Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Hill

Last night I packed up my bike to head over to Neicy's for a nice long ride.  She lives around the corner from this:

We usually avoid it but occasionally we try our bodies by heading up it.  Which is just what I asked her to do with me last night.  With all the riding I have been doing lately, I wanted to test if I could do it and survive. 

Past tries have ended with us walking to the top, getting to the top and basically collapsing and last night actually getting to the top and still being able to breathe!  I was so excited with how "easy" it was. 

Then there is the triumphant ride down the other side with the rush of wind as you hit 26-27 miles per hour, it was a great ride!  By the time we got back to her house we had ridden 11 miles in 55 minutes.  My kind of ride, good miles, good company, good gossip!

Thanks, Neicy!

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  1. woohoo! god job taking the hill...and i loved the other side as a kid...


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