just kidding whining, though.  And I loaded up in the helicopter when I was told too.

HS in the co-pilot seat
Don't touch ANYTHING up there!

Everyone was seat belted in and we took off.  There were so many views, such a different take on the landscape from high in the air.  We were able to hover over different places for pictures.  The only problem with the ride is that it wasn't long enough.  I'd definitely go again!  Even with having to get weighed!

Chapel Rock
This is the Bride and Groom

The chapel that Frank Lloyd Wright designed
into the rock face.

Back on the ground again.


  1. I would have been terrified up there, but wow, those views are amazing!

  2. oo this would be so cool to be able to ride a helicopter...out there esp...a deffrent perspective for sure...

  3. fantastic views!

    i'd love if i could have been up there.

    hope you have a great day!


    betty xx

  4. Gorgeous. Unbelievable. I want to go there so bad! It looks like you had a great time :)


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