Monday, November 1, 2010

Skittles Vodka Rocks!

I had the BEST weekend!  So happy that I took off for the North!  Jaxon did well in the car, no puking and he even fell asleep on the ride home.  Of course, with all the playing with the other doggies he did, its no wonder he couldn't keep his eyes open!

My weekend started with sending Son off to spend the weekend with his dad.  My ESM (evil step mom) and I dressed up as a witch and a clown and headed to church.  Yes, church on Friday in costume!  There was a wonderful concert called "Tunes from the Crypt" in one of the old churches in town.  This amazingly talented woman plays all the scary songs on the pipe organ and its a huge deal here.  ESM and I were almost the only ones dressed up, after the concert started a man in a full mask came in and enjoyed wandering around the church.  He even made the front page of the newspaper and we STILL don't know who he is!

ESM said to make a Witchy Face

After the concert was over, I packed me and Jaxon up and headed North.  Kimber and I played with her iPad (I WANT ONE!) and looked over her wedding stuff. We got caught up on girl talk, introduced the doggies again and just relaxed.

Saturday morning, we ran some errands, looked for some Bling for Kimbers costume and then headed home to work on Skittles Vodka!  Brittany from Barefoot Foodie wrote this post about it and I shared it with Kimber.  She made the vodka and we strained it. 

Skittles Vodka in Progress
We stashed this in the cooler to take to the Halloween Party and started getting ready.  Kimber and Dale were King and Queen.  I was a clown. 

Kimber thought we were going to a Halloween Party when in fact, Dale, Michele and I all lied to Kimber so we could get her to her Surprise 40th B-day party!  She was SO surprised!  All her friends and family was there, the food was fabulous and we danced ALL night long! 

When the party ended, we adjourned back to Kimbers for skittles vodka!  We mixed it with a little Sprite and it was yummy!  Of course potent too!  I won't post pictures from this because I have a family blog and there was nakedness and dog molesting at the party.  Not fit for a family blog.  lol

We all finally crashed on our couches and beds.  In the morning everyone headed out for their day.  Kimber and I went to the party place to get the decorations and have a Girls Only lunch.  Yum!  After lunch, I packed Jaxon and me up to head home.  He slept and I drove.  I wanted to trade spot with him but he wouldn't wake up.


Blogger is annoying me so Tomorrow's post will be about Halloween at my house!


  1. ha. looks like you had a lot of fun this weekend...nice clown costume..smiles.

  2. Are you happy about wearing your clown costume or not? ;)

    Skittles Vodka sounds intriguing!!!!

  3. If there was indeed nakedness and a dog involved at the party due to the Skittles Vodka, I'd say the pic of the dog in the purse was probably the one involved in the incident. He looks downright ashamed...too much leg-humping involved with Skittled Vodka?
    This post was hilarious. I love that you call your step-mother, Evil Step Mother.

  4. The Vodka thing looks messy, but so good!

  5. wow, what a fun weekend!! never heard of skittles vodka, but i would love a sample :). hurray for "you" time and having a blast!


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