Monday, June 13, 2011

My Weekend

Was there really just a weekend?  Where did it go?  I lost it somewhere.  Can I get it back?  I didn't think so.  That's ok.  I'll just wait a few days and enjoy the next one.

I spent the weekend painting an apartment for my landlord.  Between tenants, she has me paint and clean the places, she gets the carpets cleaned.  Then the next family moves in. 

This weekend was not the best weather for painting.  I think I am still dehydrated from all the sweating.  Yes, I'm drinking lots of water still! 

Neicy and I usually team up for these jobs but she was busy this weekend and sent her son over in her place.  Man, is he a worker!  And he can cut in around the edges!  Just what I hate to do!  We finished up and on Tuesday, I'm going to get in there and clean windows and stuff.

The new neighbors are going to be so much fun.  They are closer to my age and so nice!  They are going to fit in very nicely with The Compound.

Now I have to get caught up on the normal stuff that I usually do on the weekends, just in time for next weekend!  Tomorrow is my 400th post.  Come back and celebrate with me!


  1. glad you had some help...ack on it being so hot..esp with all those fumes....

  2. i agree -- i want my weekend back, too. you sure do fit a lot in your days. you continue to amaze me :)

  3. I hate the cutting in and the edge work too! I hope you're getting some sort of payback for all that work?


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