Monday, April 4, 2011

What an Experience!

Yesterday, for my birthday, I sang the National Anthem at the Phillies game.  What an experience!  What STRESS!

ESM and I left the house with what we thought was plenty of time to get there.  We only live 40 minutes from the stadium.  Who knew the Flyers were playing at the SAME TIME??  Janet did!  :)  Who knew the traffic would be HORRENDOUS?  Anyone who has been to a game in say the last year or so!  I can't tell you the last time I've been to a Phillies game.

Anyway, after sitting in traffic for way too long, ESM and I ran all over the stadium trying to find someone who could get us out on the field.  Finally, at 1:31, I was lead onto the field, over the Astro's dugout.  COOL!

By 1:37 we were done singing and heading back underground.  WOW!  Looking around at about 40,000 standing with their hats off for US to sing!  AMAZING!  Would I do it again?  HELLS YES!  But I will be leaving my house at 5 am to get there! 

Here's the video:

I'm in the front row to the left......


  1. You all did a great job. So glad you got there in time. And always, always, always leave to go to any of the games at any of the stadiums at least 1/2 hour to 45 min sooner than you think it takes to get there. If I'd known you didn't know that I would of warned you, sorry.

  2. After we all re-grouped, the members of the chorus sang "Happy Birthday!" to Amy on her special day.

    Sorry to say that our organizer, Paul Reed, did not make it down on the field to sing with us. We are sure that he was singing from somewhere in the stadium.

    This is our group's fourth time to sing for the Phillies. Looking forward to doing it again, real soon!

    Lots of photos posted across facebook, and on our group page: Oak Singers & Friends.


  3. woohoo! you sound great! glad you made it and that you had a video for us!

  4. What a birthday! That is sooooo cool!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!! So cool that you got to sing the National Anthem at an MLB game. Looks like it was a beautiful day too. Awesome!


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