Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Facts

I guess there is always something to learn, each and every day.  Yesterday, I learned several new facts about Aspergers Syndrome.  Yesterday, we went to the neurologist to follow up on Jakes seizure back in March.  Yes, I know from March but this was the first available appointment I could get.

Jakes is with his father for vacation week and when his father chose this week, I reminded him of this Drs appointment, how long it took to get it, and suggested ways to work together to ensure Jakes still attended this appointment.  Turns out that Jakes is staying with his other grandparents this week while his father works so it was very convenient for me to pick Jakes up and take him to the appointment.

The Dr asked lots of questions, most Jakes or myself had the answers to, others that neither of us had answers to because his father never got back to me with the answers. When she finished her questionnaire, she shared her thoughts.  She does believe that Jakes as Aspergers with ADHD combined (Dr #3).  She does not think that the Concerta he was on caused the seizure.  She thinks the Aspergers did.  She said that Aspergers kids have a 50% higher chance of having a seizure or seizure disorder than a non-AS kid. 

That was a fact I did not know!

She wants Jakes to have a sleeping or 24-hour EEG as well as an MRI just to make sure things are ok in his head.  I have to get those things scheduled.  If those tests are normal, we do not have to follow up with her.  If Jakes has another seizure within 18 months of the first one, we might have to consider medication.

I think the tests will be normal and he won't be having another seizure.  Fingers crossed!

I think the best news that came from this meeting is that she agrees with his diagnosis and she agrees with the therapy plans I have in place.  She said I am doing a great job getting him the services he needs.

Also in the good news category, my wonderful blogger friend, The Blogging Mama received wonderful news that her son is NOT on the spectrum.  She spent two years thinking he is Aspergers and waiting for the evaluation through her local Childrens' Hospital.  Wonderful news, Mama!  Go over and tell her Congrats!


  1. when i was a child i had seizures...they can be pretty scary...luckily i grew out of them and just took meds for a couple years until they passed...

  2. Good luck with the tests and great that the doctor backed up your therapy plan. 18 months is a long time to keep fingers crossed, but I'll try.

  3. Yup, my son has Aspergers and ADHD. No seizures as of yet though.

  4. Thanks for the shout. I'm still having trouble believing it's true.

    I think Jakes will be ok. He hasn't had another one. Keeping my fingers crossed for you though. (and the wait time for anything asd related is NUTS!)

  5. My brother had seizures when he was a child. Very scary!!!

    Now I'm wondering if he has Asergers. There was no such a thing 50years ago.

    He only had a few. Thank goodness.

    Hopefully that will be the case for Jakes!


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