Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic chapel built into the mesas of Sedona, AZ.  It is built in the Coconino National Forest and is beautiful!  We saw it from the helicopter and we stopped there on our way home.  It is inspiring to see.  Built into the side of the mesa, seemingly without disturbing Mother Nature.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross
This picture is wallpaper on my iPad.
Just one reminder of the beauty of my vacation

It was a long winding walk up to the Chapel's entrance.  But so worth it when we arrived!  Not only to explore the chapel itself, but to see the view of the valley below.  

Both are Breath-taking!

The entrance of the Chapel
Its made of glass

The view from Chapel of the Holy Cross
Courthouse Butte is on the left and Bell Rock is on the right
We were wandering around checking out things when HS heard Christie barking.  So we did a mad dash down the hill to the truck.  She was curled up on the seat like a good girl.  HS swears it was her barking.  I said she saw him up on the ledge and was yelling at him to get down!

After we settled back in the truck, we headed back south.  I had to get home, pack and be ready to fly out early the next morning.  It was a sad trip home.


  1. that is a cool church/ architecture that plays off the surroundings...cute about the dog...

  2. Wish we had seen this when we were in the area several years ago. I love visiting churches!


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