Thursday, September 9, 2010

Remembered Love

Jess sat on the beach, baking in the sun. She watched the waves roll into each other and eventually the sandy beach. Wave watching was soothing and it didn’t take long for her mind to empty of daily worries. No worrying today about the kids, the house, money, or her job. She was just relaxing on the beach with the sound of the waves and the occasional seagull. Instead she let her mind wander to her first love, Jon.

They had been in love during high school, dating for about 2 years. Different memories flashed through Jess’s mind. Most brought a smile to her face but there were some that brought a frown.

Jess remembered the day Jon walked her to homeroom (he did that every day but still) and kissed her good bye right in front of the teacher. And what a mean teacher she was! She gave them both detention, not that either of them served the time.

She remembered sitting in science class, paying more attention to watching the back room where Jon might be working on an experiment for another teacher. Jess remembered how her heart would race and her whole body would tingle when she saw him. God, she missed that feeling!

The time they went to the Candy Stripers Ball with her best friend Cassie and her boyfriend. They were all dressed up, with great friends, loud music and the perfect excuse to be in each others arms. Fast or slow songs, it didn’t matter, they were together.

Jess could skip around in her mind to all the different Friday and Saturday nights spent at one house or another. She thought about all the make-out sessions in the hallway with his mom sitting in the driveway waiting for them to get finished saying good bye. Hours later would find them on the phone missing each other. They shared all their thoughts, dreams and hopes for the future until one or both fell asleep.

Then Jon got his license, a car and a job to support the car. This changed things between Jess and Jon. Because of his job, there wasn’t as much time for him to spend with Jess. Jess didn’t mind too much, she just missed him. They did spend as much time as possible with each other in school and out.

They were in Drama Club together and worked backstage to help put on the plays. Jess remembered hiding in the catacombs of the theatre, making out with Jon during practice and the actual plays.

They were young and inexperienced in sex. They were finding their way together. Jess was an innocent but loved Jon and all he did to make her feel wonderful and loved.

Jess remembered the many times on the way home, they would stop for a make out session and more. She remembered the first time he kissed her breasts and her first orgasm from him. The feelings in her body were new and wondrous. She knew Jon loved her and always would.

Jon wasn’t the only one with a job. While Jess was still more than a year from getting her license, she was saving up for her car and all the support it would need. She would baby-sit for her cousins and a friend of the family. Jess would baby-sit until the early morning hours and Jon could stop by on his way home from work to visit with Jess. It was at such a visit that Jon and Jess first made love to each other. They had spent hours talking about it, making sure that each was really ready to be with the other and knowing it would be the ultimate gift for each other. While some things were not as Jess had expected, she loved Jon. She knew that she always would.

One thing Jon still doesn’t know to this day is that Jess’s father rode past the house where they were “babysitting”. Jess was grounded for a week or so because of it. That’s protective parents for you!

A shrill whistle from the life guard shifted Jess' train of thought and she tried to remember what went wrong between her and Jon but couldn’t really come up with the reason they eventually broke up. She couldn’t remember who did the breaking up but thought it might have been her. She remembered seeing Jon around school and being sad and uncomfortable around him when they were backstage or when they were with their group of friends.

Jess remembers that she dated someone else for a while and when that didn’t work out; she tried to make friends with Jon again. She actually wanted to be more than friends with him. She remembered the day they sat in his car outside the school, him telling her that he just wanted to be friends, that he didn’t want to be her “fall back guy” for when things didn’t work out for her with someone else. He felt he was in a good place in his life as he was getting ready to graduate and leave for college. He didn’t want to go through that hurt again.

Jess remembers that day very clearly for some reason. After all these years, it doesn’t matter why. Not when Jon and Jess have both moved on to other relationships, other loves, other lives.  Fate has taken them in their separate directions.   Maybe their paths will cross again or not.  Only time will tell.

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  1. Wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. very nice.. you took you time with this one and played the yarn out never know when paths may cross again...

  3. That's an evocative story anyone with a puppy love in their youth can relate to... well, I sure can.

  4. brought tears to my eyes remembering my first love.


  5. Wish I had a first love story that good. *Sob.*

  6. Interesting story that covers all angles. looking back is interesting, but rarely productive.

  7. An easy to read story that really carries the reader along. I felt like I was on the beach too, remembering.
    Found your blog, backtracking from another one. I like your style. I'll be back.

  8. sweet,
    love makes people full of emotions.
    Happy Saturday!


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