Friday, July 2, 2010

Fate and Directional Signs

There are many people who believe in signs and structure their life around those signs. I mean the entire movie Serendipity is based on a couple not getting together because Fate gives signs that its not supposed to happen, yet years later, Fate pushes them together.

I am not one of those people usually. Yes, I see the signs pointing me in a direction but I don’t always follow them. I like to forge my own way sometimes.

Lately, there is a situation in my life that I would like to have turn out one way but the signs are pointing in a completely different direction. Every time, I think I have the situation figured out, fate tosses another sign at me that pushes, not just points, in a different direction.  I do see the merits of the way Fate is telling me to go.  If I get my way, there could be further compliations to life but when I think of the FUN I can have, I'm willing to chance Fate.

I spent an evening pouting because it seemed that I was going to have to give in to Fate.  But I am not ready to accept this direction yet. I think I can still get my own way. I certainly will TRY to get my way!  Only time will tell.....


  1. ask. scary place to be when the signs are pointing the other direction...hoping the best...

  2. Maybe Fate has accounted for your stubbornness ;)


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