Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Feeling a Bit Crabby Today

Yesterday I saw this:

That's a crab boat.  You'll have to trust me, I couldn't get zoomed in close enough.  But they are catching crabs!  Almost in front of my HOUSE!

This tells me that its time to put Son on Bait Duty so we can put THESE back in:

and see what swims in!

Son and I also put the anchor marker in so anyone who wants to come and see us via the water has a place to tie up.

Saylors was out front to give her approval:

I'll keep you posted as to what we catch!


  1. me some crab....hope you haul in a nice catch!

  2. That's cool! I would love some fresh crab!

  3. Happy crabbing! And what a pretty kitty!

  4. How cool is that? Let me know what you catch!


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