Tuesday, June 14, 2011

400th Post!

When I started this little nesting place for my thoughts, I certainly didn't dream that I would be creating 400 posts.  Well, Today is my 400th post!

My Nest here is a place for me to share my inner most thoughts and feelings, no matter how good or bad they are.  I have found this to be very therapeutic, writing and chatting with ya'll.  And you are always there to support and boost me up when I've meet some challenges in my life.  I have written many things here and share much of my daily life on here.   I have made many good friends through here.

I have shared my struggles with my Aspergers/ADHD/Puberty son.  The Story.

I have shared his accomplishments as well.  The Science Fair.

I have whined excessively about my ex, my struggles of being a single mom and my journey to acceptance and freedom of the controlling a$$.  Expectations, Acceptance, and Freedom.

I shared my Mom's story with you and the story of Jacob's birth.  Dearest Momma.

I introduced you to the Most Awesome-est soccer player, Jaxon!  Bring me the ball, Jaxon!

I have shared my accomplishments as well.  And I am one accomplished woman!  The Hill.

I created new characters about my high school love.   Remembered Love.

We had much fun with Skittles Vodka!  Gotta make more!  Skittles Vodka Rocks!

Through your encouragement, I joined the local choir for ME.  And I had one of the best experiences of my life of singing the National Anthem at the Phillies Game!  What an Experience!

These are just some of my favorite posts in the past 399 or so.  And I have many more to share!  Thank you, my dear readers for being my audience and sharing my journey into sanity!


  1. i look forward to the many more amy...congrats on 400!!!

  2. And it has been a pleasure getting to know you!

  3. it has been a great pleasure reading every post i have had the pleasure to. Thanks for sharing and here's a skittles vodka toast to number 400


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