Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation is over

I'm back and I think I'm finally on East Coast time.  I didn't think I was that far off when I was in AZ.  I was still getting up early and going to bed early, for AZ time.  I actually feel "awake" today.  We'll see how long it lasts!

Anyway, AZ was wonderful! Phoenix was HOT but it was a completely different heat than on the East Coast. 

I know, I know, hot is hot, right?  WRONG! 

That's what I thought before I experienced it as well.  Hot without the humidity of the East Coast is not as hot.  Don't get me wrong, it was hot but I didn't feel as hot in that heat as I have since I have been home.

My friend, HS lives out there and my neighbor, Kathy has family out there.  Kathy decided that she was going to head out there for her grnaddaughters high school graduation and HS had been telling me I should come out there.  So I went!  Kathy was staying with her family and HS offered for me to stay with him.  He lives close enough to Kathys family that they could pick me up or HS could drop me off at their place.

My first couple of days were spent relaxing (the main reason I went there!) and reading.  Wednesday I went with Kathy, Scott, Jimmy and Betty to Scottsdale.  Old Towne Scottsdale is lovely!  I would have liked to wander the shops a bit more but the afternoon was getting hot.

Kathy and I had our choice a dates for the afternoon

When these guys decided they wanted to stay on their benches, we wandered the shops to admire the artistry of the locals.  There was loads of beautiful jewelry and other crafts.  I wish I had room to shop and bring home but my suitcase was already stuffed.

Beautiful wall art

Beautiful butterfly

It was a lovely afternoon topped off with homemade sodas in a cute little shop.  The owner gave a lesson on soda making to us.  We were able to sample each flavor.  I tried the homemade cream soda but settled on a nice big glass of Root Beer.

I ended the day back at HS's place for pizza and a movie.  He had to work all week and after getting up at 4 am, he wasn't into going out on the town.  Didn't matter to me!  I was able to hang with Kathy and her family during the day and relax with HS in the evenings.  Very nice!


  1. It sounds so perfect, Amy. I love shopping the treasures of local boutiques too. You found some neat stuff to show us!

    And you're so right about the dry heat being totally different!

  2. sounds like a great er hot guys, i mean after being in the sun all day they got ot be right? smiles. cool butterfly as well...

  3. sounds like a great er hot guys, i mean after being in the sun all day they got ot be right? smiles. cool butterfly as well...

  4. GOOD FOR YOU! And, welcome home! Beautiful photos...well your dates are kinda SHIFTY lookin'! :)


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